Plastic Surgery Nightmares

She used to look like this before the cosmetic surgery disaster:

And this is how she looks now after the overhaul:

Her name is Han Mi Ok a Korean celebrity who become knows as " Fan lady" after her disastrous cosmetic surgery. She underwent 15 reconstructive surgery to overhaul her 'i-don't-think--it-can-be-fix' plastic surgery damage. She apparently become addicted to plastic surgery and couldn't get enough of the 'perfect face' so she went to quacks just to indulge herself. She even personally performed a facial injection at home. The result...... well you can see it.

Think twice before you get cut up and think thrice before you inject yourself with human byproducts.

On the photos above, Han Mi Ok was at the shooting of 500th spisode of Shocking Stories of the World. I admire her courage to display her damaged face in public and let people see how ungodly it is to distort ones appearance. I am not totally against plastic surgery but I am also not for it. She should serve as a lesson to anyone who dreamed of having a 'perfect face' Think twice before you get cut up and think thrice before you inject yourself with human byproducts.

Donatella Versace’s Awful Plastic Surgery

Donnatella Versace rarely smiles. Amazing isn't it ? It must've been a Botox free day. She is normally very wooden faced. Through the years, as Donatella has become more artificially tanned and platinum blonde, the 53-year old mother has also turned into a caricature of herself, due to some unfortunate plastic surgery.
Although nose jobs are usually done to make a nose smaller, Donatella’s has grown larger over the years. It is also wider and flatter and slightly crooked, indicating that at least one bad nose job took place.In addition to her big nose, Donatella also has large lips, like the trout pouts of the Hollywood divas the designer dresses. Although the fashion icon has always had big lips, the oversized upper lip indicates that fillers, like collagen, have been used liberally.
For a 53-year old, Donatella’s skin is very firm, indicating a possible facelift. She probably also uses dermal injectables like Botox to eliminate wrinkles, even when she smiles. Her tight face is a strong contrast to the loose skin on the rest of her body.


Separated at birth? Here's Amanda Lepore and Pamela Anderson standing side by side, both looking like plastic surgery victims. Neither has any of their original body parts. Both have collagen filled lips, rhinoplasty, and even similarly taut facial skin to prevent signs of aging from showing.


These are the best ever photos of the cat lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein, ever! Why? Because I think they show off a possible new procedure she may have had. Look at her chin? Was it so prominent before? It looks different; its looks more square. Also, her lips look more plump than usual.
Jocelyn Wildenstein married a rich art dealer when she was young and caught him cheating on her. They divorced, she got millions and so began her self destructive plastic surgery addiction. She wanted her plastic surgeon to transform her looks so she would look more cat-like. Talk about someone with too much time and money on their hands!


For your viewing pleasure, here is Jackie Stallone up close! she's a freak. What is that weird bulge on her face? It looks like a cheek implant gone wild. Why would someone her age get cheek implants? Probably in a useless attempt to look younger, in the same vein as the rest of her scary plastic surgery.


She is a prominent Italian socialite. It also appears that she is an avid user of lip collagen. By avid, I mean, gargantuan judging by the size of her lips.
French president's wife Carla Bruni used to be a beautiful woman.
I understand the fact that she is getting older, but...
But her face looks like the one after an unsuccessful plastic surgery.
Take a look.

UPDATE: 4 Apr 2009

Woman dies after botched silicone injection

A SEEMINGLY harmless cosmetic procedure turned deadly for a woman who died one day after receiving silicone injections in her thighs and buttocks.Fiordaliza Pichardo's husband never thought she needed silicone injections to make her more attractive and would often tell her:
"'Hey, why you do that? Stop doing that.' She'd tell me, 'Oh let me do this a little bit,'" Fausto Rodriguez told CBS 2 HD.
See the video
And the 43-year old tried to keep her injections secret, especially since they were allegedly being administered by her unlicensed friend, Elsa Then.
"She trusted this lady so health-wise, no worries," said Kelvin Rodriguez, the victim's son.

