Gallery discovers art was painted by a two-year-old girl

Aelita has been painting since before she could walk, according to her mother. Kalashnikova initially thought nothing of it, but last August, when Aelita was 19 months old, she became convinced there was real potential in her work. She gave her a canvas primed with red paint, and her daughter produced a painting that is among those about to go on show.
The Age showed Aelita's paintings to its art critic, Robert Nelson, who was not given any background information. He said his first impression was of "credible abstractions, maybe playing on Asian screens with their reds". On learning the artist was a child, he said he was not surprised and that "credible" art could be found at any primary school.

Aelita's paintings will be priced from $300 (£140) to $2,000.


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