Andy Lau admits marriage, certificate comes to light

A reporter from Taiwan's Apple Daily found details of their marriage registration on a Clark County, Nevada, public information website. It showed that Andy Lau and Carol Chu married on June 23, 2008 under the names Lau Tak Wah Andy and Choo Lay Keng.

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau and former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Choo actually tied the knot in Las Vegas last year, major Chinese dailies reported.

The official website of Clark County in Nevada which provides online search on marriage records, showed that Lau Tak Wah, Andy and Choo Lay Keng had registered their marriage on June 23, 2008.

After their secret marriage was exposed by the Taiwan and Hong Kong media, Lau, 47, finally admitted in his official website on Saturday that he and Choo, 43, were married.

He apologised to his fans for keeping his marriage a secret.

Lau said he and Choo had decided to get married because they wanted to have children.

Carol Zhu Liqian with Andy

Carol Zhu Liqian

Carol Zhu Liqian

He said he had kept it a secret to avoid his wife from being “chased after” by the media, adding that he had planned to announce the marriage when Choo becomes pregnant.

Lau and Choo were spotted holding hands in the Kuala Lumpur airport before flying back to Hong Kong last Tuesday, having attended the memorial ceremony for Choo's father in Malaysia earlier that week.

The couple who had been dating for over two decades made their first public appearance when Lau came to Malaysia to attend the funeral of Choo’s father recently.

Another Hong Kong superstar who had his marriage exposed in the same manner was Leon Lai Ming, who married his model girlfriend Lai Gia in March last year.

Singer Miriam Yeung Chin Wah also married his boyfriend Gary Ting Ho Lam secretly in the city of sin on Aug 11.


Andy with Taiwanese actress, Yu Ke Shing

Andy dated Taiwanese actress, Yu Ke Shing for a few years

Taiwanese actress Yu Ke-Shing revealed that Andy Lau signed a (pre-marital agreement) with her in Dec 31, 1985, witnessed by her mother.

Andy dated Taiwanese actress, Yu Ke Shing for a few years, the only relationship that Andy openly admitted. However, they broke up in 1986 because of work commitments. She says:"I initiated the break-up, but I know that's what he wants too. He was just waiting for me to say goodbye." He says:" It was the first time that I cried over a relationship." Andy said that he would not openly admit his relationship anymore due to the mass pressure from the media.

There's even rumours that Andy is a gay! Andy said "I remebered that it's either in 1986 or 1987, the media said I'm gay. I was angry and swear that if I'm gay, I'll die of Aids in 7 years." For years, the bachelor had also told the press that he hoped to get married one day, and had denied he was gay.

Female stars like Cherie Chung, Rosamund Kwan, Michelle Reis and Anita Mui were linked with Andy, rumours have been around that he has had someone else for a long time.

Carol Zhu Liqian

Malaysian Carol Zhu Liqian had been linked with Lau since 1985. It's a 24-years love marathon, in 1985 Carol Zhu Liqian was a runner-up in Malaysia's Miss Modern before flying to Hongkong for beauty lessons and was introduce to Andy by a mutal friend and fall in love at first sight. In 1992, allegations of Andy and Carol had register for marriage in Vancouver, Canada and bought an apartment at Kadoorie for their love nest. In 1995, reports of them building a love nest at Penang, Malaysia and state that Carol works in Andy's invested company, TeamWork Production. In 1998, allegations that Andy and Carol had a 2-years-old daughter. In 1999, Sudden Weekly had photgraphs of Carol entering and leaving Andy's apartment at Kadoorie. When asked about their relationship, Andy express: "It's not a scandal, it's family matters...." In April 2000, Malaysian reports that both were having holiday at Phuket and Tioman Island. In May 2000,reports of Andy buying 2 blue Estima G for HK$1000,000 to be their lovers car. In 2001, Sudden Weekly spotted Carol and a little girl of approximately 5-years-old to watch a movie at Causeway Bay.


It was also revealed that Lau secretly married Taiwanese actress Yu Ke-Shing 24 years ago. Swarmed by journalists at Beijing Airport on Tuesday, he admitted the marriage to Yu and apologized.

