Billionaire Finds Perfect Son-in-Law

A 78-year-old South Korean bilionaire has picked the "perfect" son-in-law after an advert on the internet attracted 400 applicants.
Mr Kim, a property magnate who is worth some 40 billion won (£24 million), used an online matchmaking agency to ask men aged between 37 and 42 to apply for the hand of his 38-year-old daughter.

He specified that the ideal candidate should have grown up in a happy family, have a good character and a stable job.

"Rather than a man from well-off family or of great ability, I want someone who is sincere and hardworking," Mr Kim said.

Ten candidates were interviewed after the advert was placed in July and the most eligible, a 41-year-old named as Mr Lee, was introduced in October to Mr Kim's daughter, who works for a design company. The couple is now set to tie the knot on Saturday.

"Lee showed little interest in my assets. I also liked the fact he is cheerful and magnanimous," Mr Kim said.

Sunoo, the matchmaking agency responsible, said Mr Lee works for one of the country's industrial conglomerates and has a master's degree from a university in Seoul.

Lee Woong-jin, the chief executive of Sunoo, said: "At the time, some of the candidates were upset by criticism that they were gold-diggers.

It is very fortunate that the daughter has found the right man."

Mr Lee's romance agency allows clients to be exacting in their requirements. Candidates list every detail from their height, weight, blood type and smoking habits to their monthly salary and academic qualifications of their entire immediate family. A computer algorithm then calculates their desirability, grading them on their job prospects, attractiveness and schooling and producing pinpoint advice on the age and attributes of a likely match.

"Our site is not a place for Cinderellas, people with illusions of finding a prince or princess. Our emphasis is on being scientific and practical," according to Mr Lee.

However, a wealthy 49-year-old Korean woman who advertised for a husband last May has not yet found a soulmate, despite receiving 390 responses.


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