What is Kancho?

Kancho (カンチョー, kanchō?)[1] is a prank often played in Japan; it is performed by clasping the hands together so the index fingers are pointing out and attempting to insert them sharply into someone's anal region when the victim is not looking. It is similar to the wedgie or a goosing, although, as compared to kancho, the former mentioned acts do not involve physical contact which is quite as intimate or direct. A Kancho is often executed simultaneously as the offending party loudly expresses the second syllable of "Kan-CHO!"

Did you know that's an actual game played by young Japanese children? Essentially, it's their equivalent of American kids' games like sneaking up behind somebody and yelling "wedgie!" while you hike their underwear up, or yelling "noogie!" while you rub your knuckles on their head.
Kancho - it is such a common joke in Japan, when an unsuspecting victim put a finger in the ... butt.

"This is the dreaded Kancho. When you are distracted and looking the other way a man will come up from behind and shove the Kancho right in your butt. As the man does this he yells Kancho. Please do not try this at home. The Kancho must only be done by experienced individuals with many years of training."
In certain countries, the act of kancho may be illegal and considered sexual harassment, or even sexual assault, although children are given more leniency. While the practice is known in South Korea, there have been cases where adults performing it have been arrested. However, in Japan it is considered a childish prank rather than a criminal act.



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Singapore's Changi Airport clinched the "World's Best Airport"

UPDATE: Sept 2010

Super Slide Opens in Singapore Airport

Who cares about delayed flights when you can pass the time riding a 40-foot-tall, jumbo twister slide?

Singapore’s Changi Airport recently unveiled the Slide@T3, the tallest slide in Singapore and, for the record, in any airport around the world. The attraction is the latest addition to a long list I like to call, “ridiculously amazing things to have in an airport,” including a movie theater, a rooftop swimming pool, and the Butterfly Garden (which is also home to a collection of 200 carnivorous or insectivorous plants).

For every $22 spent in the airport, adrenaline junkies (or really brave little kids) get tokens for two rides on the slide. Visitors who don’t want to travel at the speed of 19 feet a second, can take a ride down the shorter, one-and-a-half-story tall slide located at Terminal 3 Basement 2, which is free.

For a snapshot of the slide ride, check out the video (complete with jazzy music) below.

Changi Airport slipped to third place last year in the Skytrax rankings because of its washrooms and service, causing a stir.

But this year the airport flew back into first place again when on Tuesday, it won the World's Best Airport award ahead of South Korea's Incheon and Hong Kong, which ranked second and third, respectively.

The Skytrax accolade is the third and latest the airport has won this year; last month, it was awarded Top Worldwide Airport by British travel magazine Wanderlust, and Best Airport in Asia Pacific by DestinAsian, an Asian publication.

So how did Changi turn things around? Through rigorous reviews, and enhanced facilities and services, a Changi Airport Group (CAG) spokesman said. In the area of cleanliness, for instance, it was previously reported that its cleaners, numbering more than a thousand, had been sent for retraining.

They are trained to mop the floors "sector by sector", and to "try their best to clean every cubicle after each user leaves", said Ms Eriyani Sarfoodin, senior resident manager of Campaign Cleaning Solutions, the company contracted to clean Terminal 3.

Greater emphasis was also placed on service training, with half a day's training allocated for this.

"We encouraged them to smile often, and put up friendly faces," said Ms Eriyani.

Cleaners were also trained in the "do's and don'ts" of airport safety and regulations, and taught to hand lost items to information counters immediately.

Whenever toilets were closed for renovation, they also had to be able to direct passengers to the nearest washroom in operation. However, its reviews extended beyond washroom cleanliness, and covered "multiple aspects" including efficiency and flow of airport operations, amenities and facilities, as well as customer service standards, said the CAG spokesman.

This year's Skytrax survey covered 9.8 million travellers of over 100 nationalities amid "an extremely competitive survey environment", noted Skytrax chairman Edward Plaisted. It is Changi's third Skytrax win.

CAG's chief executive Lee Seow Hiang attributed the airport's success to "affirmation, encouragement and feedback" from stakeholders.

