Ten criteria to becoming a modern Chinese woman

Women from China must meet 10 criteria including knowing how to tackle the “mistress” problem in order to qualify as modern women, China Press reported.
It said the women must be smart and brave to win the war against mistresses.
“They must also be able to protect themselves in any encounters with thugs.
“They should also be able to cook for their husbands and do household chores,’’ it said.
It said modern women were also required to have IT knowledge and write their own programs. They must also be able to fix defects and clean up viruses from computers.
“They must have the bravery to go against the authorities and break the Internet censorship codes.’’
The report also said modern China women must be able to afford a high-end car and a house.

In ancient China, a good woman had to meet the three obedience codes and have four virtues.
Women then were required to obey the father before marriage, husband during married life and sons in widowhood.
The four virtues were good morals, physical charm, propriety in speech and efficiency in homemaking.

A 32-year-old woman from Beijing said she must take good care of herself in order to “compete” with mistresses.
“I decided to take good care of myself as when I am in my 40s, I will have to face the challenge from those in their 20s,” she said.

She advised women to live like “mistresses” and take good care of themselves.


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