Chinese woman made to service 6000 clients by Malaysian lover

A Chinese woman, who fell in love with a Malaysian man while holidaying in Singapore, has revealed her nightmare when the man turned out to be a pimp who forced her to service more than 6000 clients.

According to the China Press, the 35-year-old woman, who wished to be known only as Lim, revealed that her ordeal lasted for more than two years.

She had entered Singapore as a tourist in 2002 before befriending the businessman, in his 30s, who subsequently won her heart.

"After two weeks of courtship, he proposed to me. He even wanted me to meet his parents in Malaysia. I thought I had met my true love and followed him," the Star Online quoted her as saying.

"That was the beginning of my nightmare. I was confined to an apartment's room for two years and nine months," she said.

Lim said there were more than 20 other women kept in the apartment, adding that they could not escape as the vice syndicate watched their movements closely.

"When I refused to trade my flesh, I was beaten up and tormented physically and mentally over three days. I could not take the stress and gave in eventually," she stated.

She further revealed that she was forced to service an average of six clients daily.

"They only released me almost three years later when I no longer held any value to them," she added.

Lim, who returned to China after her release, recently came back to Singapore to help a mother locate her missing daughter, who is a singer, whom she believes could have met a similar fate.



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World second pregnant man due in February

Scott and Thomas Moore with their two adopted children Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10

30 year old Scott Moore is expected to deliver the baby in the coming month of February and prior tests showed that the baby will be a baby boy. The couple has already decided about the baby’s name.
His name will be Miles. We know some people will criticize us but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed, said Scott Moore.

Scott Moore, the second world known pregnant man, is due to give birth next month, according to media reports.
Both Scott and his husband, Thomas Moore, were born women and have undergone surgery to change their sex.

Scott still has female reproductive organs, and he got pregnant by using sperm donated by a friend last June.

They are legally married now because Scott's birth certificate still has him listed as a female.

"We know some people will criticize us, but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed," said Scott.

They already have two adopted children, Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10, who are "the children of a former female partner of Thomas'."

Thomas Beatie, better known as the Pregnant Man, shows off his newborn baby girl in a photo published in People magazine three weeks after the labor.

Thomas Beatie of Oregon is the first pregnant man and made headlines around the world in 2008 when he gave birth to a girl.



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Chinese Woman to Undergo Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Alba

Desperate: Xiaoqing, 21, is preparing to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like actress Jessica Alba. She is currently a brunette (left) but wears a wig her ex-boyfriend bought her to look like Alba (right)

A Chinese woman is so keen to win back her ex-boyfriend she plans to undergo plastic surgery to transform herself into his favorite actress — Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

The 21-year-old, who identified herself as Xiaoqing, told the Shanghai Daily that she had met with doctors at a plastic surgery clinic in Shanghai who offered to do the work for free.

Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

"I have made my decision," the newspaper quoted her as saying.

"I'm not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend, but for myself. I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it."

Liu Qi, an official at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said the woman would need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like Alba, the star of Sin City and Fantastic Four.

"There's no worry about the expense and it is technically practicable," Liu was quoted as saying. "But the face-lift is irreversible and we hope that she would take it seriously."

Clinic officials confirmed the woman's story, but would not say when or if the surgery would go ahead.

The woman, who works for a web firm, described to the newspaper how her Alba-obsessed 28-year-old ex-boyfriend hung photos of the actress on his walls and stored her image on his mobile phone.

The man demanded Xiaoqing do her make-up as Alba does, even when she slept, and gave her a blonde wig for Christmas, which he asked her to wear all the time.

She told the newspaper they broke up last month when she threw her wig and fake eyelashes to the ground after people laughed at her.

But afterwards, she said she reconsidered.

"I love him very much.... that's why I always followed his opinions. I don't want to lose him," the newspaper quoted her as saying.

Liu Qi, an official at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said Xiaoqing would need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like Miss Alba.

'There's no worry about the expense and it is technically practicable,' said Liu.

'But the face-lift is irreversible and we hope that she would take it seriously.'

Although surgeons at the hospital said they believed money was no object, Xiaoqing told the newspaper that finding enough money for the operations would be difficult - which was why she had gone public in the hope of getting help from a plastic surgery hospital.

Doctors at the Shanghai Hospital say they will help her, but won't go ahead with the operation in a hurry.

'We want to make sure she is prepared for the risks she might face in surgery and for life afterwards, including people's attitude towards her,' said a doctor.

But Xiaoqing insists she has made her decision and is ready to go ahead with the operation.

'I'm not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend but for myself,' she said. 'I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and build a strong personality through it.'