For Ms Eriyani and her colleagues, it is proof that their extra efforts have made a difference. "We had to work together as a team in order to (regain) this status as best airport in the world," she said.

TOP 10 World's Best Airport:

Changi Airport, Singapore: Rank 1
Recognised as one of the best airports in the world, it has 80 airlines serving 200 cities in 60 countries. The airport now has an annual handling capacity of more than 70 million passengers.
Changi Airport handles more than 4,500 arrivals and departures every week, and over 37 million passengers a year.
With over 40,000 square meters of commercial space, Changi Airport also has Singapore's largest shopping location.

Incheon International Airport, Seoul: Rank 2
The Incheon International Airport at Seoul airport has unique luxury features such as a golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, a casino, and indoor gardens.
Incheon is the main hub for Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and Polar Air Cargo. It is connected to the mainland by Incheon International Airport Expressway (Expressway 130), a part of which is Yeongjong Bridge.
The airport is served by frequent bus service from all parts of South Korea as well as by traditional ferry service between Yeongjong pier and Incheon.
Airport limousines operate around the clock from Seoul to Incheon, and several backup highway buses escort people from places within and outside Seoul.
The airport opened for business in early 2001, replacing the older Gimpo International Airport, which now serves only domestic destinations.

Hong Kong International Airport: Rank 3
The Hong Kong International Airport has about 90 airlines operating flights to around 150 destinations worldwide. HKIA also operates one of the world's largest passenger terminal buildings.
Direct ferry services are available from the airport to various destinations throughout the Pearl River Delta.
The airport saw a passenger movement of 46.1 million in 2009. The airport offers a great shopping and dining experience.

Munich Airport: Rank 4
Munich Franz Josef StraussAirport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic (34.73 million in 2008), behind Frankfurt Airport.
Most of the airport's facilities are located in the area between the two runways.
The approach road and railway divide the west part into a southern half, which contains cargo and maintenance facilities and a northern half, which contains mostly administrative buildings, a holiday long-term parking lot and the visitors' centre.
The Munich Airport Centre is a shopping, business and recreation area that connects the two terminals.
Airport authorities cater to visitors and sight-seers by creating a 'Visitors Park' that includes a 'Visitors Hill' from which a good view can be obtained of the westerly aircraft apron and Terminal 1.

Kuala Lumpur Airport: Rank 5
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of southeast Asia's major aviation hubs.
It is also Malaysia's main international airport.
The airport is designed to handle up to 100 million passengers per year.
The runways and buildings cover an area of 100 square kilometres. With its 75 ramp stands, it is capable of handling 120 aircraft movements at a time. There are 216 check-in counters at the airport.

Zurich Airport: Rank 6
Zurich Airport is Switzerland's largest international flight gateway and th ehub for Swiss airlines.
The airport lost a lot of traffic when Swissair shut down its operations. Since Lufthansa took over its successor, Swiss International Air Lines, traffic has started growing again.
Zurich Airport handled 22.1 million passengers in 2008. Skyguide is responsible for all air traffic control at the Zurich airport.

Amsterdam Airport: Rank 7
Amsterdam airport, Schiphol, is the Netherlands' main international airport.
Schiphol has large shopping areas as a source of revenue and as an additional attraction for passengers.
Schiphol Plaza is the shopping centre before customs, hence it is used by air travellers and non-travelling visitors.
The Rijksmuseum operates an annex at the airport, offering a small overview of both classical and contemporary art. Admission to the exhibits is free.
Schiphol has its own mortuary, where the dead can be handled and kept before departure or after arrival. Since October 2006, people can also get married at Schiphol.
For aviation enthusiasts, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has a large rooftop viewing area, called the Panoramaterras.

Beijing Capital International Airport: Rank 8
The Beijing Capital International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in China.
In 2009, it won the Cond Nast Traveler magazine's World's Best Airport Award for factors such as cleanness, speed of security/immigration clearance and luggage handling.
More than 5,000 scheduled flights are available to 88 cities in China and 69 cities abroad.
The enormous Terminal 3 was added in 2008. This is the second largest airport terminal in the world after Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3, and the third largest building in the world by area.
The T3 food-service area offers the best dining experience at the same prices as in central Beijing.

