Putting the bite on rapists

A new “anti-rape” condom could protect women in dangerous areas from being attacked. The device is a female condom filled with sharp, microscopic barbs that will attach themselves to flesh. The theory is that while the attacker is stunned and doubled-over with pain, the woman will have a chance to flee the scene before the rapist has a chance to do further damage to her. Once it latches on to the skin, the condom can only be removed surgically, which will mean that attackers will have to go to the hospital and risk getting caught.

World Cup health workers are putting the bite on rapists ahead of June's finals in South Africa with 30,000 anti-rape condoms that grab an attacker's manhood with razor sharp teeth.

The Rape-aXe sheaths are worn inside a woman's vagina and contain rows of teeth causing agony for any man who tries to force sex on the wearer.

The barbs point backwards like snakes' teeth, making them impossible to remove without help.

Inventor Sonnet Ehlers says the device can only be removed surgically which would immediately identify a rapist to police and emergency services.

"Some people call them a medieval device but rape is a medieval act," said Dr Ehlers.

Seems like a great way to catch a rapist, but wouldn't it be better if we could stop women from being raped in the first place? That's where I see the biggest problem with this condom, the woman has to be raped for it to work. Yesboleh suggest Women
to wear Chastity Belt instead.

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  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:28 AM

    I have a few questions for the feminist doctor:

    1.) What happens when an HIV positive man bleeds inside a woman's vagina,(go ahead and make that "2" HIV positive people, for sure).

    2.) What good is your device if the man brings a pair of pliers and removes it?

    3.) You claim that rape is "medieval"? Well, so is lifelong marriage, respect for the male sex drive, and women who behave modestly.

    When your gender decides to stop acting like a bunch of fucking pigs maybe men will, too :)

  5. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:11 AM

    These devices were originally designed to stop masturbation. I think it's sweet that girls want to wear them again.

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