Yu's mother told Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper that the two signed a marriage certificate after a small wedding in December 1985. The couple decided to keep the marriage secret because they were in the early stages of their careers and feared it would adversely affect their popularity, she said.

If this is true, the Apple Daily reported, Lau may have violated a Hong Kong law banning dual marriage, which can carry a penalty of up to seven years in prison. Lau said he has never had a child with any woman.

Lau and Chu have two children, says HK magazine

A little boy and girl captured the media’s attention at the funeral of the father of actor Andy Lau’s Malaysian girlfriend, Carol Zhu

HONG Kong actor-singer Andy Lau is said to have two children with former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Zhu even though he has denied it openly, Chinese newspapers reported.

Quoting a Hong Kong weekly magazine, they said the couple have an 11-year-old daughter and a son who is currently staying in Singapore with Lau’s sister.

Lau denied that he had children with Zhu and explained on arrival in Hong Kong from China on Tuesday that the children who had been photographed were those of his relatives or friends.

The magazine reported that the son was born at the height of his career and was brought up by Lau’s father.

“To prevent the exposure of his son, Lau sent him to Singapore to stay with his sister,” it reported.

Lau’s daughter is said to have been born in Canada and was being cared for by another sister.

Lau was caught lying about his marriage to Carol Zhu and had apologised publicly.

Andy Lau and Carol Zhu planning a marriage ceremony?

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau and his wife Carol Chu were spotted arriving at the KL International Airport (KLIA) on the special day of Sept 9 (09-09-09), reported China Press.

A passenger on the same 8.50am CX723 flight with Lau and Chu was quoted as saying that Chu and two of her female relatives were spotted checking in at the express lane counter at Hong Kong International Airport.

“They were checking in for business class seats with many pieces of luggage.

“Chu did not wear make-up and was wearing a grey T-shirt, jeans and flat shoes,” the daily quoted the passenger as saying.

Lau was wearing a white T-shirt, blue shirt and white sports shoes.

Upon arrival at the KLIA, the duo were spotted wearing face masks, with Lau nodding his head at some passengers and staff who recognised him.

The couple was later escorted out by airport security personnel through the VIP lane.

According to the daily, the couple is believed to be planning a marriage ceremony within 100 days of Chu’s father’s death in Malaysia.

More Update: Nov 2009

Lau sought psychiatrist’s help after death of fan’s dad

Yang Qinji from China's northwestern city Lanzhou, is rushed to hospital after he drowned himself in the sea following his declined request by Hong Kong singer Andy Lau of a personal engagement with his daughter Yang Lijuan, a fanatical fan of Andy, in Hong Kong, March 28, 2007.

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau went to see a psychiatrist after he came to know that the father of a fan had committed suicide, China Press reported.

Lau had disclosed this during an interview with a daily newspaper in Tianjin City recently.

Lau said he felt regretful over the incident in 2007, when his fan’s 63-year-old father, a retired middle school teacher, committed suicide.

Yang Lijuan, from Shenzen, has been fanatical about Andy Lau for 13 years

Lau’s fan, Yang Lijuan, from Shenzen, has been fanatical about him for 13 years and yearned very much to see him in person.

The father even sold their house to raise money for his daughter to attend Lau’s concerts in Hong Kong.

One day, after the father managed to help his 29-year-old daughter finally meet Lau, he jumped into the Salisbury sea in Hong Kong.

According to a report in, the father even left behind a letter pleading for Lau to meet his daughter for a second time.

Lau said the scariest thing after the incident was when he was flooded with a few hundred calls and over 3,000 SMSes every day from unknown callers threatening: “You don’t see me, I want to die.”

Lau said he sought help from a psychiatrist after two weeks as he became terrified when his phone rang and he had trouble sleeping.

When asked if he feared losing his fans if he talked about his marriage, Lau denied the suggestion and said he had other reasons.

However, he said now was not the time to reveal the reasons.

UPDATE: 26 Nov 2009
Andy Lau to start family in new bungalow

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau is planning to move out from the house he now shares with his parents, reported Sin Chew Daily.

It added that Lau bought a RM46mil new bungalow near his current residence at Kadoorie Hill in Kowloon to have more privacy with his Malaysian wife Carol Chu with whom he is planning to start a family.

The main reason for moving, it said, was to protect themselves from the paparazzi.

