Should we give birth or have an abortion?

“Should we give birth or have an abortion?”
Pete and Alisha, a married couple that have been together for 10 years, have a blog site that is collecting comments and votes regarding their pregnancy. They are literally asking the question “Should we give birth or have an abortion?”

Pete and Alisha Arnold both 30 have set up a website so internet users can help them decide whether to keep their unborn child or not

A married couple has sparked fury by setting up a website to let the public vote on whether or not they should have an abortion.

Pete and Alisha Arnold, both 30, say they launched because they are unsure if they want to be parents.

They believe the controversial poll so the public could 'make a difference in the real world'.

The couple, from Minneapolis, have uploaded regular scan images of the foetus, which is a perfectly-healthy boy they have nicknamed 'Wiggles'.

The subject matter is so provocative that some are questioning whether the site has been set up deliberately to upset anti-abortionists or are Internet fraudsters.




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Paris Hilton paints and clean the town

200 hours of community service work for Paris Hilton

PARIS HILTON has been busy painting and cleaning the streets of Hollywood as part of her community service sentence.

The socialite has been ordered to volunteer 200 hours of her time as part of a plea deal stemming from her drug arrest in August (10). She was charged with felony drug possession after cops saw a small bag of cocaine fall out of her purse during a Las Vegas trip.

Hilton attracted a swarm of paparazzi as she joined a group called the Hollywood Beautification Team on Friday (19Nov10) to paint over graffiti marks on buildings in the downtown area.

Paris Love High Heel



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“Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame”

U.S. university offers lessons in Lady Gaga

Pop provocateur Lady Gaga may be only 24 but she has already won a string of awards and can now add another feather to her many hats: a university course in her name.

“Lady Gaga and the sociology of fame” is one of the latest courses to be added to the curriculum at the University of South Carolina for the spring 2011 semester.

And it already has the campus buzzing.

“The case of the fame of Lady Gaga is sociologically relevant as a study in popular culture and the social conditions of the current culture of fame,” said professor Matthieu Deflem, who will lead the course.

A self-proclaimed fan of the American music diva who has raised eyebrows with her over-the-top costumes, gravity-defying heels and stunning music videos, Deflem is also a huge follower of pop culture since the 1960s.

“The fame of Lady Gaga is a current occurrence that will also tie in with students’ interests,” said the professor, who has been teaching courses on international policing and terrorism for the past 15 years.

The 48-year-old professor has met Gaga five times and seen her perform live 29 times. And he argues that her meteoric rise to stardom is unique to today.

“Her fame has taken place over the past two years in a society which is very different from some decades ago,” Deflem said. “Especially the influence of the Internet and technology will be relevant.”

Gaga’s 2008 debut album “The Fame,” which features the song “Poker Face,” has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, captured a number of awards, including No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and six Grammy Award nominations.

On her website, Lady Gaga charts her rise from the “precocious child” who would “dance around the table at fancy West Side restaurants using the bread-sticks as a baton” to the “exhibitionist, multi-talented singer-songwriter with a flair for theatrics that she is today.”

She admits to making a name for herself in New York with her “wild, theatrical and often tongue-in-cheek shock art performances.”

At 17, the singer, who took her name from the British group Queen’s single “Radio Gaga,” won early admission to the Tisch school of the Arts at New York University, and was signed for her first record label by the age of 20.

“My goal as an artist is to funnel a pop record to a world in a very interesting way,” she writes on the website

“Pop culture is art. It doesn’t make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it ... But it’s a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle.”

Lady Gaga has not been far from the headlines this year. At the MTV awards in September she shimmied onto the stage wearing a “meat dress” made entirely of raw steak.

And a few weeks earlier she held a rally in Maine targeting moderate senators in a bid to drum up support in Congress to overturn a U.S. ban on gays serving openly in the military. “Born This Way,” her second album, is due out in 2011.

Some students at South Carolina think the pop culture-themed class will be beneficial for the university, which is better known for a recent national championship in baseball and head football coach Steve Spurrier.

“I think the Lady Gaga course will have a positive impact on the university image because it shows the school is diverse and has courses that aren’t necessarily standard,” said business major Kirk Broome.

“There’s also the old adage any publicity is good publicity so I think there’s been a buzz around the nation that brings USC into people’s minds.”