Auckland Airport: Rank 9
Auckland Airport is one of New Zealand's most important infrastructure assets, providing thousands of jobs for the region and is the country's second largest cargo 'port' by value, contributing around $14 billion to the economy and catering to over four million visitors each year.
The airport handles 5 15 million passengers annually.

Bangkok Airport: Rank 10
Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as (New) Bangkok International Airport, is an international airport serving Bangkok, Thailand.
The airport is currently the main hub for Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Orient Thai Airlines and Thai AirAsia.
Designed by Helmut Jahn of Murphy/Jahn Architects, this airport has the world's tallest control tower and the world's third largest single-building airport terminal.
Suvarnabhumi is one of the busiest airports in Asia and is also a major air cargo hub.



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Japan hopes robot baby will increase country's birth rate

Students at Japan's University of Tsukuba have created a realistic robot baby in hopes of motivating young couples to want children.
The robot baby, named Yotara, was created with touch sensors by the students of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences at the university last year.

When a rattle is shaken the robot "wakes up" and giggles. He can sulk, doze off, smile when his tummy is rubbed, and even sneeze and have a runny nose due to a heated water pump system.
The robot's facial features are beamed onto a warm silicon balloon "face" by a projector. His facial expressions and body movements will change according to the pressure applied to different parts of its body. Through the touch sensors under the silicon skin, information is processed by a special program to change the baby's expression projected onto the balloon-face.
The robot baby wears a little hat with bear ears and comes with a blanket to cover its "body" with limbs that simulate a real baby's wiggling by using a geared motor.
Project leader Hiroki Kunimura said: "We wanted to create a new type of robot that is soft, cuddly and cute. We'd like people to experience the innocent, joyful expressions typical of small babies. Through this experience, it would be great if some people started feeling that they wanted to have their own baby, if they started feeling that working is not everything."
With Japan's birth rate being among the lowest in the developed world at 1.37%, compared to 2.12% in the United States and 1.84% in Britain, Japan is facing serious economic consequences with over a quarter of its citizens expected to be over the age of 65 by 2015.
If the birth rate does not increase within the next 50 years, Japan's population is expected to shrink by a third.



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Meet the incredible shrinking woman!


EMMA Holmes could be the next Incredible Shrinking Woman. For she’s not only lost 15-and -a-half-stone in weight in less than 18 months, but she’s lost three inches in height too!


No wonder the 41-year-old shop assistant from Wimborne St Giles is almost unrecognisable.

“Even people who have known me for years don’t realise it’s me at first,” she laughs.

“I used to be nearly 5ft 9ins and now I’m just 5ft 6ins because I’ve also lost the fat between my vertebrae!”

But it’s not just Emma’s appearance that has drastically changed – her life is transformed too. Emma spent 30 years trying to lose weight before having bariatric surgery in November 2008.

“You name it I tried it,” she says. “Every diet, every slimming club and even slimming pills but I would always lose weight and put more back on then I would get depressed and eat even more – it was like a vicious circle that I couldn’t seem to break.

“It wasn’t so much what I ate, but the volume of food that I ate. I could eat anything – I just never felt full.

At her heaviest, the mother of three weighed 27st.

“If I went to a restaurant I had to choose a chair without arms because otherwise I’d get stuck. I often got wedged in chairs. I can laugh about it but it was horrendous at the time. Everything was such an effort. It was embarrassing going anywhere as people would stare and I remember needing an extension belt on a plane journey – it was so humiliating.”

But it was a doctor’s visit that saved her life.

“He told me that unless I did something about it I probably wouldn’t be here in 10 years’ time. I had high blood pressure and no energy at all. He recommended a gastric bypass – I didn’t know anything about it or what to expect.

“It’s a big operation but I was only in hospital a few days and all I had was six little scars on my stomach.”

Following her operation at Streamline Surgical, Emma now weighs 10st 7lb and has shrunk from a dress size 28 to a 10.

My life is so different – it’s opened up a whole new world. I can actually wear the clothes I sell in the shop and I’ve bought myself a sports car because I could never get in one before!

“I’d recommend the operation to anyone in the same situation. It literally saved my life.”

