Men Not Allowed To Enter Malls

This is an article written sometime ago in Arab news about single men above the age of 16 not being allowed to enter malls and supermarkets on weekends in the capital Riyadh. These areas are restricted to women and families only during weekends.

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All women in Saudi Arabia have to wear "abaya"

Both men and women are affected by segregation in Arab society.
The youngster, who did not want to be named, said the situation was unfair. “We feel wronged because women are the source of problems and can go anywhere they want wearing fashionable clothes under their abayas. (all women in Saudi Arabia have to wear "abaya" which is a very long black gown that covers every part of a woman's body except her hands) They wear provocative clothes and the only people who are punished are the ones who bother them. Young women are to blame,” he said.

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Nasir, a university student, said young men are watched wherever they go. "Sometimes security guards treat us like we are criminals. Sometimes they throw us out. So why are we always treated as the guilty party," he said.
"Virtue commission officials always suspect youngsters. Are we supposed to go everywhere with our families? Is everyone walking in a mall out to molest women? Sometimes shops are crowded with women and so we prefer to stay outside to not annoy them," he said, adding that the gender segregation system practiced in the Kingdom is full of paradoxes.

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Al-Dossary, a security guard at a mall in Riyadh, said: "We don't allow males in on weekends because it is always crowded. But we let them in during the week from Saturday until Tuesday. These instructions are given to us by the mall's administration and have been advised to by the virtue commission officials."

Mubarak, a security guard at another mall, said: "Both girls and boys are responsible for what is going on. Girls come to malls wearing tight abayas and inappropriate clothing and let the guys, who have nothing better to do, follow them. This is uncivilized."

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It’s really strange that Saudi Arabia is the only country where you see men selling women’s lingerie.
Women walk around covered from head to toe, and yet they have to discuss the size and material of their undergarments with strange men. Isn’t this odd?” It certainly is. There are situations where, dressed in an abaya, a woman will be advised by a man on the size she requires. “I think this is your size,” or “This suits you best, madam.” Not only can he not provide useful advice, but any woman would be keen to end the embarrassment as swiftly as possible.
A Facebook campaign to boycott lingerie shops that employ men is aiming at the whole lingerie business in Saudi Arabia since women are not allowed to work in such shops. (Lingerie, by the way, is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “women’s underwear and nightclothes.”)

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