Read the full story here

UPDATE: 14 June 2009

Woman died after cosmetic surgery

Woman dies after having her butt fat injected into her face:
A woman died after cosmetic surgery when fat from her buttocks was injected into a vein in her face.
Rachel Soanes underwent the procedure to plump out her face but died from a 'phenomenally rare' complication when the fat got into her lungs.
The 37-year-old suffered from the condition lupus profondus, which left her with an usually thin face.
She had undergone the plumping treatment twice before and was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in London as an out-patient on February 12.
But shortly after a second re-injection of fat from her buttocks she complained of dizziness and vomited.
Her oxygen levels plummeted but there was a 50-minute delay before a specialist crash team got to her and almost two hours before Miss Soanes was admitted into intensive care.
Pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas said Miss Soanes, of Windsor Road, Norwich, died of a fat tissue embolism - one of the first ever documented cases.
This arose from an injection of fat into a vein of her face, he said.
The fat traveled into her lungs and resulting in the embolism, or blockage in the arteries.
Prof Lucas said: 'Once the fat got into the lungs there was nothing anyone could have done. It happened within seconds. There was no way anyone could dissolve or remove the fat. It was all the way through the lobes of the lungs.'

UPDATE: 5 July 2009

Woman Tries Plastic Surgery On Own Face

An woman is recovering following corrective surgery after she attempted to perform plastic surgery on her own face.
The woman, who asked that her name not be used, is 54, a mother of three, with a career in the public eye. She said that after a visit to a plastic surgeon, she went online and bought a vial of liquid silicone for $10 then injected it into her lips and cheek four weeks ago.

"Insane. I can't believe I did what I did," she said. "I thought I was going to be happy with the results, then the next day, my face became very inflamed, very red, swollen."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Williams said the economy and the notion that plastic surgery is somehow foolproof has contributed to a recent rise in self-performed plastic surgeries.

"We've noticed an uptick in people trying to do things like this at home," said Williams. "And having problems, and (then) having to come in and see us."

On Wednesday, the woman underwent surgery to try to correct the horrifying result.

Williams says this corrective procedure is more complicated than you might think. Because he was not sure what was injected, the process requires more than just simply sucking out the bad silicone.

"It's not something you can just draw out," said Williams. "You actually have to go in surgically and cut it out. We don't know what this material is, and it is actively causing serious problems for her."

He said clearing all the material out may require several more surgeries. His patient said she hopes speaking out about her experience might make others consider the potential consequences before self-administering silicone or other substances.

UPDATE:28 OCT 2009
Model who wanted to be fairer has ended up with a disfigured face

Gauri Khan..face is peeling, wrinkled and covered in ugly dark sports

A model and aspiring actress from Dehradun trying to become fairer than she was has ended up with her face disfigured after the chemical pigmentation programme at one of the city’s top spas went horribly wrong.

Gauri Khan, 22, who has done an item number in a yet-to-be-released film, The Legend Of Mayawati, and frequently models for tele-brand products, has now sent a legal notice to actress Shilpa Shetty and Chandrakiran Kaur Bawa who together began the spa venture Iosis in February last year.

Shetty, in addition to being a director and part-owner with the firm is also the ambassador for the spa and it was upon seeing her endorsement that Khan signed up for the 14-session glow and pigmentation treatment in June last year. For this she paid the spa Rs thirty-eight thousand ahead of the treatment.

However a year down the line her visage is peeling, wrinkled and covered with ugly dark spots reducing a beautiful women to move around with her face covered. In addition she claims that she has lost on all possibilities of work.

The model has registered a non-cognisable complaint at Oshiwara police station and sent a legal notice to Bawa and Shilpa Shetty claiming Rs seventeen lakh in compensation. Iosis lawyers have denied all of her charges saying that she did not take adequate care while undergoing these treatments.

UPDATE: 21 Nov 2009

Amy Winehouse was hospitalised after her breast implants reportedly leaked.

The 'Back to Black' singer was admitted to a London medical centre earlier this week to be treated for what was believed to be complications with her medication.

But her father Mitch Winehouse has insisted the hospital visit was caused by trouble with her new boobs - which cost a rumoured €39,000.

