Worlds most surgically enhanced woman

Cindy Jackson has clasped the title of c in the world for the 11th year running.The 54-year-old, sporting the blonde hair, toned body and sexy pout, was born to a farmer in Ohio.

Cindy, once dubbed Barbie, endured 50 or more cosmetic surgeries, costing more than 100,000 pounds.She set the Guinness World record book in 2000 and continued to make it to the 2010 list.

"I was never sure if the Guinness record was a good thing. But so many people would say 'Wow - that's really cool' so I guess I like it too now," the Sun quoted her as saying.

Telling her story, she continued: "I just started with the things that bothered me most - my eyes and nose - and worked from there."To start with I just wanted a more classic look to my face but then it became an anti-ageing thing.

"Now I have a few things done every year from Botox injections to plump-up fillers."I'll look in the mirror and think, 'Hmm, I'm starting to sag a bit, or that lip's gone down a bit'. It's like maintenance on a car or house!"

She added: "People say you should grow old gracefully and I say let them get on with it. But I refuse to grow old."I have all the benefits of wisdom that come with age but see no reason why I should show those years in my face."

Cindy Jackson was born in 1956 on a farm in Ohio and like most little girls, said "Barbie was her idol". It was during those years she got the idea that she "wanted Barbie's life, not her body. I wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor, not a farmer's wife". When Cindy's father died in 1988 and left her a nice sum of money (why do people like this always fall into money?) she finally had the chance to make that goal a reality. So, she started a $100,000 + plastic surgery hobby which continues to this day. She decided she was going to make herself look like her idol, Barbie.


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