Hairdresser Florida invented "Scissorhands"

Valentino LoSauro
A stylist has emulated Edward Scissorhands by inventing a set of razor sharp 'clawz' which he claims will revolutionise hair cutting.
Valentino LoSauro (pic) says his devices cut hair twice as fast as normal scissors.

Mr LoSauro spent two years and £150,000 developing his invention.

"The idea came to me in the late 90's," he said.

"I am a pianist as well as a hairdresser and wanted to combine that light fingered touch with my styling.

"So the 'Clawz' were born as a simple idea to bring a musicality to hair styling.

"When I cut the hair I use methods I call 'Flight of the Bumblebee and 'Zap'.

Valentino LoSauro cuts the hair of Shannan Stewart with his revolutionary 'Clawz'
Hairdresser Florida invented "Scissorhands"

Bending his fingers to contract the razor in the fingertip claws, Mr LoSauro had to relearn his hair cutting technique completely.

"It took me a couple of years from the launch of the prototype in around 2001 to become really proficient with them," said Valentino.

"Now though I can motor through hair cuts and they are much quicker than usual scissors.

"I can't believe the time it took before hand."

Having begun selling his 'Clawz' in 2001, Valentino has managed to sell 30,000 pairs at £60 each.

The hairdresser of 35 years has even cut some famous peoples long locks at his Planet Hair salon in sunny Florida

"Ritchie Sambora of Bon Jovi has let me cut his hair with the 'Clawz'," said Valentino.

"Most customers are a bit apprehensive at first when they see my smiling face with my razor sharp fingers.

"But come the end of the hair cut they are stunned by the quality."


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