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The hottest lingerie trends of 2010

Berlin has been turned into a giant catwalk as its fashion week gets underway - with a sizzling lingerie show heating up the frozen city.
Hot models revealed what people will be wearing UNDERNEATH the next season's fashion trends of the top designers and the high street labels.

Hot laces, transparent silk and lipstick-red lingerie are only a few of the many underwear trends that will be shown in the collections of prominent labels such as ‘Bruno Banani’, ‘Sapph Design’ and ‘Elixir’.



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Most Desirable Woman 2010

Emmanuelle Chriqui takes over from Eva Mendes as ‘Most Desirable Woman 2010’; American model Marisa Miller and British actress Kate Beckinsale follow close behind
CANADIAN ACTRESS EMMANUELLE Chriqui has topped an annual poll of the world’s 99 most desirable women, with organisers saying her appeal was boosted by the fact that she does not feature heavily in celebrity magazines.

The 32-year-old actress, best known for the TV series Entourage, was named by men’s website as the woman with the qualities most men would want in a girlfriend or wife, taking the title from last year’s winner Eva Mendes.

Previous winners of the annual list of the world’s ‘Top 99 Most Desirable Women’, now in its 10th year, include Katherine Heigl, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima.

“Hearing what the vote is made of is the biggest compliment of all because it’s about being a well-rounded woman. That’s really empowering and is just a massive compliment to me,” Chriqui said in a statement after coming 12th last year.

In second place in the 2010 poll, which involved about 8 million votes, was American model Marisa Miller and in the third slot was British actress Kate Beckinsale.’s editor-in-chief James Bassil said Chriqui’s role in Entourage as a sweet, ideal girlfriend had helped her in the survey — but so had the fact that she is not over exposed.

“We don’t see a lot of her. She is not a very public person so it leaves some room to the imagination. She is not out there making a spectacle of herself which could sully her image,” he said.
“A lot of the behaviour we see in the media is not the kind of behaviour that you want to see in a girlfriend or wife. You can get over-saturation and we don’t want to see their real and sometimes stained and depressed sides of their lives.”

Chriqui has appeared in a list of films including Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and TV series The O.C. and Entourage.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who appear regularly in the media did not feature at all in the 2010 list. Spears reappeared on the list in 2009 after a few years’ absence but was out of favour again in 2010.

“It has to do with a lack of mystery and enigma,” said Bassil.

He said it was interesting to note that Megan Fox has fallen from second place to No. 11 in 2010 after a year of heavy publicity for the American actress.

“She has become very much the type we see everywhere, getting a lot of publicity but with not a lot of success driving this. Sure, she’s had massive roles in massive movies but they are few and far between compared to many others,” he said.

Newcomers to the list for 2010 included Italian model/actress Elisabetta Canalis, 31, debuted at No. 43, which Bassil put down to the fact that she is dating Hollywood idol George Clooney.

He said it was interesting that French actress Marion Cotillard came in at No. 54 as the movie Nine has not been that successful in North America.

The list by, had the perennial favourites like Jessica Alba at No.5 followed by Beyonce in sixth place and Angelina Jolie at No. 88. “All the top women we see in this list are pretty well behaved and respectable women. We don’t see a lot of them parading around in public unless it is in the framework of their careers,” said Bassil.



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Beware: Conman posed as female model

AN American man pretended to be a well-known swimwear model online for two years in order to con men out of money and gifts, including an iPhone.

The conman posed as a female swimsuit model to entice men into sending money and gifts

Justin Brown, 24, posed as Californian Guess Jeans and Maxim swimwear model Bree Condon, 23, said Texan Police on Thursday, by enticing rich men with pictures of Ms Condon's face photo-shopped onto nude photos of other women.

Brown had a string of fake online profiles, including one on - 'the meeting place for wealthy and beautiful singles' - where he identified himself as 'Bree - just looking for Mr. Right', with accompanying photos of the brunette cover girl. Brown also organised web chats and telephone calls using his 'very feminine voice' to talk to his suitors. The men gave 'Bree' gifts including an iPhone, a small dog and US$15,000 (S$20,983).

Brown was busted by authorities after Ms Condon discovered the identity theft and hired an investigator to track Brown down. He was caught in a cheap motel room in Austin, Texas, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The private investigator, John Carbona, told the Los Angeles Times he was stunned to find out that 'Bree' was a man. 'I'd been talking to this person for three months,' Carbona said. 'I'm telling you this guy has either had his gonads removed or he is talking through a voice synthesizer. He (Brown) had this whole persona created,' Carbona added. 'You have to hand it to this kid. He stayed in character for two years.'



