Singapore's Tiger Wood

Wendy Chong is Jack Neo affairs girl. When Jack Neo extramarital affairs was exposed yesterday, we didn’t know Wendy Chong’s official English name, so we directly translated her name to Zhong Jia Yan according to the Chinese pinyin.
Wendy Chong is a Singaporean Chinese, so it’s not surprised that she has a Chinese name. About herself, Wendy Chong under the username of tiramisu_wendy introduced on her now defunct blog

I am WENDY – JIA YAN – And what else about me.. Okie,i think i’m lovely, smart, daring, very very imaginatve and i don’t love talking to strangers. and most importantly, there’s one thing i will never give up no matter how hard it’ll be or how many rejections i’ll go through, that’s acting. Because to perform,to act is not just a dream, but my life. It keeps me going even when life is down. I can only see the real me when i’m performing. It’s when im truly enjoying life.

More than that, now we know Wendy Chong is 22 years old in some news reports, but according to her biography on a model agency’s website she is 23, anyway, she was born around in 1988. Jack Neo was born in 1960, so now he is 50 years old.


Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan (above), who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).
HE WOOED her with the promise of grooming her into 'Fann Wong No. 2', and even booked a hotel room so they could get to know each other better.

This claim was made by a second woman who has decided to speak out on Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo, just days after a 22-year-old freelance model Wendy Chong broke the news of her two-year fling with the Cultural Medallion recipient.

Lianhe Wanbao on Monday identified the latest woman as 25-year-old Foyce Le Xuan, who alleged in an interview with the Chinese evening daily that Neo had sexually harassed her when she was a member of the Liang Jia Ban (Neo's Family Group).

Ms Le, described by the Chinese daily as 'sexy and beautiful' and drew comparisons with Hong Kong pop star Coco Lee, was a member of Liang Jia Ban for a year from 2004.

In the interview with Wanbao, she claimed that Neo wooed her aggresively after she joined his entertainment group. Once, he allegedly told her that he had made a reservation at a hotel and was waiting for her so that they could spend 'quiet and private' time together to 'get to know each other better'. She did not show up.

She also said that when she first started out at Liang Jia Ban, Neo offered to send her home as she lived in Tampines, which was near his Pasir Ris home. But these rides turned out to be more than innocent, she claimed.

Shortly after, she alleged that Neo tried to hit on her. She said once in his car, Neo grabbed her hand and said, 'I want to groom you into 'Fann Wong No. 2'. I will direct a film and make you the lead actress.'

'At that time, I was only 20, just a small girl... I didn't dare to speak out... When he held my hand tight, I didn't even dare to resist,' she told Wanbao.

On her decision to go public with the affair, Ms Le said: 'After reading the reports on Wendy Chong in Wanbao, I was reminded of a very unpleasant period in my life. Jack Neo's wooing methods are the same. He asks for your number, sends you an SMS, and says all sorts of sweet things to his 'prey'.

She added that she 'admired Wendy Chong for standing out to reveal the truth'. This, she hoped, would prevent similar incidents from happening.

UPDATE: 17 Mar 2010

SINGAPORE : Police have confirmed that Foyce Le Xuan, one of the women linked to the Jack Neo saga, has filed a report with them against the actor-director.

The authorities said they are investigating the matter.

The 29-year-old actress and singer, whose real name is Lim Hui Hui, made the report at Tampines Neighbourhood Police Centre on Monday.

Ms Lim alleged that Mr Neo had harassed her by sending messages to her mobile phone.

She also claimed that a few other men had made threatening phone calls to her.

Maelle Meurzec , now 21, is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago.

A YOUNG French student is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago.

Maelle Meurzec, now 21, told The New Paper in an interview at her Upper East Coast road home on Tuesday night, that the 50-year-old movie director hit on her while she was acting in his movie I Do I Do in Nov 2004.

From what she thought was a 'friendly' wrap around her shoulders on the first day they met, she claimed that Neo continued to make more aggressive advances on her even after the filming had ended, including sending her 30 SMSes, and repeated attempts to take her out to dinner at hotels.

The pretty Singaporean citizen of French descent, then a model with MC Models, did not mince her words in the TNP interview, calling Neo 'a bit of a creep', 'a sleazebag' and 'a jerk'.

The final straw came on Christmas Day 2004 when Neo sent her an SMS, saying that he wished they could be together. Upset, Maelle told her mother, Ms Agnes Meurzec, 51, about it. The family also decided to make a police report if Neo continue to harass the girl.

Neo stopped messaging her and they never met again. Neo's daughter, the eldest of his four children, is two years younger than Maelle.

More Update:

One Singapore famous transsexual 赖美琪 says Jack Neo has received her massage with special service, and he is fully naked. She works in one massage spa in orchard. She and other colleagues all provide special service. And most of their customer are guys, who aim for the special service rather than massage. Jack Neo is a regular there during 1998, massage for 2 to 3 times a week!


Jack Neo involved with 11 women.

There are now reports of at least nine other women who were involved with Jack Neo at some point in time.

According to sources in the entertainment industry, there was even a popular singer and a hotel staff among them, and their age ranges from 20 to 40. Here are the list of women according to Shin Min Daily News.

