RIP Amy Winehouse

My heart feels truly sad for this young lady who never had an opportunit­y to live her life.
British singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home on July 23, according to the London Metropolitan Police.

Though there are no early signs of foul play, many suspect a drug overdose may have been her cause of death. Winehouse was 27.

Her breakout 2006 album, 'Back to Black,' earned her six Grammy nominations and five wins, putting her on the music map for good.

However her long and public battle with drugs and alcohol addiction ofter overshadowed her talents.

UPDATE: 2 Aug 2011
Amy Winehouse tops album charts

Amy Winehouse's Grammy award-winning album Back To Black has soared to the top of the charts in the wake of her death.
As tributes poured in to the troubled star, fans flocked to buy her records sending five hits into the top 40 - a record for the late soul and jazz star.

And while Back To Black became this week's best-selling album - holding off Adele's 21 - her debut effort Frank came in at number 5 and the box set Frank/Back to Black entered at number 10.

The success came as the 27-year-old's devastated family waited for the results of toxicology tests to establish the cause of her death.

Relatives believe her decision to stop drinking - following protracted battles with drugs and alcohol - may have been a contributing factor.

HMV's Gennaro Castaldo said: "It's no real surprise that Back To Black has gone back to the top of the album charts.



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A new collection of men's underwear

UPDATE: Oct 2011

The material is very soft and seductive in appearance and will add some spice to the bedroom. Your partner will find it difficult to keep their hands off your treasure, similarly, you will be unable to hide how sexy these underwear make you feel. I would be careful wearing these anywhere but in the comfort of your home – you will find it difficult to hide how excited you may become.

Anyway, all of these come in a variety of styles, so there is something for every occasion in this new collection. And if you are looking for something more conservative, Hello Kitty has got you covered on that front too.



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Un-bee-lievable competition

Chinese beekeeper Wang Dalin wore over 26kg of the insects to be crowned winner of a bee-bearding contest

Wang Dalin, 42, went head-to-head with fellow bee enthusiast Lu Kongjiang in the challenge, which took place in the province's Shaoyang City on Sunday.

Both Wang and Lu, 20 - dressed in just a pair of shorts and facial protection including goggles and nose-plugs - stood on a set of scales for an hour while using queen bees to attract swarms of the insects to their bodies.

And after the 60 minutes were up Wang was declared the winner, having attracted an impressive 26.86kg worth of bees - compared to Lu, who could only manage just under 23kg.

But despite their efforts, neither managed to break the world record for the most number of bees 'worn' at any one time.

That honour belongs to American animal trainer Mark Biancaniello, who attracted 39.5kg worth of bees on to his body in 1998.

Bee-bearding was invented in Russia in the 1830s and was originally confined to attracting bees to one's face, using a queen bee in a strategically placed cage.

However more recently the practice has extended to covering the entire body in bees, as it provides more room for a greater number of the insects to land.

Other notable 'bee-bearders' include Chinese couple Li Wenhua and Yan Hongxia, both of whom were covered in bees for their wedding ceremony in 2009.

Lu, who could only manage just under 23kg

Wang Dalin wearing nose plugs to protect against bees

Wang Dalin attracted an impressive 26.86kg worth of bees



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Sculpture of Marilyn unveiled in Chicago

As dozens of people watched Friday, a 26-foot-tall sculpture of Monroe in her famous pose from the "The Seven Year Itch" was unveiled on Chicago's Magnificent Mile. In the movie, a draft catches Monroe's dress as she passes over a subway grate.

Marilyn Monroe's billowing skirt shows it's possible to catch a nice breeze in the Windy City.

Some of those who took pictures of the sculpture called "Forever Marilyn" were surprised when they came around the side and back of the sculpture and saw honest-to-goodness lace panties on the movie icon. The film scene and photographs taken from it left much more to the imagination than artist Seward Johnson's sculpture.

Many in the crowd that descended on the plaza throughout the day — including a tuxedo-clad wedding party — wasted little time positioning themselves under the movie star's dress to catch a subway-level view and take pictures with their cell phone cameras. Not that Monroe, her eyes closed and a sublime smile on her face, seemed to notice.
"I would have expected to see something flat there, and we wouldn't see her undergarments," said Trisha Feely, 41, who lives in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. "It's a little intrusive."

Chicago has a history of public art displays, including a herd of fiberglass cows that lined Michigan Avenue some years back. The plaza where Monroe will be stationed until next spring was the home a few years ago to another Johnson sculpture: the equally iconic, though far less glamorous, farmer and his spinster daughter from Grant Wood's "American Gothic."



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Divorce ceremony in Modern Japan

Divorce is unhappy. But some couples will have their “divorce ceremony” to declare their marriage is done. In Japan, Tomoharu and Miki decided to separate after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The disasters forced them to rethink their differences in their values. Eventually, they chose to divorce.

At the divorce ceremony, they use a hammer to smash their wedding ring, which symbolize the end of their 13 years marriage.

Divorce ceremony event will cost 55 thousand yen, which amounts to little more than $ 600, and is by Japanese standards, the amount is not large.

A wooden mallet, which flatten the wedding rings made in the form of a frog's head, which in Japanese is called Caer. Such a symbol is a sign of change for the better.

A Divorce ceremony is designed to relieve sorrow of parting and start a new life from scratch.

Before divorce was considered shameful in Japan, but now their number is constantly growing and has reached 250 thousand a year.



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Wife-carrying championship in Finland.

Wife-carrying champs Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen win again

Legend has it that the sport of wife-carrying is based on the story of Finnish thief Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, who was stated to steal food and women from nearby villages and run off carrying them over his head.

The pair were victorious in the novelty race in Sonkajarvi on Sunday, taking the title for the third consecutive year.

No other couple in the 16-year history of the competition has managed to take three successive wife-carrying championships.

The event sees husbands sprint 250 metres, leap hurdles and then cross a water pool in around one minute.

Throughout, each man must carry his ‘wife’ – competitors do not have to be married – over his shoulders, with her legs wrapped around his neck.

However, their latest victory was hard-earned, with Taisto and Kristiina taking the victory by less than a second.

Miettinen said: ‘The course was trickier this year due to the water obstacle, which was deeper.

‘The weather conditions were also particularly tough, 30 degrees C is too much for me.’

As befitting any true champions, he then revealed that dedicated preparation – in this case practicing the course in ski boots beforehand – was the key to their victory.

The pair will now enjoy Kristiina’s weight in beer as their prize.

Wife-carrying champs Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapanen win again



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