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Former Miss California Carrie Prejean scandal

Carrie Prejean first came to the limelight when four years ago at the age of eighteen she competed in the Miss California Teen USA pageant and placed first runner-up to Stephanie Brink.

Two years later she competed in the Miss California USA 2008 pageant and initially placed third runner-up; later a judging error was discovered and she was promoted to first runner-up.

Prejean returned the following year and won the Miss California USA 2009 title, succeeding Raquel Beezley as California's representative to the Miss USA pageant. Prejean competed at the nationally televised Miss USA 2009 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 19, 2009, and placed first runner-up.

Prejean's answer to her final question during the pageant became the subject of controversy.

Meanwhile she has said that there are people who want to gag her voice and destroy her career and image.

Carrie Prejean is someone who creates sensation without doing anything. Her latest bout of news coverage is not cause by any of her willful action, but by a nip slip.

She is vacationing with her boyfriend Kyle Boller in Hawaii and she didn’t know that she was letting people see more than she was expecting.

The air and water had thrown up the clothes from where it shouldn’t ideally come out.

Timeline: Carrie Prejean's

Dec. 22, 2008
Carrie Prejean is crowned Miss California USA. After she wins the title, and before she represents her state at the Miss USA pageant, Miss California USA officials pay for Prejean’s breast-enhancement surgery.
April 19, 2009
Prejean finishes first runner-up at the Miss USA pageant broadcast live from the Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. She raises the ire of judge Perez Hilton by stating her opposition to same-sex marriage. Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton is crowned Miss USA.
April 20
Perez Hilton blisters Prejean on his blog and calls her a vulgar name.
April 26
Kristen Dalton, now the new Miss USA, defends Prejean's statement on same-sex marriage during an interview with TODAY's Al Roker.
April 27
Prejean gets a hero’s welcome at The Rock Church, an evangelical mega-church in suburban San Diego. She tells the congregation that she was pressured by Miss California pageant officials not to discuss her Christian faith and to apologize for her statements on same-sex marriage.
April 30
Prejean tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer she will continue to fight for “traditional marriage.” She also confirms that she has filmed an ad for the National Organization for Marriage and has agreed to be a spokesperson for the group. Miss California officials release a statement criticizing her for becoming so deeply involved in a “divisive and polarizing issue.”
May 1
Miss California pageant officials confirm that they paid for Prejean’s breast-enhancement surgery.
May 4
The gossip site publishes one photo of Prejean posing topless in pink panties and says it has five more photos in the set. Prejean is shown covering her breasts with her arm in the photo.
May 5
Prejean issues a statement defending the photo. She says she was 17 when they were taken and that they are from a model shoot.
May 6
Pageant officials cite rules prohibiting Miss California from posing nude or semi-nude and from representing outside organizations and say they are discussing whether to strip Prejean of her crown.
May 11
At a Beverly Hills press conference, Miss California USA officials say it's up to Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump whether or not Prejean should be stripped of her crown.
May 12
At a press conference, Donald Trump announces that Prejean will retain the title of Miss California USA. He also commends her for speaking her mind about same-sex marriage during the Miss USA Pageant.
May 13
On TODAY, Prejean admits there might be more racy photos of her; Trump defends his decision. Meanwhile, Miss California pageant co-director Shanna Moakler resigns from her post, saying that she had lost faith in the organization because of Trump's decision to let Prejean keep the crown.
June 10
Carrie Prejean is stripped off her Miss California title less than a month after Donald Trump announced she would retain it, and commended her for speaking her mind about same-sex marriage. The Miss California USA organization cited Prejean’s unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of them, in violation of her contract, and said that they had Trump’s approval in terminating her.
June 12
Two days after being stripped of her title, Carrie Prejean disputes pageant director Keith Lewis’s claim that she failed to meet her contractual obligations as Miss California, saying that she was instead fired for her stand on same-sex marriage at the Miss USA pageant. "I'm here talking to you because of the answer I gave on that stage," she tells TODAY's Matt Lauer.
July 20
Prejean inks a book deal with conservative book house Regnery Publishing. Her memoir will be called "Still Standing" and will tell her side of the story, according to the publisher.
Aug. 31
Prejean sues pageant officials for libel, slander and religious discrimination, accusing them of telling her to stop mentioning God even before her controversial remarks against gay marriage.
Oct. 19
The franchise that operates the Miss California organization countersues Prejean.
Nov. 3
After a Prejean "sex tape" surfaces, Prejean drops her suit and settles with pageant officials, who reportedly paid her $100,000 to go toward her legal expenses.
Nov. 10
Prejean appears on TODAY and defends the recently surfaced erotic video of her as a youthful indiscretion. She also says negative things about pageant owner Donald Trump and discusses her book, "Still Standing."