Woman No.1: Wendy Chong, 22, model
She exposed their two-year affair and Jack Neo has admitted to this relationship. His wife has also admitted to knowing about their affair.

Woman No.2: Foyce Le Xuan, 25, artiste
She has been invited by Jack to meet him at a hotel, only to reject him. She also received mushy text messages from him, but chose to terminate her contract with J Team to avoid any contact with him.

Woman No.3: Former popular singer, in her 30s
It is alleged that this woman and Jack are very close, and use terms of endearment such as "dear" and "darling" in their text messages to each other. This singer has even acted in one of his movies. She has since left Singapore's entertainment circle.

Woman No.4: Hotel staff, in her 30s
Jack allegedly met this woman while filming in Kuala Lumpur. In order to get closer to him, this woman is said to have given up her job in KL in order to move to Singapore to be closer to him. He is also said to have recommended her to work in a hotel in Singapore.

The woman is understood to be married with one daughter, but keeps in touch with Jack and exchanges affectionate text messages with him.

She is the only woman that Jack is said to be involved with who does not have any dealings with the entertainment industry.

Woman No.5: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
This woman is said to be pretty with long flowing hair. In order to get into the entertainment circle to fulfil her dreams of stardom, she joined Jack's artiste training classes and subsequently appeared in many variety shows, where she got to know Jack.

They are said to chat frequently online, and their topics invariably verge on sleaze.

She is also said to have an agreement to date him exclusively.

Woman No.6: Screenwriter, in her 40s
She is said to have worked on one of Jack's previous movies, and enjoys a warm, affectionate relationship with the director.

Industry insiders reveal that they often discuss about sex topics online, and converse with each other often over the Internet. This was also confirmed by freelance model Wendy Chong.

The woman is said to be married with a child.

Because of the expose, she is unable to focus at work and has been performing badly.

Woman N0.7: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, in her 20s
She has appeared in Money No Enough 2 and Being Human, both movies by Jack Neo.

It is alleged that she went on a trip to Thailand with Jack after filming wrapped up on Money No Enough 2.

Woman No.8: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 26
When artistes were being let go by J Team, she was the only one who was allowed to stay. Although there were no new jobs or acting roles, she continued to stay on with the J Team.

In her interview with Shin Min Daily News, the woman said that since she had a full-time job with them, she did not think of leaving, and would take on jobs as and when there were any.

She had previously appeared in Just Follow Law and Being Human, and had also appeared in many of Jack's variety shows.

Woman N0.9: Former bit actress on the silver screen, 25
Considered Jack's lackey by members of Jack's production team, as she would follow him where ever he went. She was originally signed on by Jack to be a singer, but as her relationship with Jack was very good, she would most certainly get a part in almost all of his variety shows. She does not refuse his advances and would hitch a ride from him home after every show ended.

Woman No.10: Past participant in artiste classes held by J Team, 20

She is viewed by industry insiders to be scheming and was very eager to rise to popularity, so she threw herself into his arms willingly.

It is understood that she did not refuse his advances towards her, and would not try to hide from him.

Woman No.11: Jack's former staff, in her 40s
Their relationship was discovered by Jack's wife. His wife also instructed all members of the J Team not to mention her English name, but to refer to her as "Miss X".

Watch for more update

Jack Neo apologised for his actions at a news conference held on Thursday morning.

He arrived at the news conference hand in hand with his wife, Irene Kng, and said he was entirely to blame and began crying.

Earlier reports said he had an affair with a 22-year-old model.

The news conference ended when Mdm Kng started crying. As she was walking off the stage, she fainted. And the photographers and cameramen swamped to the stage to take her photos.

Neo screamed at them to stop filming and get away from her.

One of Neo's colleagues Ah Nan rushed to the stage and also yelled at the photographers and cameramen to get away from Mdm Kng.

Neo's entourage then cordoned them and helped them exit the conference room.

Jack Neo should be given a chance???

OMG strongly feel that its very wrong to have affairs even if both parties agree willingly .
If you really loves your family, you will not do it in the first is not do it first then just ask for forgiveness...

Singapore Foyce Le & Jack Neo Gets Sex VCD Threat

UPDATE: 10 MAR 2010

Troubled filmmaker Neo spotted with wife in Taiwan

SINGAPOREAN filmmaker Jack Neo has been spotted with his wife in Taiwan in what appears to be a trip to patch up his marriage.

Neo, who has been nicknamed “Singapore’s Tiger Woods” by the media after reports about his alleged links to 11 women, was photographed holding his wife Irene Kng close to him while walking on a street in Taiwan.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Neo had travelled to the island for a discussion with a Taiwan-based Malaysian actor. It is believed that Neo is planning to make a Taiwanese version of I Not Stupid, his 2002 hit movie.

Kng, who broke down during a press conference last month when Neo apologised over his indiscretions, also reportedly went to a night market in Taiwan with her husband.

Neo apparently kept using his mobile phone to take pictures of his wife.

They were also seen sharing a bowl of noodles at the night market, besides seeking shelter under an umbrella while walking in the rain, the daily said.


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    Foyce - Transaction failed lol of cos chances failed lor


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