Speaking on his online show 'Mitch Winehouse's Showbiz Rant', the star's dad pointed to his chest and said: "It wasn't because she had a cold. She's fine, she just had a little leaky something or other."

A friend of the star added to Britain's 'Daily Mirror' newspaper: "She saw something oozing out of her top. To see stuff seeping out was horrible."

Despite difficulties with her breast implants, Amy was recently reported to want to undergo more cosmetic surgery to look like a "pin-up".

A source said: "Amy loves her breasts. She can't stop touching them and showing them off to friends.

"She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another operation and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look."

UPDATE: 2 Dec 2009

Former Miss Argentina dies after cosmetic surgery on buttocks

Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, has died from complications after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks.

Ms Magnano, 38, was a mother of twins who won the crown in 1994. She died of a pulmonary embolism on Sunday after three days in critical condition following a gluteoplasty in Buenos Aires.

Close friend Roberto Piazza said the procedure involved injections and the liquid "went to her lungs and brain.

"A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind," he said.

Magnano's burial was shown yesterday on Argentinian television.

Dr Gonzalo Cortes y Tristan said she arrived at his hospital with an acute respiratory deficiency. Her condition deteriorated until she suffered the embolism.

UPDATE: 10 March 2010

Black-market cosmetic surgeries hospitalize six N.J. women

NEWARK -- Six women from the Essex County area who wanted fuller bottoms ended up in hospitals after receiving buttocks-enhancement injections containing the same material contractors use to caulk bathtubs, officials said.

The women checked into hospitals in the county after their procedures, apparently administered by unlicensed providers, went horribly wrong, state health officials said. The women underwent surgery and were given antibiotics. No arrests have been made.

Different from medical-grade silicone, the substance used in the botched procedures was believed to be a diluted version of nonmedical-grade silicone.

"The same stuff you use to put caulk around the bathtub," said Steven M. Marcus, executive and medical director of the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System, who learned about the bizarre procedures through a committee he sits on that monitors outbreaks in the metropolitan area.

"What a tragedy," said Gregory Borah, chief of plastic surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.

Using over-the-counter silicone can cause abscesses that he said resemble "a big zit."

Borah, also president of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons, said the botched procedures underscore the need for patients who seek augmentation to have it administered by a licensed professional in a sterile setting.

A plastic surgeon doing buttocks augmentation would make an incision to develop a pocket underneath the muscle and shape the buttocks with inert medical-grade silicone, Borah said. He noted it is a relatively uncommon procedure in most practices and that he has done only two in his 24-year career.

By the time he tells patients of the potential risks — from anesthesia, scarring and silicone shifting when patients sit down — they often change their minds.

Breast and cheek augmentations are the most common procedures, he noted. Borah said buttock augmentation is more popular in some cultures than others.

The state Department of Health and Senior Services did not identify the women or release any details about their ethnicity. It also did not say where the "unlicensed medical provider or providers" performed their procedures.

"Fortunately, these women are being treated and are recovering," said Tina Tan, the state epidemiologist. "But there is the potential for more serious complications if these infections are not treated early and properly."

Investigators have not determined if the six cases, which began to be reported in mid-February, are related, but they have stoked concern among officials that such injuries are more common than previously thought.

Health officials issued an alert to state hospitals and doctors about the cases and the potential for more victims.

Marcus said there have been other incidents over the past couple years of providers providing implants of nonmedical-grade silicone, then getting put out of business — only for other shady providers to surface.

"Caveat emptor: Buyer beware," Marcus said. "If it looks too cheap, there’s probably a reason it’s too cheap."


Talent show star dies in plastic surgery accident in central China

Wang Bei died on Nov. 15 in an anesthetic accident during plastic surgery

Wang Bei was on her way to being a pop star, a pretty woman from the central province of Hubei who made the finals of China's answer to The X-Factor. When the 24-year-old died in the operating theatre during a routine plastic surgery procedure earlier this month, there was outrage in a country where 3 million people go under the knife every year in an often-unregulated environment.

