Homeless man donates $9000 to homeless woman

CURTIS Jackson is a man who has no home; he has not had one since 2004.
Jackson has no job as well and he panhandles for money from cars at the corner of 55th and Harlem.
He had started paying her hotel bills nightly since last December and has spent US$9,000 till date.

However, Jackson keeps little for himself, just enough for his bus fare and for something to eat.

The rest he uses to put a roof over 39-year-old Sandy and her 10-year-old son.

He admits that he is homeless but not hopeless.

My Fox Chicago news reported on May 12 this year that the 39-year-old was living comfortably until recently, when she lost her job.

Soon she lost her home and had started living in her truck with her son.

I have God. I'm one of the richest men on this earth, 'cause I have God. Money is not my master. That's what's wrong with this world: money is its master.

It was only a matter of time before the police found out and threatened to have her son removed from her unless she found safer living conditions.

A welfare worker helped to put her up in hotel for a few days.

With her money running out, a good Samaritan in the form of Curtis Jackson appeared.

In an interview, Jackson admitted that he had helped because she had treated him with kindness and dignity in the past.

He had started paying her hotel bills nightly since last December and has spent US$9,000 till date.

To those who are wondering why is a man struggling with poverty helping another, Jackson left these words as food for thought: "I have God. I'm one of the richest men on this earth, 'cause I have God. Money is not my master. That's what's wrong with this world: money is its master."

A homeless man donates over $9000 dollars to a homeless woman and her child


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    Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.

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    7:36 AM

    What is amazing is that this guy is making more money than people who are out busting their a@@ 40 hrs/wk. Just one more reason not to give to these people.

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