Perfect and Ideal Woman Of The Future

An inventor has created his perfect woman, a robot who can do the cleaning, remember his favourite drink and read him the newspaper headlines. Le Trung, 33, has spent £14,000 creating Aiko, who he describes as "in her 20s" with a 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features.

She can speak English and Japanese and is so accomplished at mathematics she can do Mr Trung's accounts. Mr Trung, from Brampton in Ontario, Canada, said he has never had time to find a real partner – so he designed and created his ideal woman using the latest technology.

Aiko can already react to being tickled or touched. She also recognises faces and speaks 13,000 sentences.

So the big question - what looks more promising, your current girlfriend or Aiko?

The former software programmer has taken out credit cards and loans, sold his car and spent his life savings on perfecting his "fem-bot".
Now he is desperate to find a corporate sponsor to help him complete and perfect Aiko.

He said: "Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty.
"I want to make her look, feel and act as human as possible so she can be the perfect companion.
"I talk to her a lot, and hope to improve her knowledge.
"So far she can understand and speak 13,000 different sentences in English and Japanese, so she's already fairly intelligent.

"Aiko recognise faces and says hello when any of my family come around to visit. She helps me pick what to have for dinner and knows what drinks I like.


"She even helps me with directions when we're going somewhere.
"When I need to do my accounts, Aiko does all the maths. She is very patient and never complains.
"She doesn't need holidays, food or rest and she will work almost 24-hours a day. She is the perfect woman."

Mr Trung has designed Aiko with a touch-sensitive face and body so she reacts in a natural way if she is shown affection or hurt.
“Like a real female she will react to being touched in certain ways. If you grab or squeeze too hard she will try to slap you. She has all senses except for smell,” he says.


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