Paris to aution her pink Bentley for Breast Cancer Charity

Paris Hilton has a fast, new, red toy…and it only set her back a few hundred thousand dollars.

The heiress was snapped in West Hollywood yesterday, proudly parading her new, convertible Ferrari sports car…and her uber slim bod.

According to the Daily Mail the 30-year-old's $280,000 car was delivered to her home last week, and fulfils Paris' 'lifelong' dream to be the owner of a Ferrari.

Ah, to be a celebrity and dream of such things.

A source close to Paris revealed the car is a present 'to herself' to celebrate her MotoGP team (she has a MotoGP team?) winning the world champs in Spain recently.

Paris is is planning to put her old pink Bentley (with crystal interior) up for auction and plans to donate the money from the sale to a breast cancer charity.



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How to Maintain Long Hair Healthy and Beautiful.

Beautiful long hair is the dream of every women but the truth is there is no instant way to grow long hair.It is a commitment and something that takes a lot of time and care. Below are some tips on managing long hair to be healthy and beautiful.

A good diet and proper nutrition is essential. You should have enough of proteins, iron, and vitamins to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Trim your hair in short intervals to get rid of split ends. Long hair and damaged ends, sounds real bad!

Only buy shampoos & conditioners that match your hair type. Try something new and see whether it suits you or not. It is the best way to find out what specific hair product is best for your hair.

Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing when it's wet,or else it will cause breakage.
Go for a a top quality hairbrush with widely spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips.Avoid putting hair styling products directly on your scalp.

Hair is composed of a protein known as Keratin so not surprisingly,a diet lacking in protein can hinder hair health and growth.

Always massage the scalp the right way as it provides stimulation to the hair follicles. Massage at least once a week.

Limit the use of styling tools such as straighteners, hair dryers and hot rollers these all cause stress to your hair.

Avoid non-professional hairdressers & consider an experience one always.

You may also like to read this: The Horror of hair dye



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Rihanna Talk that talk 2011

Rihanna has been accused of creating a negative image of herself by smoking in many of the photographs from the filming of the latest video clip for the song Talk that Talk.Rihanna was setting a poor example for her legions of loyal fans.Rihanna should advocate for clean and healthy living through her music and videos

The singer in a sexy photo sitting on the sidewalk with a cigarette in hand while the other is lying on the steps with a cigarette hanging from her lips.

In all the photos show the singer fully enjoying cigarettes. The Ulster Cancer Foundation Ireland has accused the singer for this negative behavior because they lure young people to start smoking.

Talk That Talk is her sixth studio album, and is the follow up to her 2010 album, Loud.
The album is not set to be released until November 21, 2011

UPDATE:27 Nov 2011

Rihanna tops UK album and single charts

Barbados-born R&B singer Rihanna scored a record-breaking double Sunday as her “Talk That Talk” debuted at the top of the album chart and she held onto first place in the singles ranking.

It’s the second time this year she has been No. 1 on both charts, and she becomes the first female artist to achieve the feat with different singles and albums in the same year, the Official Charts Company said.

In January, Rihanna topped the two charts with her single “What’s My Name” and the album “Loud.”

Her latest recording, “We Found Love,” featuring Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris, was the best-selling single for the sixth week in a row.

She was pursued by a throng of artists linked to Britain’s “X-Factor” television talent show.

English singer-songwriter Olly Murs, an “X-Factor” runner-up, was a new entrant, in second place with “Dance With Me Tonight.”

Swedish DJ Avicii was fresh in at No. 4 with “Levels,” chased by U.S. singer and “X-Factor” judge Kelly Rowland, whose “Down for Whatever,” featuring the Wavs, debuted in sixth place.

Rebecca Ferguson, another “X-Factor” runner-up, entered at No. 10 with her debut single, “Nothing’s Real But Love.”

On the album chart, British boy band One Direction, also “X-Factor” graduates, jumped straight in at No. 2 with “Up All Night.”

Irish boy band Westlife were new in fourth place with their “Greatest Hits” collection, while veteran singer-songwriter Kate Bush debuted at No. 5 with “50 Words for Snow.”

