Singaporean, 23, reports parents to police for beating girlfriend, 42

The couple

A Singaporean man is said to have lodged a police report against his parents after they beat up his girlfriend.
According to the Sin Chew Daily, the 23-year-old man's family was apparently unhappy with his relationship with the 42-year-old divorcee, who is a mother of two.

The man's parents, both in their 50s, had followed them, and scolded the woman before attacking her outside an MRT station.

"The man's mother said the divorcee should be ashamed for hooking up with her son. She also told the divorcee to find men her age," Star Online quoted a witness as saying.

The man has now moved into his girlfriend's house after his parents kicked him out, and the divorcee says she would not give up on the relationship despite the strong objection from her boyfriend's family.

"I will also take legal action against them for beating me," she stated.


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