Who is Malinda Dee?

Sexy 48 years old Inong Malinda aka Malinda Dee, a senior relations manager at Citibank here in Indonesia, allegedly embezzled at least Rp 17 billion (US$2 million) worth of client funds. Various trick she made to rob the money such as manipulating the account data, move the customer’s account to accounts owned by Malinda Dee.

According to Citibank Indonesia vice president for customer care, Hotman Simbolon, Citibank took the initiative to report Melinda’s alleged crimes because they knew that something had gone wrong and that they must obey the law by reporting it to the police. Malinda allegedly siphoned money from three of her client’s accounts.

This is a brief profile of Inong Malinda Dee

Name: Malinda Dee
Age: 48 years old
Position: Former senior manager of Citibank relations
Duties: take care of customers with funds of more than USD 500 thousand
Husband: Andhika Gumilang, born in 1989 (second husband and foregoing)
Children: Three (from first marriage)
Assets: Hummer H-3 and the Mercedes-Benz S-200 (confiscated), Ferrari

Here is a collection of luxury cars Inong Malinda Dee who now secured by the Police,
1. Ferrari F430 Scuderia No Pol B 481 SAA
2. Ferrari California B 125 DEE
3. Mercedes-Benz E350
4. Hummer H3

Plastic Surgery keep Malinda sexy and young

UPDATE: 9 NOV 2011

Malinda admits transferring Rp 21.5b to in-law's account

Graft defendant Inong Malinda Dee says she transferred a total of Rp 21.5 billion (US$2.41 million) from her former clients' accounts at Citibank to a personal account belonging to her brother-in-law, Ismail bin Janim.

The former senior relationship manager of a Jakarta branch of Citibank said she made the transfers between 2008 and 2010.

“Sometimes [I transferred] Rp 500 million, Rp 100 million or Rp 50 million,” Malinda told a hearing at the South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday.

She was questioned as a witness in a money laundering case, in which Ismail is standing trial as a defendant.

Malinda herself underwent at the same court earlier on Tuesday her premier hearing as a defendant in the alleged embezzlement of billions of rupiah of funds belonging to her clients while she worked at Citibank.

Malinda told the hearing on Wednesday that chunks of the Rp 21.5 billion had been transferred from her own personal account, and in some cases directly from her then clients' accounts.

She said she had never told Ismail where the funds came from, and that he had never asked.

Malinda added that a day or two after transferring the funds to Ismail's account, she usually told him to transfer those funds to four other accounts, which belonged to her, her company PT Eksklusif Jaya Perkasa, her sister Visca Lovitasari and her husband Andhika Gumilang.



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Homeless man donates $9000 to homeless woman

CURTIS Jackson is a man who has no home; he has not had one since 2004.
Jackson has no job as well and he panhandles for money from cars at the corner of 55th and Harlem.
He had started paying her hotel bills nightly since last December and has spent US$9,000 till date.

However, Jackson keeps little for himself, just enough for his bus fare and for something to eat.

The rest he uses to put a roof over 39-year-old Sandy and her 10-year-old son.

He admits that he is homeless but not hopeless.

My Fox Chicago news reported on May 12 this year that the 39-year-old was living comfortably until recently, when she lost her job.

Soon she lost her home and had started living in her truck with her son.

I have God. I'm one of the richest men on this earth, 'cause I have God. Money is not my master. That's what's wrong with this world: money is its master.

It was only a matter of time before the police found out and threatened to have her son removed from her unless she found safer living conditions.

A welfare worker helped to put her up in hotel for a few days.

With her money running out, a good Samaritan in the form of Curtis Jackson appeared.

In an interview, Jackson admitted that he had helped because she had treated him with kindness and dignity in the past.

He had started paying her hotel bills nightly since last December and has spent US$9,000 till date.

To those who are wondering why is a man struggling with poverty helping another, Jackson left these words as food for thought: "I have God. I'm one of the richest men on this earth, 'cause I have God. Money is not my master. That's what's wrong with this world: money is its master."

A homeless man donates over $9000 dollars to a homeless woman and her child



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Classy Dress from Beer Cans

Creative stylist girl from America sewed a very classy dress from beer cans, and more precisely from the metal rings on the rivet.



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World’s Oldest Cover Girl

Grey haired Daphne Selfe has become Britain’s oldest model to enjoy a career in modelling at the age of 82, with a 36-26-36 figure to boost.

Daphne Selfe officially recognized as the oldest photographic model.
And not only in Britain but throughout the world.

Selfe, who is a grandmother of four, had started her career on the catwalk 60 years ago, and she is still going strong, earning 1,000 pounds a day in campaigns for designer brands such as Dolce and Gabbana.

She has never had cosmetic surgery, and when she started her modelling in 1950, she weighed 10 stone and boasted the statistics 36-26-36, and now she is only a stone and a half-lighter with figures that have barely altered.

The aged model is very much sought after and is currently on the books of top agency Models 1, and she also appeared in Vogue and Marie Claire and has been photographed by the likes of Mario Testino, Nick Knight, and David Bailey.

And old age did not prevent her from earning up to £ 1000 per day.



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