Unusual Twins

Twins who astounded doctors when one was born white and the other black start school today.

Marcia Biggs inherited her mother’s fair complexion, while Millie takes after father Michael, 43, who is of Jamaican origin.

The four-year-olds’ mother, Amanda, 42, who conceived through IVF, said: ‘I still get the same puzzled looks and questions. Even teachers at nursery refused to believe they were sisters.’

She also added: 'People just can't believe they're related, let alone sisters.'

The girls would get a warm welcome at ‘inclusive’ Osborne primary school in Birmingham, said headteacher Michelle Gay.

New arrivals: The twins astounded doctors when they were born

All grown up: Mother Amanda Biggs, twins Millie and Marcia and father Michael ahead of the girls' big day

Marcia (left) and Millie Biggs prepare for their first day of school


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