It is learnt that Lau’s new house is a two-storey bungalow with high concrete fencing, unlike his current residence where he has to share a carpark with other residents.

The daily said the new bungalow had caught Lau’s attention as it was just a street away from his current place and would allow him to take care of his parents and visit them regularly.

UPDATE: April 2011

Andy Lau buy bungalow for pregnant wife Carol Choo in Ampang

ANDY Lau has bought a luxury bungalow in Ampang for the comfort of his Malaysian wife Carol Choo during her pregnancy, reported China Press.

The daily quoted a Hong Kong magazine as saying that the 48-year-old Hong Kong superstar had earlier bought Choo a house in Kuala Lumpur but she seldom stayed there as the media knew where it was.

It reported that the 44-year-old former beauty queen was expected to stay in Malaysia prior to her delivery. Lau has never admitted nor denied his wife's pregnancy.

Lau and Choo returned to Malaysia last week for the Qing Ming festival, but they did not visit Choo's parent's burial ground in Kuala Lumpur.

The couple apparently skipped the rituals, not because they wanted to avoid the paparrazi, but because the pregnant Choo was not allowed to participate in the rituals.

UPDATE: 28 Nov 2011

Andy at the 48 Golden Horse Film Festival

Andy admits his wife is pregnant

A few weeks ago, local entertainment gossip Andy wife is three months pregnant. Sources said even Hong Kong actor hired 20 groups of monks from Taiwan to Hong Kong to chant prayers for the family.


Andy Lau wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year

UPDATE:24 Feb 2012

KL luxury homes for Lau’s wife

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau has bought two luxury houses along Jalan Ampang for his Malaysian wife Carol Chu to stay during her confinement period, major Chinese newspapers reported.

The couple is expected to welcome a baby girl in June, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A Hong Kong magazine reported that Lau bought the houses so Chu and their baby would have a comfortable place to stay when visiting their family members in Malaysia.

It said Lau bought a house last year and decided to buy the one next door this year.

Contractors are rushing to finish renovation work by June, it reported.

It said Lau had earlier planned to arrange for Chu to have their baby in Malaysia.

However, he changed his mind after taking into consideration that his parents were looking forward to meeting the baby.

Lau eyeing Malaysian PR?

HONG Kong superstar Andy Lau is said to be interested in holding permanent resident status in Malaysia for the sake of his baby girl, China Press reported.

Lau's Malaysian wife Carol Chu is expected to deliver in May in Hong Kong, it reported.

The daily reported that Lau might place his daughter with Chu's family to avoid the Hong Kong paparazzi.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Lau had increased the number of bodyguards to protect Chu, who is currently seven months' pregnant.

The magazine spotted Chu, who was accompanied by two bodyguards, shopping in Pak Kok, Hong Kong recently.

It said Chu, who did not wear any make-up, looked cheerful although she knew the media was taking her picture.

UPDATE: 11 MAY 2012
HK star Andy Lau now the proud dad of baby girl

HONG Kong superstar Andy Lau is the proud father of a baby girl who weighs about 2.7kg, China Press reported.

It was reported that Lau's wife, Malaysian Carol Chu, 46, gave birth at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in Happy Valley on Tuesday. It was reported that after consulting with feng shui masters, Andy and Carol selected an auspicious date and hour for their first baby to be born.

The report also said that both mother and daughter were doing fine. However, Lau, 50, has yet to make any official statement about the birth.

UPDATE: 19 JUNE 2012

Andy Lau’s daughter looks more like her mother

HONG KONG superstar Andy Lau's daughter looks more like his Malaysian wife Carol Chu, reported Hong Kong News.
He named his daughter ‘Liu Xiang Hui’, which is different from the alleged ‘Liu Yun Shan’, although both names has 39 strokes, but fengshui masters explained that ‘Liu Yun Shan’ would bring luck to the father whereas ‘Liu Xiang Hui’ would bring luck to the mother. It was said that Andy was given pointers to initially name his daughter ‘Liu Yun Shan’ because the word ‘Yun’ was a common word used in Lau families, but according to Hong Kong reports, he registered ‘Liu Xiang Hui’ as his daughter’s name instead.
It also reported that the 50-year-old singer-actor hoped to have another child.


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