"Beijing Film Academy"

As the Year of the Tiger began, top car model Zhai Ling (nickname Shoushou) threw a bomb into the entertainment field when several indecent/obscene videos purportedly featuring her appeared on the Internet.

Most news reports have claimed that the Shoushou Gate photos and videos were released by her ex-boyfriend nicknamed "No Screwdriver" in revenge.
Yesterday a news story appeared on the Internet: "Some media claimed to have information from a good friend of Shoushou that she took an overdose of sleeping pills due to the pressure from Shoushou Gate and is currently hospitalized." But this news was quickly denied by her model agency: "We don't know about this. This cannot be true. This is just an Internet rumor."

Yesterday morning, Car model Shoushou broke her silence through her blog. She wrote: "Everything is fine with me. I did not commit suicide. I think everybody knows who has that video. The person who uploaded the video has broken the law and will have to face the legal consequences ... I am the biggest victim in the affair. I hope that you all can respect my feelings and not hurt me anymore. I hope that those netizens with a sense of justice to condemn the person who leaked and uploaded the video."

The Chinese police reminds people about how to protect themselves against invasion of privacy:

1. Please be care about where you keep your personal photos/videos. Three are many tools which people can use to pry into computers without permission. Therefore, women should be especially careful about where to keep their personal photos/videos.

2. Please be wary of Internet microphones/cameras. Some people are using these equipment to pry into the private lives of others without their knowledge.


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