A jealous boyfriend bit his girlfriend's ear off

Stefanie's ear was bitten off by her ex-boyfriend

A jealous boyfriend bit his girlfriend’s ear off when she broke up with him.
Schoolgirl Stephanie (19) dumped her partner Mike J. (29), who later returned in a fit of rage to permanently disfigure her an a Mike Tyson-style attack.

The biter has just been given a suspended one year’s sentence in court.

Stephanie, a petite high school student from the city of Jessen, was with Mike, a construction worker, for nearly two years.

She said: “Mike was insanely jealous. Promises of love and then beatings, kisses and then tantrums.”

After discussing the situation with three other schoolmates on a class trip she decided to break things off.

That same night Mike rang her doorbell.

“I thought he wanted to talk again, but he fell on me and as I was lying on my side he bent over and bit me in the left ear…

Doctors were unable to re-attach the missing portion of the ear.

“It hurt like hell and there was blood everywhere. On the rug I found the piece of ear that Mike had bitten off and spit out,” she said.

Unfortunately, doctors were unable to reattach it.

Did the ex-boyfriend use fellow Mike, boxer Tyson, as a role model?

The former world champion’s attack on Evander Holyfield’s ear became notorious around the world.

The ex, Mike J., has just recieved a suspended one year sentence in court.

A district court in Dessauhanded down the sentence to Mike J., who in addition will have to pay Stephanie €1,600.

Mike J. still denies the claims and is set to appeal.


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