Christiana Clogg, owner of The Good Surgeon Guide said: “If people are considering weight loss surgery they could be suffering from low self-esteem, when people can be blinded by low prices and technical language. You must feel confident you know all the information, and that the surgeon has a great record.

“Looking at all the options including losing weight through a healthy active lifestyle and diet is important before choosing potentially irreversible surgery.”



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iPhone Pro - the concept of "perfect iPhone" by Italian designers

First of all, when looking at the iPhone Pro attention is drawn to his thin, beautiful design, as well as two panels, retractable top and bottom of the device. According to the authors of the concept, these touch panels to simplify management of video games, making, thus, iPhone Pro into a full-fledged gaming device.

It is made by experts of the Italian design studio ADR Studio, presented to the public image and the video concept called iPhone Pro. This concept is a free interpretation that might look like the new "apple" communicator and what functions it might have.



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Christie Brinkley selling off wedding dress

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley has made up her mind to sell the dress she donned when she walked down the aisle with ex-hubby Peter Cook.

Brinkley and Cook split in 2008 over claims that the businessman was a porn addict. She later filed for divorce when it came to light he had had a fling with his teenage assistant in 2004.

Brinkley is selling off the white Armani skirt suit she wore at her wedding ceremony

Although their divorce was finalised in October 2008, the pair took another year to mutually agree to a custody deal for their two children and the division of their assets, reports The Daily Star.

And now Brinkley is selling off the white Armani skirt suit she wore at her wedding ceremony with other garments and accessories, via an online auction
, the proceeds of which would go to the American Red Cross.

The auction on Clothesoffourback.org lists the outfit with a starting price of 250pounds and ends today.



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Singapore's Tiger Wood

Wendy Chong is Jack Neo affairs girl. When Jack Neo extramarital affairs was exposed yesterday, we didn’t know Wendy Chong’s official English name, so we directly translated her name to Zhong Jia Yan according to the Chinese pinyin.
Wendy Chong is a Singaporean Chinese, so it’s not surprised that she has a Chinese name. About herself, Wendy Chong under the username of tiramisu_wendy introduced on her now defunct blog http://smile2wendy.blogspot.com

I am WENDY – JIA YAN – And what else about me.. Okie,i think i’m lovely, smart, daring, very very imaginatve and i don’t love talking to strangers. and most importantly, there’s one thing i will never give up no matter how hard it’ll be or how many rejections i’ll go through, that’s acting. Because to perform,to act is not just a dream, but my life. It keeps me going even when life is down. I can only see the real me when i’m performing. It’s when im truly enjoying life.

More than that, now we know Wendy Chong is 22 years old in some news reports, but according to her biography on a model agency’s website she is 23, anyway, she was born around in 1988. Jack Neo was born in 1960, so now he is 50 years old.


Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan (above), who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).
HE WOOED her with the promise of grooming her into 'Fann Wong No. 2', and even booked a hotel room so they could get to know each other better.

This claim was made by a second woman who has decided to speak out on Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo, just days after a 22-year-old freelance model Wendy Chong broke the news of her two-year fling with the Cultural Medallion recipient.

Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan, who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).

Ms Le, described by the Chinese daily as 'sexy and beautiful' and drew comparisons with Hong Kong pop star Coco Lee, was a member of Liang Jia Ban for a year from 2004.

In the interview with Wanbao, she claimed that Neo wooed her aggresively after she joined his entertainment group. Once, he allegedly told her that he had made a reservation at a hotel and was waiting for her so that they could spend 'quiet and private' time together to 'get to know each other better'. She did not show up.

She also said that when she first started out at Liang Jia Ban, Neo offered to send her home as she lived in Tampines, which was near his Pasir Ris home. But these rides turned out to be more than innocent, she claimed.

Shortly after, she alleged that Neo tried to hit on her. She said once in his car, Neo grabbed her hand and said, 'I want to groom you into 'Fann Wong No. 2'. I will direct a film and make you the lead actress.'

'At that time, I was only 20, just a small girl... I didn't dare to speak out... When he held my hand tight, I didn't even dare to resist,' she told Wanbao.

