Chinese astrology for the year of the un-bullish Ox 2009

The ox, one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes calm, hard work, resolve and tenacity. According to legend, the ox allowed the cunning rat to ride on its head in a race to determine the animals' order. Shortly before the ox crossed the finish line, the rat leaped off to claim victory. Chinese soothsayers see a deepening recession, millions more losing their jobs, and stocks and home prices continuing to fall in the year of the Ox. That's more or less in line with what some economists are predicting,

(1949, 1961, 1973,1985, 1997,2009)
This year will be smoother compared to last year although there will also be many challenges ahead in different areas of your life. You will also have to deal with problems on your own and that will create a sense of loneliness and helplessness. Your concentration will be weaker and this might place you in a fragile position. You will tend to overlook details and make mistakes.
Aside from affecting your performance and luck, this might lead make you more accidentprone. Your health problems will mostly be due to stress. So, instead of dwelling on how things should be, learn to relax to reduce your stress levels. Be subtle rather than forceful to achieve your objectives this year. By taking one step back, you will actually be taking three steps forward.

(1950, 1962, 1974,1986, 1998)
You will be popular this year and should use this time to participate in more social activities to reap the benefits. You should gain greater authority or responsibilities and this will be a good time to prove yourself. However, do not get carried away as challenges this year will be sudden and harsh. People might even put you down unexpectedly or a sudden crisis might appear from thin air. You will need to be alert and prepared for all possibilities. Be careful not to allow yourself to be duped. There is a strong indication that you will be cheated or even get robbed. This year, males will have better luck than females. Females need to work with males or seek help from males to improve their luck. Your health will be average and your wealth will be below average. You tend to overspend and your gambling luck will be weaker than usual.

(1951, 1963, 1975, 1987,1999)
This year will be another challenging year for the Rabbit. You might be surprised by the lack of support from others, something which you got easily before. There is also a high probability that you will get caught up in some sticky situations involving legal problems and even criminal conviction. You might also find yourself trapped in other undesirable situations.This year, there will be many people who will plot against you. Despite your happy-go-lucky nature, it will be important for you to remain alert. Although this will be a stressful year for you, avoid being aggressive or making impulsive decisions. It is better to be rational and reasonable to see things clearly in order to get the help you need to see you through. One good thing to come out of these problems: you will be able to tell your friends from those out to take advantage of you. Your health will generally be poorer than usual and you will also be accident-prone. If you have elders in your family, be extra careful with their health and safety too. Your wealth luck will not be good either and there might also be the likelihood of incurring huge expenses in several unwanted areas.

(1952, 1964, 1976,1988, 2000)
You will not benefit as much from your good luck this year though females tend to h a v e better luck than the males. There will be many matters that will require your attention but you will not be alone. You will get some help from others. You should appreciate the support that you get from other people and avoid getting into direct confl ict with others.Also, be careful of those trying to use underhanded tactics to make life diffi cult for you. Be cautious of getting involved in legal problems. Avoid making unnecessary comments or getting involved in matters that do not directly affect you or you might get distracted easily. Should you be doing something important or operating machinery, it will be important to stay focused as it might have an impact on your performance. Your wealth luck will be below average. You might also tend to be more sceptible to common illnesses on a regular basis this year. Ensure you have adequate rest and take the necessary nutrients.

(1953, 1965,1977, 1989,2001)
This will be a great time for you in terms of c a r e e r as your contributions and efforts will be recognised. You will also enjoy promotions and salary increments which means that you might be busier this year. You will need to be careful of your health due to your tight schedule. Be careful of your elders’ health and safety as well. However, be wary of people who might want to tempt you into doing things that are against your conscience. There will also be others who like to spread gossip or talk badly about you this year. Avoid indulging in gossips yourself as you will need to be careful with your words and behaviour. Many things will be going on behind your
back and you might not always have the opportunity to defend yourself. You should be clear in your communications and avoid ambiguity. Pay more attention to your finance this year and it will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

(1954, 1966, 1978,1990, 2002)
This will be a tricky year for you. Although you will have great potential to do well in terms of wealth and career, there will be many hidden dangers along the way. The popularity that you have will only attract those who are not genuine, so be aware. Worst, there’s a high tendency of you getting into trouble through your involvement with the wrong people.Avoid too much socialising and entertaining as you might end up wasting your time in building up relationships that will not last. In addition, such a lifestyle will place your health and safety at risk. Instead, use your time to pursue your goals. To get the best out of this year, you might want to stay focused on your goals and lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, don’t run the risk of accepting any indecent proposals no matter how tempting they might be.