The demand for plastic surgery is surging in China, as many young people believe cosmetic surgery will earn them a better position in pursuing a job or a romantic relationship.

10th February 2011
Tragic bottom implant girl thought having illegal injection would make her a hip hop star


After losing her man, clerk may now lose her breasts

Malaysia: A clerk who lost her boyfriend after a procedure to enlarge her breasts went awry may now lose them as well.

The 30-year-old woman, known only as Tham, said the procedure had left her with severe infections and itchiness on her breasts.

Tham, who is from Triang, Pahang, said she visited a surgeon here two months ago for the procedure as she had wanted to surprise her boyfriend of five years with larger breasts.

"My boyfriend always told me that he wished I was thinner and had bigger breasts," she said.

However, he left her soon after the surgery.

"He was angry because I had spent so much money on the surgery," she said, adding that the ex-boyfriend was also uncomfortable with the wounds on her body after the procedure.

"I did all this for him, but in the end, he left me anyway."

Tham said in addition to the bust enhancement surgery, she also underwent a liposuction on her stomach and waist since her ex-boyfriend preferred slender women with ample breasts.

Tham had borrowed RM13,000 (S$5,318) from her father to pay for the procedure, and lied to him about using the money to buy furniture instead.

"The surgeon told me he would remove the fat from my hip and waist, and transfer this to my breasts.

"A week after the surgery, there was pus oozing out from where he had injected the fat," said Tham.

She added that she had been conscious throughout the painful two-hour ordeal because the surgeon claimed he was not licensed to anesthetise her. She said the surgeon was a foreigner and an unlicensed practitioner.

The infection had caused Tham's breasts to turn black around the area of the surgery.

"My breast area also became swollen and turned black," she said.

When Tham went back to the clinic, the surgeon had offered to re-do the entire procedure.

"I decided to consult a skin specialist instead," said Tham who is now undergoing treatment for her injuries.

"I am getting treatment from a licensed surgeon now and he told me that the infection occurred because of a misguided transplant procedure I underwent previously, in which fat from my stomach was used to pad my breasts."

Cosmetic op leaves woman with infected, scarred nose
A botched cosmetic surgery has left a businesswoman from Singapore with a nasty infection and a bad scar on her nose, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The 48-year-old client of a beauty centre in Petaling Jaya claimed she spent RM16,000 (S$6,500) to get a higher bridge on Sept 14 and Oct 1, but ended up with the wounds.

She now needs to take medication and a daily injection to prevent further infection.

"I dare not go out after the surgery.

"I will wear a mask if I need to," she said, adding she was afraid to reveal the truth to her husband and four children.

"I told them I had fallen and hit my nose.

"I also have breathing difficulty now," she said.

She added that the beauty centre refused to bear responsibility after she confronted them two weeks after a second surgery.

She claimed the beauty centre operator mainly stated that they would arrange for a doctor to see her.

The woman has sought the help of MCA public services and complaints department head Datuk Michael Chong, who urged the Health Ministry to investigate the centre.

UPDATE: 10 Sept 2011

Woman dies after injecting hot beef fat into her face

Painful: Janet Hardt, of Homewood, Illinois, died on Thursday at hospital after injecting heated beef fat around her mouth and chin

A 63-year-old facial surgery addict with a 'grotesque’ appearance died soon after injecting heated beef fat into her face at home.

Janet Hardt, of Homewood, Illinois, died on Thursday at hospital after injecting the melted beef fat around her mouth and chin.

But she died of a bacterial infection suffered from weakened walls in her colon and the injections did not lead to her death, a coroner said.

Ms Hardt boiled the beef, extracted the fat and injected it into her face.

She had done this several times in the past and had also undergone a number of facial surgeries, a source told local news outlets.

He said his organisation hears of people injecting themselves with anything from baby oil to silicone, and many non-FDA approved products.

There is a risk of infection from bacteria and people can injure nerves and blood vessels, as well as suffering bad reactions from their own medical conditions.

‘Patients can obtain products over the internet and there are videos showing you how to inject yourself,’ he warned.

