Kate Middleton the most beautiful royal

After nine long years, Prince William has finally succumbed to Miss Middleton's charm.
Prince William will soon get married with his fiancee, Kate Middleton. Wedding couples will be held on 29 April.2011

Transparent fashion that was once used Kate Middletton, auctioned and sold for £ 65,000, equivalent to $105,000 . As reported by the Third Age.com, clothing consisting of a bra without straps, black bikini and this
knitted lace dress, never used her at a charity event in 2002 when he studied at St. Andrew’s University.
He used it in a fashion show created for the donation, which was Prince William become spectators. See-through black dress with blue ribbons were bought by unidentified buyers on Thursday, March 17, 2011 in London

In the photo, Middleton did not own. He along with William. The pictures were taken when both were on vacation in Ibiza, Spain 2006. They are not alone, but also with their friends. Both seemed to enjoy these vacations.

"He's lucky to be going out with me." - Kate Middleton"

Middleton certainly will look perfect on her wedding day to come.
Preparation their marriage had been going well. Invitations have also been deployed. Confirmed the important guests and a host of celebrities will attend their wedding.

UPDATE: 29 April 2011 Royal Wedding

An elegant, tiara-bedecked Kate Middleton swept down the aisle to marry Prince William at Westminster Abbey as fans packed the streets of London on Friday, hoping to snatch a glimpse of a historic royal wedding expected to revitalize the British monarchy.

As the future king and queen of England began their lives as husband and wife with the simple words “I will,” some 2 billion people across the globe were believed to have tuned in. The couple looked nervous but happy and recited their vows without stumbling before Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

The biggest secret of the day — Middleton’s wedding gown — prompted swoons of admiration as she stepped out of a Rolls-Royce with her father. Against all odds, the sun emerged at that exact moment.

The ivory and white satin gown — with its low neckline, high lace collar, long lacy sleeves and a train over 2-meters (yards) long — was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Middleton’s hair was half-up, half-down and decorated with dramatic veil and a tiara on loan from Queen Elizabeth II.

William wore the scarlet tunic of an Irish Guards officer, sending a strong signal of support for the armed forces and reinforcing his new image as a dedicated military man.

Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left, wave as they leave Westminster Abbey at the Royal Wedding in London Friday, April 29, 2011.

Britain's Prince William, and Kate Middleton stand before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, during their wedding ceremony In Westminster Abbey, in central London April 29, 2011.



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Pakistan's transgender tax collectors

Miss your tax deadline in the United States this weekend, and you might get a nasty letter at your door. In Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, you might get Riffee and the gang. They are "transgender" tax collectors -- whose weapons include flamboyancy, surprise -- and a little lipstick.

In a move that speaks volumes about the lengths to which Pakistan is going to tackle tax evasion, Karachi officials are using Riffee - who like many people in South Asia works under a single name - and her team as enforcers with a difference. They are sent to the businesses or houses of debtors. The aim -- in this very conservative Muslim society -- to embarrass tax debtors into paying up.

Riffee -- like her tax-collector friends Sana and Kohan -- is physically a man, but prefers to be called and dress as a woman. Their job is quite simple: each morning they turn up to work and get a list of missed payments. One by one, they make house-calls, causing trouble at each debtor's home or office, trying to get them to pay up. It's not clear how effective this tactic is, but officials insist they would not do it if it did not work.

"Their appearance causes great embarrassment amongst the people," said Sajid Hussein Bhatti, the tax superintendent who gives Riffee her orders every morning.

When Riffee was a 10-year-old boy, she decided she wanted to be a woman. Since then, she says, she's endured plenty of prejudice. "We're trying to educate society and show them how we like ourselves, but if your parents don't understand you or give you respect, how can you expect other people to?"

A Pakistani court ruling two years ago gave eunuchs -- men who have been castrated -- the right to be referred to as a "third gender." Riffee believes the same right should extend to her and her friends, although they have not been castrated.

We followed them as they visit a series of electrical appliance shops. The first debtor insists there's been a mistake and the bill's been paid. The second is less amenable, so the team threaten to come back 24 hours later, half a dozen strong -- and dance in the shop. That just may be enough to get a tax bill settled.

