Fuchsia is a beautiful plant

Fuchsia plants are a flowering shrub that produces beautiful two-tone blossoms. These plants are native to Chile and there are over 3,000 species and cultivates of the fuchsia plant. They can be grown in a variety of shapes and can be planted either directly in the ground or in hanging pots. In areas where the winter is mild these plants can remain outdoors but in colder climates it is necessary to bring them indoors before the first frost.

Fuchsia is a beautiful plant ornamental by its tender flowers, native of South America mostly. It’s popularly called Earring, at least in Romania, for its flowers which delicately flow alike real earrings. All Fuchsia species are charming decoration for your houses, their flowers wearing different colors, from white, pink, red, violet to several color combination, original and special too.

There are over 100-110 species of Fuchsia and over eight thousand hybrids and varieties all over the world.


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