‘They don’t know how to inject the products under the right conditions.’

Requests for comment left with Homewood Police and Advocate South Suburban Hospital by MailOnline were not immediately returned.

'The very fact that someone would think (it was) acceptable astounds me,' Shannon Quante, of plastic surgery clinic CosMedic, told NBC Chicago.

Her death could have been due to contamination, Ms Quante added.

UPDATE:20 NOV 2011

Fake Doctor Injected Cement, Super Glue Into Woman’s Buttocks for Enhancement Procedure

Oneal Ron Morris was arrested Friday after allegedly injecting a woman with a combination of cement, mineral oil, tire sealant and super glue for a buttocks-enhancing procedure. Morris, pictured, is a transgendered man had who tried the procedure on himself.
(Image source: Miami Police Department)

A fake doctor accused of injecting a woman’s buttocks with cement, super glue and other chemicals was arrested Friday in Florida.

Police said Oneal Ron Morris, a 30-year-old transgendered man who is not a doctor, administered the potentially lethal shots to at least one woman as part of a buttock-enhancing procedure. He had also tried the procedure on himself.

“They agreed on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttocks,” Miami Gardens Police Sgt. Bill Bamford told Miami’s WPLG-TV.

Morris allegedly injected the victim with a combination of cement, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant and super glue, then sealed the incision with more super glue, police said.

Oneal Ron Morris was arrested Friday after allegedly injecting a woman with a combination of cement, mineral oil, tire sealant and super glue for a buttocks-enhancing procedure. Morris, pictured, is a transgendered man had who tried the procedure on himself.

UPDATE:26 DEC 2011

Breast implant fears spread around world

A breast implant produced by the French company PIP (Poly Implant Prothese).

LONDON/PARIS - Fears over the safety of silicone breast implants made by a defunct French firm spread to Australia, South America and across Europe last week as French officials prepared to decide if thousands of women should have their implants surgically removed.

The silicone gel implants, made by a company called Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) which was shut down in 2010, appear to have an unusually high rupture rate and have sparked an investigation in France into possible links to cancer.

About 300,000 PIP implants, which are used in cosmetic surgery to enhance breast size or replace lost breast tissue, were sold worldwide before PIP went bust last year.

"It's not just France that's concerned. We're looking at 300,000 to 400,000 potential victims in the world," said Alexandra Blachere, the leader of a French PIP implant patient group.

She said women from Italy and Spain had been in touch with her with worries about their implants, and she'd seen reports of problems in Venezuela, Brazil and elsewhere.

No one linked to the defunct company was immediately available to comment.

Britain's drugs watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said there was no reason for patients to be alarmed and there was, as yet, no scientific evidence to suggest increased health risks.

MHRA officials said they had talked to other health or regulatory experts from France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Denmark and Malta.

"They all agreed that there was no evidence of any increase in incidents of cancer associated with PIP breast implants and no evidence of any disproportionate rupture rates other than in France," it said in a statement.

Founded in 1991, Poly Implant Prothese was based in southern France and for a while ranked as the world's No. 3 maker of implants, supplying around 100,000 a year.

About 80 per cent were exported abroad, and health authorities around the world said they were watching closely for the results of an inquiry by France's National Cancer Institute into whether the implants can be linked to cancer.

France has had reports of eight cases of cancer in women with breast implants made by PIP, which is accused of using industrial-grade silicone normally used in anything from computers to cookware.

MHRA said there were also French reports of a woman with PIP implants who died from anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL - a rare form of cancer that affects cells from the immune system.

France's drug and medical device regulatory authority, AFSSAPS, ruled last year the state would pay for the removal of all PIP implants but only fund replacements for victims of breast cancer, not those who used them for aesthetic purposes.

A French victims association is pushing for the state to pay for replacements for all women with PIP implants.

France's Health Ministry is expected to make an announcement Friday following the National Cancer Institute's findings.

Australia's health-care watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), said around 8,900 of the PIP implants had been used in Australian women, some of whom had complained about the devices splitting and leaking.