But other campus instructors question whether such a course really has a place among more serious subjects.

“I’m sure such courses exist all over the world,” said associate professor Ernest Wiggins of the journalism school. “The study of fame and celebrity is nothing new. It’s been around for nearly as long as we’ve had celebrities.”

“I’ve heard colleagues defend this course and others challenge the very notion of a course on Lady Gaga,” he said. “I think it would be best to let the course happen and see what comes of it.”

Lady Gaga argues that she owes her success to hard work, coming up through the New York club scene where she sometimes bombed and sometimes wowed.



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Prince William gives Diana's ring to Middleton

FLASHBACK: Baby William with Princess Diana

'It was my mother's engagement ring. This was my way of keeping her close to it all' - Prince William, November 16, 2010

Prince William revealed that he proposed using the engagement ring of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, to make sure she "didn't miss out on the excitement".

William and his long-term girlfriend, Kate Middleton, got engaged on holiday in Kenya last month and will marry next year.

For the past six months Miss Middleton has spent part of the week living with William in a rented cottage on Anglesey.

The announcement of the engagement will lead to speculation about when she will take on formal Royal duties.
There was speculation today that there will be an extra bank holiday next year to mark the marriage.

Of the other likely dates, April 9 is the sixth anniversary of Charles and Camilla’s wedding. In June, the 18th or 25th have been suggested, while William could combine the celebrations with his 29th birthday on June 21.

Sources hint that July is one of the strongest possibilities. July 29 - the 30th anniversary of Charles and Diana’s wedding - could be a possibility.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has made Saturday August 13 2011 the 3/1 favourite for the date of the Royal wedding.

William, Kate to wed April 29 at Westminster Abbey

23 November 2010,
Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry April 29 in Westminster Abbey, the historic London church where Princess Diana’s funeral was held.

Royal officials said Tuesday that the couple chose the venue for its beauty, intimacy and historic royal connections, and the date because they wanted a spring wedding. It also the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, whose name Middleton shares — though that is a coincidence.

The government said the day, a Friday, would be a public holiday.

Prince William’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, said the couple chose the 1,000-year-old abbey in central London because despite its size — it holds 2,200 people — it has a sense of intimacy.

“Even at the altar, it seems like a parish church,” he said.

It also has centuries of royal history. William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and her mother both married at the abbey, where British kings and queens are crowned.

William and Kate decided against celebrating their nuptials at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where William’s parents married in 1981.

The palace said the royal family and the Middletons would cover the costs of the nuptials, apart from security. There have been grumbles about the propriety of holding a lavish royal bash in the midst of economic austerity.

“All parties involved in the wedding, not least Prince William and Miss Middleton, want to ensure that a balance is struck between an enjoyable day and the current economic situation,” Lowther-Pinkerton said.

He said the guest list had not been finalized, but that “we will have a full church.”

He said William and Kate were playing “a very active role” in planning the day.

“We know that the world will be watching on the 29th of April, and the couple are very, very keen indeed that the spectacle should be a classic example of what Britain does best,” he said.

“The couple are completely over the moon,” Lowther-Pinkerton added. “They are on cloud nine.”

Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that the wedding day would be a public holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland’s government was also expected to announce a public holiday.

“The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion. We want to mark the day as one of national celebration, a public holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day,” Cameron said in a statement.



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World’s Oldest Mother Adriana Iliescu, 72, Wants Second Child

In January 2005, Adriana Iliescu, then aged 66, gave birth to a healthy baby girl conceived through IVF. Now, with Eliza aged 5 and going to school, Mrs. Iliescu talks about the possibility of having a second child.

Mrs. Iliescu’s case caused quite a ruckus in the media at the time, as it went to become the first time a woman gave birth at such an advanced age.

Speaking of age and whether she’d do it all over again, Mrs. Iliescu tells the Daily Mail she wouldn’t say no to another child since it’s medically possible for her to become pregnant again – while her health also allows her to dream of many years still to come for her.

Still, that’s not to say that Mrs. Iliescu is under any illusion about how old she is or what an odd figure she must strike when she walks Eliza to school and she’s nothing like the rest of the other moms, something that the girl also picked on.

