Fake Cell Phone Battery Can Harm People

China is famous for cheap products which are often are fake, imitation and even dangerous.These types of underground factories are everywhere and the government is not regulating it enough.
You often hear of stories how a cell phone can harm people. Rarely do you actually consider your cell phone would explode on you.

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20 year-old Cai paid cheaply for a second hand cell phone and followed the instruction that the battery needs to be fully charged before use.
Next morning,Right after he powered on the cell phone and pressed the button it exploded. His nipple got burned so badly from the explosion.

Cai wasn’t wearing any clothing at the time, his left chest got badly burned including his nipple. The cell phone was some “Made in China” local brand with cheap quality and the battery wasn’t even safety certified.

Fake Cell Phone Battery Can Harm People (Picture)

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  1. Blogger clement said,

    6:45 PM

    haha, why did he put the phone by his nipple? to feel the vibration?

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