Indonesian woman-gives-birth-to-19-pound-baby

According to sources, hundreds of gazers flocked in a hospital at Indonesia to have a glimpse of the country’s largest recorded baby, weighing 19.2 pound. The baby boy was born to a diabetic mother.

According to the sources, the operation process regarding the delivery of the new born baby named Akbar Risuddin took as many as 40 minutes thereby delaying the entire process. Sources revealed that Alauddin’s unusual weight and size made the operation more complicated and hazardous. But as they say “all’s well that ends well”. It has been reported that the mother and the baby boy are both in good condition. The spectators who flocked in to catch a glimpse of the baby boy who was born on Monday measuring 24 inches were literally stunned to see the incredible Indonesian boy. They gathered at the Abdul Manan hospital situated in the town of Kisaran in the province of North Sumatra.
The doctors are speculating that Risuddin’s unusual weight is due to his mother’s excessive glucose content at the time of pregnancy. Sources revealed that Risuddin is the third child of his father Muhammad Hasanuddin at mother Ani. Risuddin’s two brother’s weighed 11.6 pounds and 9.9 pounds during their birth, which is also quite phenomenal. The doctors revealed that Risuddin has a strong appetite. “He is greedy and has a strong appetite, nursing almost non-stop,” said Dr. Sitanggang.

The record was previously held by a 14.7 pounds baby boy, residing at the outskirts of the capital Jakarta in the year 2007. But with Risuddin’s arrival, the country has found a new record holder.


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