Mrs World 2009

Five hundred million people around the world last night saw Russian Victoria Radochinskaya, 28, win the Mrs World contest in Vung Tau City Vietnam.

First runner-up was Mrs America Andrea Robertson, a professional model. Mrs Viet Nam, businesswoman Hoang Thi Yen, was second.

Victoria, who works in advertising, defeated the US and Vietnamese favourites in Vung Tau City to became the 15th winner of the crown since the contest started in 1985.

The lovely Russian was selected from three finalists narrowed down from a field of 12. Seventy-six women from 75 countries and territories earlier took part in the contest.

Mrs Hongkong Chen Yijuan was declared Mrs World Traditional Dress 2009 and Mrs Ivory Coast Marie Carine Davison won Mrs World Ao Dai.

Victoria was ecstatic when receiving the jewell-studded crown from Ukrainian Natalya Shmarenkova, who won the Mrs World Pageant last year in Kaliningrad, Russia.

In questions deciding the winner, Victoria was asked why a judge should vote for her.

Mrs Viet Nam Hoang Thi Yen, replied that she would like to change the concept that woman should stay at home and do housework. However, her reply in English was apparently not clear enough for the judge.

Contestants have been visiting historical sites and schools for disabled students, taking part in cultural and sporting activities.

They all said they were moved by the hearty welcome they received from Vietnamese people.

The evening was conducted by American Alan Thicke and Miss World Viet Nam 2007, Ngo Phuong Lan. The Mrs World 2010 contest will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

The first runner-up, Mrs. USA and her family.

Mrs. Kazakhstan and her son.

Mrs. World 2008 and Mrs. World 2009, both from Russia.

From the left: Mrs. World 2007 Diane Tucker (American), Mrs. World 2009 and Mrs. World 2008.


World's Most Beautiful Wife of Russia Likes to Sleep and Hates Sausage

The most beautiful married woman on the planet, Victoria Radochinskaya of Russia, does not go in for diets. She likes to sleep instead.

Victoria was crowned as Mrs. World 2009 in Vietnam and recently returned to her home town, Rostov-on-Don. Victoria said at a news conference in the city that she was terribly missing her four-year-old son, Bogdan, whom she could not see for more than a month.
“I think Bogdan will be very proud of my victory. My attitude to all children changed entirely after my son was born. There are no someone else’s children. I was very depressed after we visited an orphanage for sick children in Vietnam. I will try to do something for children afterwards, if my title allows me that,” the beauty queen said.

Victoria Radochinskaya started working in the modeling business when she was 16. She currently works as a manager for advertising. The woman said that she did not have any special preparations for the beauty pageant. There were 78 other women competing for the title of Mrs. World in Vietnam, but it was Russia’s beauty that took the crown.

“It was probably about my spontaneity that made the jury choose me. They told me later that I looked very natural against other contestants. There were many professional models among them. I was honest about all my answers – I was not acting at all on stage. I did not rehearse many of my steps on stage. When I became the winner, my tears were real. I was so happy and could not think of anything at all,” Radochinskaya said.

“I dedicate my victory to all Russia. When there were three finalists left for the finals, they asked us: “Why do you think you deserve the title?” The Vietnamese woman said that she was a mother and a wife and deserved the title for that. The American woman said that she was working hard for the contest. I said that it was Russia – a huge country that chose me – and I could not come back without a victory. I said that the people of Russia wanted me to come back as the winner. I was sorry about what I said when we went backstage. I thought that my remarks were too elevated, but I was just speaking my mind at that moment. I’ve always been supportive of Russia, whether it was about football or Eurovision Song Contest. I am a patriot. I was very proud when they announced my name as the winner because it was Russia that won,” the woman said.

“Afterwards, I called my husband and yelled: Congratulations, your wife is the most beautiful woman in the world!!! But he only said – I knew it before that you are the most beautiful,” Victoria said.

“Like every woman I think about age and I don’t think that years will only make me even more beautiful. I do yoga, I swim and exercise. I also try to get enough sleep. I have a rule: better eat less than sleep less. I usually eat all I want to eat, but don’t eat sausage and pork,” Mrs. World 2009 said.

Many Russian bloggers wrote that Victoria had had plastic surgery.

“My eyes, nose and my lips are all natural. But if a woman feels uncomfortable and wants to change something in her looks – why not doing it?”

UPDATE: 13 Dec 2009

Gibraltar wins Miss World 2009

Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino won the Miss World crown for 2009, defeating 111 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony in South Africa.
“Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life,” said a tearful Aldorino. Mexico came second, with South Africa taking third place.

Miss India, Pooja Chopra, a hot favourite with the crowd, got eliminated in the top 16, after winning the “beauty with a purpose” title for her charity work.

“The build up to this event has been phenomenal, the girls have had a time of their lives in South Africa,” said Chinese television presenter Angela Chow, who hosted the show.

Among the disappointed contestants was Miss England, a soldier dubbed “Combat Barbie” by the British media.

Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, a 22-year-old who has served in Iraq, was granted leave from the military for the one-month tour of South Africa, where before the live broadcast the contestants competed in sports, a talent showcase, and of course the swimsuit competition.

Also losing out was Miss Indonesia, Kerenina Sunny Halim, who was the subject of a last-minute legal battle with a South African weekly that reported on her public comments about her ties to an American religious cult.

According to a report by the weekly Mail and Guardian, Halim belongs to The Family International, which has been mired in child and sexual abuse allegations by former members.

The 23-year-old Halim told the Jakarta Globe that she is a member of the church, for which she did humanitarian work after the Asian tsunami in 2004, the Mail and Guardian said.

Organisers lost a court battle to quash the story early Saturday.

“This was a blatant attempt by Miss World Ltd to intimidate us by threatening damages running into hundreds of millions of pounds sterling,” said Mail and Guardian editor, Nic Dawes.

“I have offered the pageant organisers right of reply in our newspaper and on our website, which they have yet to take up,” said Dawes.

But organisers didn’t let the incident affect the glittering ceremony in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, where reigning Miss World Ksenia Sukhinova, 22, from Russia handed over the crown.

Organisers say the title pays recognition to beauty queens who have made a difference in people’s lives, through charitable works in their home countries.

“Charity work is integral to the Miss World ethos and part of the brief to contenders in each country is that they volunteer their time or fundraise for charity,” said pageant owner Julia Morley.


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