1 husband, three assassins, four murder attempts - but she survived!

A jealous husband hired THREE hitmen who carried out FOUR murder attempts on his wife - but she miraculously survived all of them!
Norbert A. (31) and Noemi A. had been teenage sweethearts. “I loved her undyingly,” he said after being caught. The pair's marriage didn't last long. Norbert said: “She told me that she was too good for me.”

Noemi A. (31) was almost killed by her husband's three hitmen four times.

Noemi wanted to lead a luxurious lifestyle with a nice house and an expensive car and fell in love with her husband’s business partner (54).

For Norbert A. there was only one choice: REVENGE!

He took out three life insurance policies in his wife’s name worth €770,000. Then he went looking for contract killers. The first two hired assassins were from the Hungarian mafia, but the pair refused to do the job. They demanded €50,000 to keep quiet.

The financial advisor then hired three men to strangle his wife with a cable in an underground car park. But all three attempts failed. The first time Noemi did not appear, the second time they were disturbed by school kids and the third time a neighbour showed up.

One of the trio of assassins, Konrad N. (26), decided to go it alone. He disguised himself as a parcel deliveryman, rang the doorbell and attacked the 31-year-old, but she managed to escape. He was imprisoned for three and a half years.

The assassins eventually gave up. But in a bizarre twist, Noemi A.’s husband not only faces trial in Munich for incitement of murder but is already in jail for murdering one of the Hungarian killers who tried to escape.


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