Miracle on the Hudson

The pilot, copilot, the flight attendants, the air traffic controllers guiding the flight low over Manhattan and the rescuers were the key factors in Thursday’s “miracle on the Hudson."
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the pilot "did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river and then making sure that everybody got out. Sullenberger walked the plane twice after everybody else was off to verify that there was nobody else on board, the mayor said. “He was the last one up the aisle, and he made sure that there was nobody behind him.”
Their actions saved all 155 people aboard.


Sullenberger, 57, is a former fighter pilot who runs a safety consulting firm as well as flying commercial aircraft. He’s flown for US Airways since 1980 and flew F-4 fighter jets with the Air Force in the 1970s. He has served on a board that investigated aircraft accidents and participated in several National Transportation Safety Board investigations. He is president of Safety Reliability Methods, a California firm that uses commercial aviation as a basis for safety consulting in other fields.

A pilot's eye view of the US Airways Airbus A320 crash landing on the Hudson river in New York


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