Female Attraction Secrets

For many women, the best place to find love and romance is in the workplace. Apart from knowing the men in the office, the workplace is also a more convenient venue to search for romance. But for some women, an ordinary office guy is not enough. Many think that if you have to hunt for love in your company, you might as well go for the big fish - your boss.

Let's face it, if you really want to be flirtatious you have to be beautiful, at least in your boss' eyes. So make sure that you come in the office wearing nice clothes and looking great. There's no point in catching your boss' attention if you are not even worth looking at.


UPDATE:13 Sept 2010

Low-cut outfits can lead to loss of jobs

WOMEN employees in Singapore risk losing their jobs for wearing low-cut outfits that show off their cleavage, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Many employers were of the opinion that outfits revealing cleavage were distracting at work.

The daily reported that women employees with low-cut attires may face communication problems as the person may not be paying attention to what she was saying.

Image consultants also felt that revealing too much of cleavage is not suitable for work.

The daily also reported that the breasts of Singaporean women were getting bigger.

Five years ago, the bra size of many women was 75B but it was now 75D.

Doctors in Singapore say nutritious food has caused Singapore women to grow taller and have bigger breasts.


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