American food voucher

Rising unemployment and food costs have more Americans turning to government for assistance.The number of Americans who apply for food stamp, in November will exceed 30 million. It is reported The Washington Post, referring to the Ministry of Agriculture, which released this week.
As highlighted in the paper edition, this record, exceeding the figure, which was marked by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Earlier, the Government unveiled figures that in 2007 some 12 million hungry people in the country, including nearly 700 thousand children.

The growing number of Americans applying for food aid, analysts attributed the increase in the number of unemployed and rising food prices. In October, unemployment in the U.S. reached 6.5 percent.

As expected, the plan to stimulate the economy, which will take Congress, would contain an item on the increase in food aid. Elected U.S. President Barack Obama, whose mother once for a short time herself received food vouchers are likely to make this issue a priority after taking office in January next year. During the election campaign, Obama promised to end child hunger in the United States.

Under current rules, for food assistance may contact the Americans with incomes at a rate of less than 27,564 dollars for a family of four. Vouchers are given on average in the amount of 109 dollars per person per month. The maximum amount for which tickets are provided at 588 dollars a month for a family of four.



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