Singaporean woman sets 'dos and don'ts' for daughter's boyfriend

A Singaporean woman is said to have set three 'dos and don'ts' to her daughter's boyfriend, which he has to follow if he wants to continue dating her.
The 'dos' are that the man must have dinner at the daughter's house at least once a week, celebrate her parents and family members' birthdays and stay nearby after marrying her.

According to the Sin Chew Daily, under the list of 'don'ts', the mother has banned her daughter from meeting the man's parents for two years of their courtship, staying with them after marriage or celebrating their birthdays.

'The terms are just too ridiculous and very unfair to my parents,' the Star Online quoted the boyfriend as saying.

The man also complained that he and his girlfriend had been having frequent arguments lately after he failed to land a job.

'My father offered me a job in his company with a salary three times that of a fresh graduate. But I chose to venture out on my own after graduating a month back,' he said.

'I have yet to get a job and my girlfriend's always scolding me for that. This has resulted in numerous arguments between me and my girlfriend,' he added.


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