Who exactly is Rachel Uchitel?

With news of Tiger Woods' serious car accident, the public wants to know the details behind the incident. It was reported that Woods went for a drive after having a fight with wife Elin Nordegren over an alleged affair the golfer had with Rachel Uchitel prior to the accident. But people want to know, who exactly is Rachel Uchitel and is she Tiger Woods' mistress?

Is Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods' mistress?

Tiger Woods accused of negotiating $1 million pay off to silence alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel

Uchitel is a 34 year-old New Yorker with a history of dating married celebrities after she lost her fiancée in the September 11 terrorist attacks.
She has previously rumored to have romanced married actor David Boreanaz. Her mother has told friends her daughter has dated New York Yankee players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.
In 2004, she married Wall Street trader Steven Ehrenkranz but split after four months. She was also engaged to investment banker Andy O'Grady, who later died in 9/11 attacks.She was formerly a producer at bloomberg TV. Rachel has been proudly boasting of an affair with Tiger Woods.

Rachel Uchitel, the woman linked to Tiger Woods and who previously had an affair with David Boreanaz, partied on the exclusive Caribbean island of St. Barth with Ryan Seacrest in January

A SECOND woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

COCKTAIL waitress ... Jaimee Grubbs.

A SECOND woman has claimed she had an affair with golfing superstar billionaire Tiger Woods - and she's prepared to release SMS messages to prove it. Police have also announced the golfer will be charged over his bizarre car crash.Grubbs has more than 300 text messages from Tiger - who married Elin Nordegren in 2004.

The new woman linked to 33-year-old Woods has been identified as a cocktail waitress called Jaimee Grubbs who appeared recently in an American TV program called Tool Academy.
"The woman, Jaimee Grubbs, claims she met Tiger in Las Vegas in April, 2007. The woman - a cocktail waitress who was 21 at the time -- began what she says was a long-running affair with Tiger,"

A THIRD woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses Kalika Moquin, Jaimee Grubbs, Rachel Uchitel

Kalika Moquin , a Las Vegas nightclub executive has become the third woman linked to the world's top golfer.

But Moquin is not ready to kiss and tell. "It's not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other," she told Life & Style magazine.

"At this time, I'm just choosing to focus on my job."

Moquin, a hot brunette marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas, hooked up with Woods more than once at his Las Vegas hotel during the weekend of Oct. 23, the magazine reported.

They cited "an insider" as its source. "They've hooked up a bunch of times," Life & Style's unnamed source said.

"Tiger told Kalika that married life isn't all it's built up to be. He said he wasn't happy in his marriage or his home life and that there was just so much pressure on him."

A FOURTH woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

Jamie Jungers named as fourth Tiger Woods mistress
THEN THERE WERE FOUR: Blonde model Jamie Jungers looks eerily like Tiger Woods' wife, Elin.

A FOURTH woman has become embroiled in the Tiger Woods sex scandal. The ex-fiance of blonde model Jamie Jungers claims she too is the golfer's mistress
Reports say Jamie, 26 - who is a look-a-like of Woods' wife, Elin - first had sex with Woods in 2005, less than a year after he married and eight months after she got engaged.
Tiger Woods left me heartbroken, says his latest 'mistress'

UPDATE: 12 Dec 2009
London, Dec 12 : Jamie Jungers, who claims to have had an 18-month affair with Tiger Woods, has revealed that she was left heartbroken by the billionaire golfer.
Jungers, 26, claims she met the 33-year-old golfer at a nightclub in Las Vegas four years ago.

She told NBC's Today programme that the fling ended after he refused a request from her for financial help, reports Sky News.

"That shows to me how much I mean to you," she says she told the father-of-two at the time.

Ultimately she got "nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart," she added.

Meanwhile, Woods has decided to take an "indefinite break" from professional golf to focus on his personal life.

The golfer is presently in his Orlando, Fla., area home, recovering from injuries he suffered during an accident outside his house.

Woods has been apologetic about after his multiple affairs, which were exposed following the accident.

He has now come up with a third statement on his official website after the incident.

"I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children," he said.

