World second pregnant man due in February

Scott and Thomas Moore with their two adopted children Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10

30 year old Scott Moore is expected to deliver the baby in the coming month of February and prior tests showed that the baby will be a baby boy. The couple has already decided about the baby’s name.
His name will be Miles. We know some people will criticize us but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed, said Scott Moore.

Scott Moore, the second world known pregnant man, is due to give birth next month, according to media reports.
Both Scott and his husband, Thomas Moore, were born women and have undergone surgery to change their sex.

Scott still has female reproductive organs, and he got pregnant by using sperm donated by a friend last June.

They are legally married now because Scott's birth certificate still has him listed as a female.

"We know some people will criticize us, but we are blissfully happy and not ashamed," said Scott.

They already have two adopted children, Gregg, 12, and Logan, 10, who are "the children of a former female partner of Thomas'."

Thomas Beatie, better known as the Pregnant Man, shows off his newborn baby girl in a photo published in People magazine three weeks after the labor.

Thomas Beatie of Oregon is the first pregnant man and made headlines around the world in 2008 when he gave birth to a girl.


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