On her decision to go public with the affair, Ms Le said: 'After reading the reports on Wendy Chong in Wanbao, I was reminded of a very unpleasant period in my life. Jack Neo's wooing methods are the same. He asks for your number, sends you an SMS, and says all sorts of sweet things to his 'prey'.

She added that she 'admired Wendy Chong for standing out to reveal the truth'. This, she hoped, would prevent similar incidents from happening.

UPDATE: 17 Mar 2010

SINGAPORE : Police have confirmed that Foyce Le Xuan, one of the women linked to the Jack Neo saga, has filed a report with them against the actor-director.

The authorities said they are investigating the matter.

The 29-year-old actress and singer, whose real name is Lim Hui Hui, made the report at Tampines Neighbourhood Police Centre on Monday.

Ms Lim alleged that Mr Neo had harassed her by sending messages to her mobile phone.

She also claimed that a few other men had made threatening phone calls to her.

Maelle Meurzec , now 21, is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago.

A YOUNG French student is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago.

Maelle Meurzec, now 21, told The New Paper in an interview at her Upper East Coast road home on Tuesday night, that the 50-year-old movie director hit on her while she was acting in his movie I Do I Do in Nov 2004.

From what she thought was a 'friendly' wrap around her shoulders on the first day they met, she claimed that Neo continued to make more aggressive advances on her even after the filming had ended, including sending her 30 SMSes, and repeated attempts to take her out to dinner at hotels.

The pretty Singaporean citizen of French descent, then a model with MC Models, did not mince her words in the TNP interview, calling Neo 'a bit of a creep', 'a sleazebag' and 'a jerk'.

The final straw came on Christmas Day 2004 when Neo sent her an SMS, saying that he wished they could be together. Upset, Maelle told her mother, Ms Agnes Meurzec, 51, about it. The family also decided to make a police report if Neo continue to harass the girl.

Neo stopped messaging her and they never met again. Neo's daughter, the eldest of his four children, is two years younger than Maelle.

More Update:

One Singapore famous transsexual 赖美琪 says Jack Neo has received her massage with special service, and he is fully naked. She works in one massage spa in orchard. She and other colleagues all provide special service. And most of their customer are guys, who aim for the special service rather than massage. Jack Neo is a regular there during 1998, massage for 2 to 3 times a week!


Jack Neo involved with 11 women.

There are now reports of at least nine other women who were involved with Jack Neo at some point in time.

According to sources in the entertainment industry, there was even a popular singer and a hotel staff among them, and their age ranges from 20 to 40. Here are the list of women according to Shin Min Daily News.

Woman No.1: Wendy Chong, 22, model
She exposed their two-year affair and Jack Neo has admitted to this relationship. His wife has also admitted to knowing about their affair.

Woman No.2: Foyce Le Xuan, 25, artiste
She has been invited by Jack to meet him at a hotel, only to reject him. She also received mushy text messages from him, but chose to terminate her contract with J Team to avoid any contact with him.

Woman No.3: Former popular singer, in her 30s
It is alleged that this woman and Jack are very close, and use terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling" in their text messages to each other. This singer has even acted in one of his movies. She has since left Singapore's entertainment circle.

Woman No.4: Hotel staff, in her 30s
Jack allegedly met this woman while filming in Kuala Lumpur. In order to get closer to him, this woman is said to have given up her job in KL in order to move to Singapore to be closer to him. He is also said to have recommended her to work in a hotel in Singapore.

The woman is understood to be married with one daughter, but keeps in touch with Jack and exchanges affectionate text messages with him.

She is the only woman that Jack is said to be involved with who does not have any dealings with the entertainment industry.

Woman No.5: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
This woman is said to be pretty with long flowing hair. In order to get into the entertainment circle to fulfil her dreams of stardom, she joined Jack's artiste training classes and subsequently appeared in many variety shows, where she got to know Jack.

They are said to chat frequently online, and their topics invariably verge on sleaze.

She is also said to have an agreement to date him exclusively.

Woman No.6: Screenwriter, in her 40s
She is said to have worked on one of Jack's previous movies, and enjoys a warm, affectionate relationship with the director.