He added: "I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I've done, but I want to do my best to try.

"I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding.

"What's most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

"After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person."

A FIFTH woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

'Naive': Waitress Mindy Lawton loved Tiger Woods and thought he was being faithful to her, according to her family

Four more birdies on Woods' scorecard

There’s talk of four more birdies on Tiger Woods’ scorecard.

The latest allegation includes a fling with a sexy British television presenter who was single at the time but is now married.
A golf insider said as the married superstar’s tally of affairs hit eight: “He would hook up with her when he went to the UK.
“She’s really sexy and very well-known. A very famous golfer – a good friend of mine – told me about it years ago.
“His fling with a British TV presenter was the talk of the PGA.”
He and the wealthy single mum met in a Florida bar – and would romp in his office, the UK Sun reported.
Pals of the older woman said the pair met at Blue Martini bar in Orlando. One said: “She would use the codename Jose for him.
“She’d go to his office for afternoon sex sessions, telling mates she was off for another ‘golf lesson with a pro’.”

So far, Tiger Woods’ alleged relationships include:

1) Rachel Uchitel (night club executive)
2) Jaimee Grubbs (cocktail waitress)
3) Kalika Moquin (night club executive)
4) Jaime Jungers (cocktail waitress)
5) Mindy Lawton (waitress)
6) Woman is in negotiations to release her name in a story.
7) Woman is waiting for a outlet to release her story.
8) A UK presenter does not want to reveal her name but UK sources know her.

A Sixth woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

Cori Rist has been identified as the sixth Tiger Woods mistress. The New York Daily News just published this news last night, (December 5), stating that the Manhattan party girl came forward, alleging an affair with the golf professional.
Yes, that is correct: this is woman number six who reportedly had a tryst with Tiger Woods.
Cori Rist waited a few days later than the other five Woods women to reveal her alleged affair with the golf legend. The hype about the last mistress had died down, so this Rist's place at the half dozen mark should turn into big news.

A SEVENTH woman has claimed she had an affair with Tiger

Tiger Woods' 'seventh mistress' is star Holly Sampson
According to Britain's Daily Mail, the hottie, who has starred in films like 'OMG, Stop Tickling Me' and 'Flying Solo 2,' is 'not denying she bedded Tiger.'

'She has no comment on the matter,' the New York Daily News quoted Sampson's Denver-based lawyer Andrew Contiguglia as saying.


Tiger Woods’ extra-marital affairs continue to unveil with the addition of Theresa Rogers(pic) , a woman in her 40s, taking the number of mistresses to 14, reports a leading website. Rogers is staying in Wellington, Florida.

Interestingly, her affair with Tiger occurred both before and after he married Elin, making her the mistress with the most longevity. She also is apparently the oldest of Tiger's women, and is in her 40s.

Sources inform that Rogers traveled with Tiger extensively during the past five years. She met him in various cities for sexual hookups. She is the only known woman to continue a relationship with him after he married.

Here's the list of Tiger's 14 mistresses:

1) Rachel Uchitel

2) Jaimee Grubbs

3) Kalika Moquin

4) Cori Rist

5) Jamie Jungers

6) Mindy Lawton

7) Holly Sampson

8) Joslyn James

9) Loredena Jolie

10) Unidentified alleged mistress number 10 is a former cocktail waitress from Orlando now represented by lawyer.

11) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 11 is reported to be a "sexy" British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.

12) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 12. is reported in a UK paper to be a "sex-addicted cougar."

13) Julie Postle. Named by the New York Post, through her ex-boyfriend.

14 Theresa Rogers

Woods, 33, issued a "profound apology" to his wife, Swedish model Elin Nordegren Woods, family and fans for "transgressions" after being linked to three different women.
And the superstar golfer is said to have paid $5 million to his wife, Elin Nordegren, to keep her from walking out.

Reports suggest the Woods' prenuptial agreement - rumoured to be worth up to $300 million - is being hastily renegotiated to deliver Elin a bigger cut if they divorce.

A lawyer close to the negotiations said Elin had been offered $5 million in advance not to leave.