"The TGA has received 45 reports relating to PIP implants, 39 of which relate to rupture," it said in a statement.

The administration has had no reports of ALCL in Australian women with the implants.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration said women with PIP implants should continue to monitor them and consult their surgeons if they have any concerns.

UPDATE:11 JAN 2012

India fake doctors arrested over botched operations

Police in India's Bihar state have arrested three men posing as doctors, who performed botched sterilisation surgery on 53 women in two hours. The tubectomy operations were carried out in a field and without the use of anaesthesia, in Araria district.

The three suspects were arrested on suspicion of "conducting unauthorised and illegal operations", police said. Some of the women suffered complications as a result of the surgery and were taken to hospital.

The district police chief Shivdeep Lande said the suspects had been identified as Gopal Jha, Prakash Jha and Ramanand Jha. He said the operations were organised by a group called the Jai Ambe Welfare Society. "The Jai Ambe Welfare Society has been regularly organising family planning camps in Bihar, putting lives of innocent women in danger," he said.

"When I reached the spot I was surprised to find that not a single qualified doctor was present there and even the saline bottles used for the surgery were well past their expiry dates," Chief Lande said. Reports in the local media said the group had promised poor village women 600 rupees ($9; £7.50) and free medicines if they came for family planning operations, although it is unclear why.

UPDATE:14 JAN 2012
Botched beauty treatment

KUALA LUMPUR: An accounts manager had to spend double the amount she paid earlier to rectify the damage caused by a beauty procedure.

Mandy Chong, 35, from Petaling Jaya, had in May last year paid RM8,180 for four injections on her buttocks with what the beauty centre claimed to be sheep placenta from New Zealand.

“When the injected area started swelling and I could not bear the pain, I went to a specialist hospital and discovered they had actually injected silicone,” she said at a press conference by the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department yesterday.

Even after the operation, which cost over RM15,000, Mandy is still suffe-ring from pain and fears further side effects.

“Doctors said the silicone has entered my bloodstream and there may be long-term effects,” she said, adding that she had been unable to work for over a month after the operation.

Since October last year, she had made six attempts to contact the beauty centre for a refund but was ignored each time.

“I was misled by the big advertisements. During the treatments, an assistant administered the injections, not a doctor.

“They spoke highly of the product during the treatment,” Mandy said, adding that she wanted to warn other women.

“Women should be more careful when seeking beauty treatment,” she said.

Department head Datuk Michael Chong said many women who sought beauty treatments from “fly-by-night” operators had done so without proper consultation.

“They allow themselves to become guinea pigs of unqualified people,” he said.


Woman gets life’s rudest shock after 200 surgeries

A 20-year-old Chinese woman who spent over 4 million yuan ($633,858) on more than 200 plastic surgeries received a rude shock when told that she could not undergo any more procedures.

The woman, identified only as “Pink Baby” from Nanjing, claimed that she underwent so many surgeries not to be more beautiful but to “fix the failures”. But she has now been told that she can’t undergo any more procedures because some of her bones have become eroded by injected materials, the Shanghai Daily reported.


Woman who wanted to be sexier pays with her life

A woman who wished to look sexier died more than two years after plastic surgery to enhance her breasts left her in a coma, reported China Press.
Chen Li of Hubei province in China died on March 11 after checking into a Guangzhou hospital in August 2009 for the procedure.
However, she stopped breathing during the procedure and went into a coma.
Her family had demanded S$1.7 million in compensation from the hospital.

UPDATE: 07 OCT 2012

Three women fell into shock after receiving IV-drip treatment

Three women fell into shock after receiving IV-drip treatment at a medical cosmetic company in Hong Kong on Wednesday as reported by Hong Kong’s health department. The three women are still in a dangerous condition after falling into septic shock following treatment at the DR medical cosmetic company at Causeway Bay. Two of them aged 46, and 56 are receiving treatment at hospital, with the third victim aged 60 in a private hospital. A joint investigation is under way by Hong Kong’s Department of Health and police. The company has been ordered to stop offering related treatment and close its business. 


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