Industry insiders reveal that they often discuss about sex topics online, and converse with each other often over the Internet. This was also confirmed by freelance model Wendy Chong.

The woman is said to be married with a child.

Because of the expose, she is unable to focus at work and has been performing badly.

Woman N0.7: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
She has appeared in Money No Enough 2 and Being Human, both movies by Jack Neo.

It is alleged that she went on a trip to Thailand with Jack after filming wrapped up on Money No Enough 2.

Woman No.8: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 26
When artistes were being let go by J Team, she was the only one who was allowed to stay. Although there were no new jobs or acting roles, she continued to stay on with the J Team.

In her interview with Shin Min Daily News, the woman said that since she had a full-time job with them, she did not think of leaving, and would take on jobs as and when there were any.

She had previously appeared in Just Follow Law and Being Human, and had also appeared in many of Jack's variety shows.

Woman N0.9: Former bit actress on the silver screen, 25
Considered Jack's lackey by members of Jack's production team, as she would follow him where ever he went. She was originally signed on by Jack to be a singer, but as her relationship with Jack was very good, she would most certainly get a part in almost all of his variety shows. She does not refuse his advances and would hitch a ride from him home after every show ended.

Woman No.10: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 20

She is viewed by industry insiders to be scheming and was very eager to rise to popularity, so she threw herself into his arms willingly.

It is understood that she did not refuse his advances towards her, and would not try to hide from him.

Woman No.11: Jack's former staff, in her 40s
Their relationship was discovered by Jack's wife. His wife also instructed all members of the J Team not to mention her English name, but to refer to her as "Miss X".

Watch for more update

Jack Neo apologised for his actions at a news conference held on Thursday morning.

He arrived at the news conference hand in hand with his wife, Irene Kng, and said he was entirely to blame and began crying.

Earlier reports said he had an affair with a 22-year-old model.

The news conference ended when Mdm Kng started crying. As she was walking off the stage, she fainted. And the photographers and cameramen swamped to the stage to take her photos.

Neo screamed at them to stop filming and get away from her.

One of Neo's colleagues Ah Nan rushed to the stage and also yelled at the photographers and cameramen to get away from Mdm Kng.

Neo's entourage then cordoned them and helped them exit the conference room.

Jack Neo should be given a chance???

OMG strongly feel that its very wrong to have affairs even if both parties agree willingly .
If you really loves your family, you will not do it in the first place....it is not do it first then just ask for forgiveness...

Singapore Foyce Le & Jack Neo Gets Sex VCD Threat

UPDATE: 10 MAR 2010

Troubled filmmaker Neo spotted with wife in Taiwan

SINGAPOREAN filmmaker Jack Neo has been spotted with his wife in Taiwan in what appears to be a trip to patch up his marriage.

Neo, who has been nicknamed “Singapore’s Tiger Woods” by the media after reports about his alleged links to 11 women, was photographed holding his wife Irene Kng close to him while walking on a street in Taiwan.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Neo had travelled to the island for a discussion with a Taiwan-based Malaysian actor. It is believed that Neo is planning to make a Taiwanese version of I Not Stupid, his 2002 hit movie.

Kng, who broke down during a press conference last month when Neo apologised over his indiscretions, also reportedly went to a night market in Taiwan with her husband.

Neo apparently kept using his mobile phone to take pictures of his wife.

They were also seen sharing a bowl of noodles at the night market, besides seeking shelter under an umbrella while walking in the rain, the daily said.



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Singaporean, 23, reports parents to police for beating girlfriend, 42

The couple

A Singaporean man is said to have lodged a police report against his parents after they beat up his girlfriend.
According to the Sin Chew Daily, the 23-year-old man's family was apparently unhappy with his relationship with the 42-year-old divorcee, who is a mother of two.

The man's parents, both in their 50s, had followed them, and scolded the woman before attacking her outside an MRT station.

"The man's mother said the divorcee should be ashamed for hooking up with her son. She also told the divorcee to find men her age," Star Online quoted a witness as saying.

The man has now moved into his girlfriend's house after his parents kicked him out, and the divorcee says she would not give up on the relationship despite the strong objection from her boyfriend's family.

"I will also take legal action against them for beating me," she stated.



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