As legal eagles tried to sort out the marital mess, New York nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel called off a press conference at which she had been tipped to lift the lid on their relationship.

Woods was said to be desperate to keep Ms Uchitel, 34, from exacerbating the public relations nightmare that has snowballed since his notorious pre-dawn car crash a week ago.

Tiger Woods’ friend covered-up his cheating

Golfer’s best friend covered his back as he cheated on his wife. He even paid bills for his mistress, Rachel Uchitel.

Popular golfer Tiger Woods had accomplices in his extramarital mischief, bumpshack.com claims. His childhood friend and director of Tiger Woods Design, Bryon Bell, not only knew about Tiger’s affair, but also arranged meetings with his mistress, Rachel Uchitel.

Among other things, he allegedly accompanied her in a trip from Los Angeles to Melbourana, where he paid for her accommodation in the same hotel where Tiger was staying. It seems that many things were on Tiger’s mind during the Australian Open. Rachel Uchitel is still hiding behind her wall of silence and would not give any comments to all of this.

UPDATE: 8 Dec 2009
Too much to take!

Elin Nordegren the Swedish beauty has finally walked out on Tiger Woods. What a swing of events! She moved out of the £1.7million mansion in Florida. This happened as the last straw on the camel’s back to be broken was for 7th woman, Holly Samson, the British porn star!

Tiger and Elin married on October 5, 2004. It seems Tiger Woods does not have his value system in place and had romantic connections with these 7 women ever since then. Reports of his extra marital affairs started coming out after a bizarre accident of Woods.

Probably all this has taken a toll on Elin Nordegren as she finally moved out of their Florida mansion. She was facing it with all the courage like a true woman and was at her husband’s side all this while. But it was them mention of the porn star that made her leave her house that she wanted to make a home!

The sexcapades of Tiger Woods and his 7 mistresses are on a high and Elin Nordegren had too much of it. Of course with two children two years old Sam Alexis and 10 months old Charlie Axel the mother could not probably take it any more as the number of women in Tiger’s life is increasing day by day. Too much to take!


Carolina Gynning, who famously had sex in front of the cameras on the Big Brother reality television show before transitioning to a career as a TV presenter, was a staple on the London party scene at the time of the incident, which took place six or seven years ago, according to a post on Gynning’s blog.

She explains that she was at a party where she met a “really strange man” who she assumed was gay and who proceeded to ask her out to lunch.

“He wanted to tell me something special,” Gynning wrote in the December 8th blog post.

Gynning nevertheless accepted the invitation to dine at a private table at a “swanky” London eatery where the man launched into what she found to be an unusual line of questioning.

“He wondered if I knew who Tiger Woods was, and obviously I did. He said he was friends with Tiger and that Tiger loved girls like me.”

At the time, Gynning was doing her best to portray herself as a stereotypical buxom Swedish blonde, complete with what she refers to as “gigantic silicon breasts” and “bleach blonde” hair.

“He said that Tiger was LOOKING FOR A GIRLFRIEND and that he wanted to introduce me to him,” Gynning continued in her post.

“I never got back to the guy, obviously, even if Tiger is rich, he’s also ugly as sin and absolutely not my type.”

Gynning, who has since removed her breast implants and auctioned them off for charity, thought the whole exchange was “messed up” and had since forgotten about the incident.

But in the wake of recent revelations about Woods' unspecified infidelities, Gynning now views the meeting in a different light.

“Was that guy a pimp for Tiger?” she asks.

Gynning goes on to express support for Woods’ wife, fellow Swede Elin Nordegren, urging her to take the couple’s two children and move home to Sweden.

Tiger Woods taking break from golf

Champion golfer Tiger Woods, who lately has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, said on Saturday that he has decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf.
'I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person,' Woods wrote in his official website.

The world was shocked when at least 10 women in the last couple of weeks claimed they have had sexual relationships with the champion in the last few years.

'I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness,' he said.

'It may not be possible to repair the damage I've done, but I want to do my best to try,' he added.

Media reports on Friday claimed that the golfer's wife has asked him to choose between golf and family.

'I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period,' he added.


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