Age is just a number

Age is just a number.

Whether you're approaching 30 or nearing 80, every woman wants to find a way to look younger. While there has been no recent discovery of the fountain of youth, there are a few things you can do to maintain a fresh, youthful appearance.

Olivia Newton John: My secret to looking young at 60? I’m in love again

Olivia’s ways to look amazing at 60

She says her real secret weapon is swallowing “handfuls” of herbal supplements every morning and slapping on lots of face creams made from natural, rainforest ingredients.

- Get outdoors and exercise every day.

- Do a variety of activities you enjoy.

- Talk to friends and family. Laughter and sharing experiences is healing.

- Enjoy your food and have treats but don’t overeat.

- Drink plenty of water.

- Have a cat-nap if your energy dips in the afternoon.

- Embrace new challenges and think positive.

- Keep a natural look – less is more as you age.

- Always wear lipstick!

Isabel Preysler: Stunning Beauty at 57

Name :Isabel Preysler
Age: 57
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: February 18, 1951
Birthplace: Manila, Phillippines
Star Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Philippines
Occupation: Model

Can you believe she is 57 years old. She must know the secrets of youth/not aging. Born in Manila, Philippines she is the mother of international pop superstar Enrique Iglesias. At 18, she was sent to live in Madrid with her uncle and aunt to study at Mary Ward College, an Irish Catholic university in Spain, where she studied Accounting.

Her face is ageless. She has the sophistication that women d’un certain age possess—women who are confident of their beauty, sure of their style and comfortable in their allure. Her body is in enviable shape, especially after having five children.


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