List of men you shouldn’t marry

Thinking about taking the marriage plunge? Then you won’t want to miss this guest. Father Pat Connor talks about his new book, “Whom Not To Marry.” Is love enough to sustain a relationship? Why do so many marriages fail? He answers those questions and more.

So you love your fiance, but is he the right person to marry? Well, Father Pat Connor, missionary, marital expert and the first priest ever to be quoted by Glamour magazine, sure knows the answer.

The Australian-born Catholic priest, now based in New Jersey, has condensed his wisdom from 40-odd years of counselling engaged couples into one manual of advice—Whom Not to Marry.

He has conducted premarital counselling and presided over more than 200 weddings.

He also lectures high school girls on the pitfalls of marrying the wrong guy.

And he likes to catch wo men young, because once they have fallen in love they will be less likely to absorb his sensible and often unromantic advice.

He believes there are no soulmates, only lovers to whom we commit.

Connor's central thesis is that you can be deeply in love with someone to whom you can't be successfully married.

He advises a year-long engagement to examine fully the values and character of your future spouse.

And Connor's 'whom not to marry' list is as follows:

1. Mummy's boys

2. Men who are bad with money

3. Men with no friends

4. Men who put you down in public

5. Men who are rude to waitering staff

6. Men unable to laugh at themselves

7. Men unwilling to share authority

8. Men who never make demands countering yours


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