(1955, 1967, 1979,1991, 2003)
This will be a difficult year for you. Although you will have a small helpful star shining upon you, it will be inadequate. It is important for you to count your blessings this year and appreciate what you have. There will be many problems that seem to challenge your patience. You will become short-tempered and impulsive which is at odds with your nature. For you to better survive this year, you should try to remain calm and remind yourself not to be impulsive. Don’t get involved in other people’s matters and don’t indulge in gossips. Your health will be unstable due to the
stress and anger from all the problems you face throughout the year. Your wealth will also be below average due to your own high expenses and impulsive spending. Your intuition might not be your best guide either. Thus, try to be easy on yourself and others and learn the lessons of life. Don’t make things worse, keep a low profi le and focus on fi nding peace within yourself.

(1956, 1968, 1980,1992, 2004)
This is going to be a wonderful year for you. As you are already in a better position compared to others, this will be a good time to make your dreams come true. Not only will your plans materialise, but you will also enjoy greater popularity. People will give you the support that you need and even strangers will be friendly towards you. Although, in general, you will be in a good position for great advancements, you will need to be aware of your own behaviour and how others might react to you. Remain humble and modest. It will be best not to indulge in gossips or speak badly about others. Another possible danger you might face this year is being complacent. Hence, it is important that you be prepared with contingency plans should things take a sudden turn for the worse. Not only will this give you greater assurance of success, others will also be deeply impressed with your foresight. You might fall in love this year if you are single. This will also be a good time to strengthen your relationship if you already have one. Try to stay focused on your relationship and not create misunderstandings.Be careful of health issues that might strike without warning.

(1957, 1969, 1981,1993, 2005)
Your good luck from the year of the Rat will continue into the Year of the Ox. However,there will be many more uncertainties this year. The good news is that these uncertainties will not strike unexpectedly. You will have adequate time to take necessary precautions. You will need to tread carefully and expect more challenges. This will be a good time for you to take up courses and pick up new skills. Students will succeed with flying colours this year with little effort.
You will also continue to gain great wealth. However, there will be more people out to hinder your growth or try to cheat you of your money. At the same time, you will also meet special people who might bring great success upon you. The challenge for you will be to identify such people and not to trust in the wrong ones. Your health in general will be average but you will be more accident prone than usual and there might even be a need for surgery.

(1958, 1970, 1982,1994, 2006)
This is a good year for you in terms of career and recognition from authority fi gures.
But the additional responsibilities and work that come with this will consume more of your time and affect your mood. You will have less tolerance towards your colleagues and associates.
Your wealth will be good and there will be chances for you to increase your sources of revenue. However, don’t make investments or get involved in get-rich-quick schemes. Though you will be doing well in many aspects of your life, you will tend to feel lonely or emotionally detached. It might be that you will become frustrated with people in general and will isolate yourself which will affect your relationship or potential relationships. You might also become the victim of
gossips and misunderstandings in that you might either be the target of gossips or that you might allow gossip to cloud your judgment. Your health will be average but you will need to be careful of problems relating to irregular meals and even food poisoning. You will also need to pay special attention to your elders’ health and safety.

(1959, 1971, 1983,1995, 2007)
Though the Year of the Ox may not be a fantastic one for you, it will be better than the Rat year, and a very busy year for you. There are strong indications of movement. This will imply that you might be moving house, running around to get things done, travelling often overseas or even relocating to other countries. You might also find yourself in direct conflict with other people and having to fend for yourself. The good news is there will not be many people who will deliberately try to hinder you from your goals. Due to your tight schedule, you might neglect your health and fall ill easily. There will also be indications of being attacked by animals. You will also need to pay attention to your elders’ health and safety. You might also not spend enough time with your friends and family and this might cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction among them. Your relationships will also suffer. Your wealth luck is below average. Your expenses are high and your sources of income do not seem to increase correspondingly. You should try to maintain a low profile and be conservative in your approach. Pace yourself in what needs to be done and take breaks in between. This will prevent you from being burnt out.

(1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)
You will be presented with many opportunities to develop and grow this year. However, the temptation to bury yourself in your work and give of your best might lead you to isolate yourself from others. People might get jealous and start to accuse you of being arrogant and proud. Deal with these issues and be diplomatic in doing so. With your charm and intelligence, you will be able to manage those who oppose you. Aside from this, your immune system will be poor this year and you might easily contract common illnesses. Your relationship will also be unstable. The stress that you receive from other areas of your life will likely cloud your judgment regarding your relationships.


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