Beware: Conman posed as female model

AN American man pretended to be a well-known swimwear model online for two years in order to con men out of money and gifts, including an iPhone.

The conman posed as a female swimsuit model to entice men into sending money and gifts

Justin Brown, 24, posed as Californian Guess Jeans and Maxim swimwear model Bree Condon, 23, said Texan Police on Thursday, by enticing rich men with pictures of Ms Condon's face photo-shopped onto nude photos of other women.

Brown had a string of fake online profiles, including one on - 'the meeting place for wealthy and beautiful singles' - where he identified himself as 'Bree - just looking for Mr. Right', with accompanying photos of the brunette cover girl. Brown also organised web chats and telephone calls using his 'very feminine voice' to talk to his suitors. The men gave 'Bree' gifts including an iPhone, a small dog and US$15,000 (S$20,983).

Brown was busted by authorities after Ms Condon discovered the identity theft and hired an investigator to track Brown down. He was caught in a cheap motel room in Austin, Texas, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The private investigator, John Carbona, told the Los Angeles Times he was stunned to find out that 'Bree' was a man. 'I'd been talking to this person for three months,' Carbona said. 'I'm telling you this guy has either had his gonads removed or he is talking through a voice synthesizer. He (Brown) had this whole persona created,' Carbona added. 'You have to hand it to this kid. He stayed in character for two years.'


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