Then-Miss California USA Carrie Prejean answers a question about same-sex marriage during the Miss USA Pageant last April. On Tuesday Prejean alleged a campaign “to try to silence me for the answer that I gave at the pageant.”

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean defended a recently surfaced erotic video of her as a youthful indiscretion and questioned whether it could actually be called a “sex tape” since no one else appears in it.

“It was me by myself. There was no one else with me. I was not having sex,” the controversial beauty queen told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira in New York.

Prejean admitted to making the video of herself and sending it to her boyfriend when she was 17 years old. The tape surfaced during a negotiating session with the Miss California pageant officials over a lawsuit Prejean filed against the organization for stripping her of her crown earlier this year. When the tape’s existence was revealed, Prejean dropped her suit and settled with the officials, who reportedly paid her $100,000 to go toward her legal expenses.



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"Hope for Haiti"

More than 50,000 people were killed and other 250,000 were injured in the Haiti quake so far.
The catastrophic quake could have also left some 1.5 million Haitians homeless.
The devastating quake on Tuesday destroyed nearly 70 percent of the buildings in Port-au-Prince. The presidential palace, ministries' offices, hospitals and schools were all affected.

Supermodel and new mum GISELE BUNDCHEN has become the latest star to dig deep and give big to the victims of Tuesday's (12Jan10) Haiti earthquake - she has donated $1.5 million (GBP938,000) to relief efforts.

The Brazilian has handed over the cash to the Red Cross after seeing news coverage of the devastation the 7.0-magnitude quake caused.

In a statement, she says, "I am heartbroken by the catastrophic events of the past six days in Haiti. It is important in times like these that we come together and find ways to help in any way we can."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $1 million (GBP625,000) and Pitt and George Clooney's Not On Our Watch charity has donated another $1 million.

Meanwhile, Haitian-born Wyclef Jean is raising cash through his Yele foundation and Madonna has donated $250,000 (GBP156,250) to relief efforts.

She states, "My prayers are with the people of Haiti. I can't imagine the terrible pain and suffering they are experiencing. Sadly the depths of the tragedy are just becoming known and the need for our support grows more urgent with every passing moment.

"I have given a donation of $250,000 to assist Haiti's earthquake victims through Partners in Health, one of Haiti's leading healthcare providers. I urge all of my friends and fans around the world to join me collectively to match my contribution or give in any way you can."

And actress Alyssa Milano has donated $50,000 (GBP31,250) to UNICEF for Haiti relief, asking, "Which corporation will match my donation?"

In a TV interview, Wyclef revealed Haitians need at least $1 million a day in donations.


Sandra Bullock donated $1 million toward Haitian earthquake relief.

Bullock's contribution went to Doctors Without Borders' emergency operations in Port-Au-Prince, where three of the organization's existing facilities were damaged by the magnitude 7.0 quake.

"I wanted to ensure that my donation would be used immediately to meet the needs of the Haitian people affected by this catastrophic event," said Bullock in a statement.

US Mobile phone users donate more than $10 million to Haiti

According to the Mobile Giving Foundation, which helps wireless subscribers donate to causes around the world using text messages, over $10 million has been donated to efforts in Haiti. The Red Cross alone says that $8 million of the $37 million it has received in donations so far have come from mobile phones.

In a report with Reuters, Mobile Giving Foundation CEO Jim Manis said that people are sending 10,000 donations a second using SMS to foundations such as the Red Cross and Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. If you choose to give to either fund, you will be billed at the end of the month on your account, and the four big U.S. Carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless are waiving the SMS fees for texts.
To donate $10 to the Red Cross text 90999 to "Haiti" and to give $5 to Wyclef Jean's fund, text 501501 to "Yele."

Hollywood telethon raises $57 million for Haiti

A Hollywood television fundraiser that was initiated by Hollywood top star George Clooney has gathered more than 57 million U.S. dollars and drew at least 16.1 million viewers from 18 countries, sponsors said Saturday.

"The public has set a new standard of giving for a relief telethon with 'Hope for Haiti Now,' and the donations continue to come in," Lisa Paulsen, president and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a non-profit organization providing support for "Hope for Haiti Now", was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter.

"People can still contribute 24/7 via phone, web and text," she added.

