Electrocuted soldier Mitch Hunter to receive face transplant

Electrocuted soldier who suffered horrific face injury saving woman is to receive face transplant.

A soldier who suffered horrific injuries while saving a woman in a car accident is to receive a life changing face transplant.

Mitch Hunter, from Indiana will be only the third person in America to undergo the complex operation.

The 29-year-old army private suffered terrible face injuries after being struck by a 10,000 volt live wire in 2001.

He was a passenger in a car that slammed into a utility pole bringing it down on top of the occupants.

Hunter pushed a live wire off the female driver, but in doing so came into contact with cable volts for five minutes, suffering terrible burns.

Overjoyed: Mr Hunter with his 3 month old son Clayton. He hopes the procedure will transform his life

The massive electric shock also led to him losing his leg and the fingers on one hand.

Hunter,from Speedway, Indiana, has since undergone 57 operations on his face following the accident 10 years ago.

Doctors at a the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have now told him he has been chosen for a face transplant.

'I think he’s the perfect patient we can help,' said Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, the hospital’s director of plastic surgery transplantation. 'We’re very excited he’s coming.'

Mitch said he is thrilled with the news of the transplant.

He said:'Right now, I’m pretty content with life but I think it would give me that one extra step to have a better quality of life. I wouldn’t get the weird stares,'

Recalling the accident in 2001, he said he was driving with a friend and his girlfriend when their car hit a utility pole.

'He lost control around a turn and hit a utility pole, which cracked in half,' Hunter said.

'She got out and was hit by a live wire. I jumped out and pushed her away from the wire.'

The woman suffered third-degree burns on her foot but Hunter was jolted with 10,000 volts of electricity, which travelled up his foot, through his body and exited his right hand and face.

'Most of it exited my face,' Hunter said.

'I flat-lined twice on the way to the hospital. They used paddles to shock me back to life.'

Despite the disfiguring injuries Hunter has worked at an Amazon warehouse and celebrated the birth of his son Clayton.

Doctors at the Boston hospital have told Mitch he will be brought in for the face transplant once a suitable donor is found.

Mitchell said his only regret about having the life saving surgery is that someone has to die for him to receive it.

There have been 11 face transplants worldwide since the first in France in 2005.

Mitch Hunter, 30, before and after the full face transplant.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:17 AM

    OK, let's examine the premise here. If it was a utility pole it would have been 13,500 volts, that's standard for most municipalities. If he had been in contact with it for 5 minutes like the article says, there wouldn't be enough of him left to put in a McDonald's happy meal box. 13,500 volts don't play, period. It will kill you almost instantly. 5 minutes exposure to that potential will burn you beyond recognition.

    I work as an industrial electrician in a steel mill and am around that voltage and higher everyday. I have seen first hand what it can do. It appears he was hit for just a few seconds or less.

    I hope for the best as I have lost 2 friends to electricution and he should consider himself lucky to still be standing upright and using tools...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:25 AM

    Maybe he's just a lucky ass, poor conductor. Good for him. It should be done for free for his act of selflessness.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    3:35 AM

    American Happy meal box or European?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    7:33 AM

    Electrocution, dumbass.
    Glad you're not my electrician. You cannot even spell your job!

  5. Anonymous Electric God said,

    7:52 AM

    Glad the guy lived I have worked with 12470/7200 for 15 years been shocked once I'm hear to say I'm damn lucky and so is the guy in this story 7200 blows body parts to hell. Some how some way I got LUCKY just a fast heart 5 mins I don't know how he didn't look like a cooked burger well done inside and out. Glad God was looking out for him.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    11:29 AM

    Wow, there are some crabby people on this comment section!

    No, he must be a GOOD conductor of electricity. Any resistance gets burned . . .

    This guy is a hero. I hope he can live a happy life!

  7. Anonymous Electric God said,

    6:23 AM

    I forgot in my last comment but I wanted to say Mitch Hunter Thank you for defending our country and hope all goes well for you on your way to recovery. I hate to hear when someone gets shocked I sure like the tat on your back after I got shocked I to got a couple tats a hand holding 2 lightning bolts and a skull with 2 bolts behind it still need to get the praying hands :) Glad you could save the girl I hope she names future kids after you. God Bless you Mitch Hunter.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    4:50 PM

    vast improvement! that's what the true face of america looks like!

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    9:43 AM

    Please cite where you got your information from. I know for a fact The Indianapolis Star took those photos. Quit stealing others' work and not giving them credit.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    12:39 PM

    Yes, these photos are not your property and you are stealing their copyright. Please credit your source or remove the images.

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  14. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    10:19 AM

    god luck

  15. Blogger Daniel Cifuentes said,

    7:12 AM

    Having see a lot of dumb and out of point comments I must say this guy is a hero and he deserved the chance gave to him by the face transplant. My best wishes to him and the hope of a happy and bright life.

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