There is a serious side though to this theatrical tactic. Pakistan's tax take is dire: barely 1 per cent of Pakistanis pay any income tax, and the government is frantically trying to increase its income -- partially to placate the International Monetary Fund. Pakistan wants to borrow up to another $5 billion from the IMF, which insists the state improves its tax collection.

The government is seriously indebted -- and only 1.9 million people in a country of 170 million filed tax returns at all last year. By some estimates 10 million people are registered to pay taxes in Pakistan; the great majority don't pay a rupee.

In a country where many say the courts are weak and the police corruptible, Riffee and the team are a last, albeit striking, resort.



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The toughest marathons in the world

Last week was one of the toughest marathons in the world - "Sandy Marathon» (Marathon des Sables). This year's race took place in the 26th time and it was attended by 849 marathon runners. The race for 245 miles is traditionally held in the Moroccan Sahara.

Sandy Marathon is considered one of the most brutal forms of competition on the planet. Marathon takes place in one of the hottest place on Earth - the Sahara Desert.

To get to the finish line, participants need to overcome the 254 miles under the scorching sun of African deserts. In the entire history of the marathon age of participants ranged from 14 to 76 years. It was attended by athletes, the Olympians and former gold medalists, scientists, polar researchers, students, housewives and yoga.



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Love is blind.

Dear Reader,
Very sorry for misleading you with a fake love story.
"Mark and Audrey's big day" a marketing ploy.Singaporean are really smart people. They can
fool us some time but NOT all the time.

Love story was just an insurance campaign, telling people to "get insured to assure".

There was no true love in the story of odd couple Mark and Audrey.

Their "love against all odds" turned out to be a campaign by an insurance company to get "insured to assure their loved ones"

Followers of the love story between the unexpected couple, a 23-year-old man named Mark and his lover Audrey, aged 47, were directed to a site on April 15 to watch their "wedding ceremony".

Couple’s touching love story may be made into a movie

A MOVIE producer wants to turn the love story of a 23-year-old Singaporean and his 47-year-old sweetheart into a movie, Guang Ming Daily reported.

The producer said he was touched with the plight of the couple, who insisted on being together despite strong objections from their family members.

The producer said that to show his support for the couple, his girlfriend, who is a wedding planner, would even plan their wedding for free.

He said he hoped the couple would contact him soon, as three businessmen had so far expressed interest in investing RM1.2mil in the movie.

The Singaporean man, known only as Mark, had posted about his bittersweet love affair on Facebook, which had attracted the support of 1,700 netizens.

The couple's families, including the woman's daughter, had refused to attend their wedding.

Mark Tan and his partner, known only as Audrey - he is 23 and she is 47.


‘Forbidden’ couple to telecast wedding live on Internet

A COUPLE with a 24-year age difference and seeking public support through Facebook for the relationship, will telecast live their wedding ceremony tomorrow, Sin Chew Daily reported.

More popularly known as the “4723” couple, they will broadcast the ceremony on the Internet at 9am.

The bridegroom-to-be, Mark, is 23 and the woman 47.

Mark had announced the news through Facebook and invited Internet users to watch the ceremony live.

He was quoted as saying that they were not disclosing the wedding location for fear that some uninvited guests would cause trouble during the ceremony.

The couple had earlier sought support from Facebook users after their parents objected to their marriage.

Hi, We are Mark & Audrey.

We are getting married soon but sadly our families would not give us blessings in our marriage. They totally disagree and strongly object our marriage.

Their main reason was because of our age difference was too big. We are having headache in coming out of a good plan to convince them but none was good enough.

So, we came up a plan by create a Facebook page hoping to receive some supports, advices on how to convince our families and at the same time we could share our stories.

Most importantly, we hope that people out there would give us true blessings we desperately needed in this unwanted/unwelcome marriage.

Although marriage is between the two of us but a marriage without blessings is not complete and could be quite sad : (

Audrey is the most wonderful woman I ever met and she deserves praises, true blessings and not discrimination.

Thank you in advance...



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