The two-hour telethon, dubbed "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief," drew former U.S. President Bill Clinton, top Hollywood musicians, actors and sports celebrities like former boxing king Muhammed Ali.

It was held in Los Angeles, New York, London and Haiti and was broadcasted globally. Proceeds will benefit Oxfam America, Partners in Health, the Red Cross, UNICEF, Haitian musician Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation and the new Clinton Bush Haiti Foundation.

Performances from the telethon will be available for purchase on iTunes for 99 cents each. A full performance album will be available for 7.99 dollars and the two-hour telecast will be sold for 1.99 dollars.

The telethon drew a collective 16.1 million viewers across six broadcast networks including ABC, NBC and CBS (and a 4.3 total rating among adults 18-49). ABC drew the largest broadcast audience of 4.6 million viewers (and a 1.2 rating). These early numbers do not include cable outlets such as MTV, CNN and VH.

Also, the single "Hope for Haiti Now" is currently the top-selling iTunes album in 18 countries, the biggest one-day album pre-order in iTunes history.

The 57 million dollars does not include donations by corporations, large private donors and iTunes sales figures, all of which are still being calculated, it is reported.



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Anti-wrinkle bras and proteine undies

Bras that pump up or down with body temperature and smooth out ageing cleavages are among hot new undies to be unveiled at this month's Paris lingerie show, organisers said Thursday.

A Dutch-designed anti-wrinkle bra that can iron out crinkly cleavages as a woman sleeps, and a smart Slovenian brassiere whose foam cups expand with body heat when the wearer works out or flirts, are amid innovations at the January 23-25 Paris trade fair.

"High-tech's playing a growing role in underwear," said the fair's fashion manager Sophie Morin. "Take ultra-sounds for example, now used as well as laser technology to cut and construct garments without seaming or stitching."

Also touted is a range of French lingerie called Milkshake in a fabric made of milk proteins that contains 10 amino acids to hydrate the skin.

"The knit is as soft as satin," said Morin.

The cupless anti-wrinkle bra designed by Decollete is supposed to be thrown on at bedtime keeping breasts apart to prevent the formation of feared crinkles that appear in the night.

"I dread to think of my husband's likely reaction if I was to come to bed wearing it," said one blogger on, a site that has already consigned the bra to its "department of daft."

The smart bra from Slovenia's Lisca boasts cups made of memory foam that ebbs and flows with body-heat -- a NASA patented technology from the 1960s.

Some 20,000 lingerie types from more than 100 nations are due to attend the end-month Paris fair, bringing together more than 500 brands, including Brazil's LZ, flying in with an ultra-light bra that weighs in at 67 grammes (two ounces).



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Great granny has plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit

Great grandmother Annette Edwards, 57, has spent £10,000 to make her look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

She says she has always loved rabbits and wanted to look like her idol, Jessica Rabbit, from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
She said: “I got my first rabbit when I was eight and it became my best friend. I would play with it for hours, we were inseparable.

"Growing up I’d always been fascinated with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. I thought she was stunning and for years I longed to look like my idol.

"I sometimes get stopped in the street and have had loads of nice compliments.”

She said she had been contacted by Playboy about the possibility of a photo shoot.



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The Tattoo-Convention 2009 Berlin

Carina Jost Tattoo Queen 2010
Each year in the German capital hosts the International Festival Tattoo in Berlin. (Tattoo Convention Berlin). Festival has earned international status is not by chance, to show their skills and look at the art of others, in Berlin welcomes thousands of people.
At the 19th International Tattoo Convention – the oldest in Europe – present 160 tattoo artists from all over Europe and overseas, who will show their talents and skills to the audience.

Tattoos are no inventions of the modern era. The art of skin marking is much older. Tattooing in the Western world today has its origins in Polynesia, and in the discovery of “tatau” by eighteenth century explorers Bougainville and Cook. The Polynesian practice became popular among European sailors, before spreading to Western societies generally.
Tattooing has been a practice at least since around Neolithic times. Ötzi the iceman is probably the most famous human found with tattoos. Nowadays a lot of famous and important people like Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Sean Connery, Madonna wear tattoos.
Tattooing as a way of embellishing skin is not only a cult of the body and expression of individuality but also the exposure of personality and position in the traditional meaning.

At the international Tattoo Convention Berlin, you can not only admire pictures and get yourself tattooed, but also actively participate in our big competition, where even older tattoos will be valuated. We cordially invite everybody who has a tattoo to join our competition.
The various artists will take care of crazy styles and motives. Each of them has their own style which means there is a huge variety for the audience to find their personal and individual tattoo.



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