The Cambridge newspaper criticized for photos of scantily-clad female students..

The Internet newspaper The Tab, launched in June 2009 by students at Cambridge University, drew criticism from the student union and the press. The reason was the publication on the website edition of notes, accompanied by photographs of scantily-clad female students . One of the models have already asked to remove her picture from the site.
'The Tab', which appears online and provides the latest celebrity gossip and sport news, has proved hugely popular with 80,000 hits in its first week.

But a 'Totty' section featuring scantily-clad female students and articles like 'Bra-vo' about the large bra sizes of Cambridge women have left some distinctly unimpressed.

The Tab's 'Totty' section featuring 'Beautiful Becky' has sparked controversy on campus at Cambridge University with calls for it to be axed

Sporty: Heidi, 21, who has a triple first, is another in the 'Top Totty' section

One feature is about student Emmalina Thompsell who hit the news after qualifying for a beauty pageant final despite being a Size 12

Photographer Katy King, who took the 'Totty' images, mounts a strong defence of the paper in an editorial, insisting it is not generated by a male-dominated editorial team.

Describing herself as a feminist, she said: 'The features editor, TV editor, fashion editor, news sub-editor and senior news reporter are all female and are proud to work for The Tab.'

Miss King insisted that the models were not exploited or paid for the shoots but were intelligent Cambridge students who knew their own minds.

'Surely the fact that they are educated and bright women, and still chose to partake in Tab Totty proves that "page three" and "glamour girls" are not just women who have no other choice but to turn to modelling?,' she said.

'These girls have the freedom to do and say what they want, and they exercised that freedom by doing Tab Totty. It is a shame that girls have to get their kit off to generate feminist debate...'

She added: 'The Tab is a powerful weapon. Now that it has a loyal following, what is published is widely read - and most importantly, commented upon.'


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