Triumph Inspiration Awards.

Every year, Bunka Fashion School holds the Triumph Inspiration Awards. The show always shows their most wild and innovative designs. This year was no exception with the crazy underwear that was displayed.
From a swan bra to a suit of armor, the designs were outrageous. The plush lip underwear was particularly interesting. Bunka Fashion School never makes a dull show.

Models display lingerie designs with themes of "bubble" and "the woods" at the Triumph Inspiration Awards Japan lingerie design competition at the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo May 21, 2010. The competition was held for students in a quest for a fresh perspective of lingerie. The winner of the Japan competition will take part in the international final taking place in London, the organization said.


  1. Anonymous Generic Viagra said,

    1:44 AM

    I can't say that all the design are pretty, I can say this about the models but no about the cloth, but if you ask me I like the militar design.


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