“I try not to look in the mirror, because I don’t enjoy it. The mirror is unkind to women, but if we are talking about my energy then I feel like a young woman,” Mrs. Iliescu says.

It’s this energy that has allowed her to even consider having a second child. She doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink, and has parents who got to live until a very respectable old age.

“I feel like I’m 27 and when I feel a bit more tired, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than women more than half my age. People think they are being funny when they call me granny, but I didn’t have Eliza to make me look younger. I never feel my years,” the mother says for the Mail.

“Medically, it’s possible,” Mrs. Iliescu says when asked about whether she’d go through IVF and pregnancy again to give Eliza a sibling.

“I understand there are trials going on with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it could be done. I am fine and healthy and I think it would be possible to have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush at the moment,” she explains.



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Transsexual in Thailand

In Thailand, a transsexual or transvestite is known as a 'katoy
Miss Second Kind of Woman and some of the more exotic kind of "Miss titles"
Each year the most beautiful katoy - "ladyboy", or Miss Second Kind of Woman competion is held in Pattaya. The official name is Miss Tiffany Universe. Miss Tiffany is originally an elaborate drag show that has been going on for 35 years. The competetion draws about 15 million viewers to the TV sets every year.

Katoy recognized at an early age and their "third sex" is an innate quality. Still in their teens, they get free access to hormonal drugs. Sex hormones in Thailand are sold freely.

I think everybody has the right to do everything they like with their own lives! While they don't do harm to others! So, where is the sin, if deep down inside he feels like a woman? Or where is the sin when a woman feels she was born to be actually a man?
That's it. The fact that only a few minutes ago was one of the main features of male and so interfere with its owner, has become just a dead piece of flesh - a pitiful and torn.



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Color underwear will tell all

A psychologist has this week revealed that the colour of a woman’s lingerie can apparently tell you what type of lover she is. Donna Dawson, a UK-based psychologist, has drawn up a list of colours, and what they say about the wearer, after a poll for laundry company Dr Beckmann found that almost three quarters of women surveyed said they now opted for ‘nude’ underwear – which apparently means they have ‘nothing to hide.’

Red underwear
Red underwear worn ladies brave, strong-willed, with strong character, violent and temperamental. By nature they are leaders, including those in love. Men are easily attracted to such women, but are often afraid to develop relationships, as angry babe in a red can give a lot of trouble.

Pink lingerie
If a woman wears a pink, it does not indicate its non-standard orientation. She just feels kind gentle and refined, dreaming of that its nurtured. In this amateur pink underwear very peace-loving and always ready to make concessions, but would not have violated their peace of mind. Men are "Barbie" attract their helplessness. Unfortunately, the "pink" ladies are often the target of dirty molestation.

Dk Blue or Navy underwear
Prefer blue lady meticulous, calm and poised, often creative personalities. However, they usually do not achieve great success in the work. Men think a woman is a mystery. In love, it is usually fully trusted partner and allows him to control himself.

Blue underwear
Women in blue like to build castles in the air. They are inquisitive and easy to move and restless and love to fantasize. Men are attracted to the emotionality and temperament. However, in the most intimate moments of their might surprise "missing" view of the partner: even now she continues to "head in the clouds!

Yellow underwear
Lovers of yellow linen active, sociable, easy to tie dating. They usually have original and innovative thinking. Prone to frequent change of sexual partners.

Green linen
Those that choose green, self-sufficient, have increased insight and a rich inner world. They are wary of new acquaintances, preferring the proven friends. Love the intimate conversations. Fall in love with these women rarely, preferring friendship. But if you really are in bed with a man, a pleasant surprise him with its tenderness and ingenuity.

Brown linen
Woman in brown prefers bird in the hand. She is pragmatic, stands firmly on his feet and honors tradition. Sex usually takes only a trusted partner - for example, with an old friend. For it is important, not romance, but the physical attraction and confidence in a man.

Black lingerie
Ladies wearing black - a very practical person. They like to work "for the audience, they are characteristic features of narcissism. Often, these women say fatal. They usually have no shortage of admirers. In the sexual life they are quite versatile, but like to keep everything under control.

Whites lingerie
White women are choosing, self-confident. They are open and natural, but never cheeky. This is a "real lady", but in any case not a prude.



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