Canadian rock band Nickelback entered in tenth place with their new album, “Here and Now.”



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Read Across America Controversy

Former Pornographer Sasha Grey Says She Will Continue Reading to Kids After School Controversy

Former Pornographer Sasha Grey released a defiant statement vowing to continue participating in educational programs for children after she sparked controversy by reading to a classroom of California elementary school students, TMZ reported.Some parents were not very happy with this event and cast an angry letter to the school.

In a statement released to the gossip website, Grey said she was "proud" to have participated in the "Read Across America" program at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, Calif., adding that she read "Dog Breath" by Dav Pilkey to first and third graders.

"I believe education is a universal right," Grey said in the statement. "I committed to this program with the understanding that people would have their own opinions about what I have done, who I am and what I represent."

TMZ reported Friday that parents at the Los Angeles-area elementary school complained after Grey was invited to read to a classroom of their children.

Grey announced her retirement from porn in April 2011 and has appeared in mainstream television and movie roles -- most notably playing the girlfriend of Adrian Grenier's character Vince Chase on HBO's "Entourage."

"I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am," Grey told TMZ. "I will not live in fear of it."

Grey said she will "remain an active supporter and participant in education-focused initiatives."

TMZ said they have photos of Grey reading to the kids, but a representative for the school denies she ever appeared at the school.

She is reading them books, not teaching them how to do what she used to do.
Those parents who complained don't deserve to be parents. This was about getting their children to read, not to prune them into porn stars.



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The Heavenly Gate Mountain Skywalk in China

It is certainly not a path for the faint-hearted.

On one side a sheer rock face, on the other a 4,000ft drop - and all to separate the brave traveller from a deadly plunge is a 3ft-wide, 2.5in thick walkway.

And if that is not enough to bring terror into the pit of your stomach, the path running alongside a Chinese mountainside is made out of glass, allowing a crystal-clear view of where one false step can take you.

The skywalk offers breathtaking views across the Hunan Province for those brave enough to attempt to cross the bridge
The skywalk is situated 4,700ft above sea level on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China.
A brave tourist walks along the glass path that was built of the side of a cliff 4,700ft above sea level on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China.The 200ft long bridge joins the west cliff at the Yunmeng Fairy Summit, the summit of Tianmen Mountain and Zhang Jiajie.
So it was perhaps understandable that this woman tackled the walkway by sticking as close to the cliff as possible, feeling her way along with tentative steps.

And it would appear to be too scary for the cleaners - tourists are asked to put on shoe covers before passing to help keep the path clean.

The pathway, built earlier in the summer echoes the glass-bottomed walkway at the Grand Canyon in the U.S.

The 70ft bridge is 4,000ft above the natural wonder and allows tourists to look through 2.5in of crystal-clear glass to the Canyon floor below.

The Tianmen mountain, literally translated as Heavenly Gate Mountain is so called because of a huge natural cave that occurs halfway up to the summit.

A glass path suspended on a cliff face has been built on the side of the Tianmen Mountain in China. The skywalk offers breathtaking views across the Hunan Province for those brave enough to attempt to cross the bridge

Situated in the Hunan Province, Its highest peak is around 5,000ft above sea level and it is home to a wealth of rare species of plants

A four-mile-long cable car was constructed in the park, which is said to be the longest of the same type in the world.

And no matter how terrifying the glass walkway may be - it can only be an improvement from another sky high mountain walkway located in the same province.

The Shifou Mountain, located 82 miles away, offers sightseers a 3ft-wide road made of wooden planks thousands of feet high.

When finished the wooden ’road’ - which is the width of a dinner table - will stretch for 1.8miles making it China’s longest sightseeing path.

Workers built a 3ft-wide plank road on the side of Shifou Mountain, in Hunan Province, China earlier this year



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How to look young like Masako Mizutani

Masako, was born in 1968, now living in Nagoya, as a housewife of 43 years old, who has two children, and eldest daughter is about 20 years old. After appearing in women’s magazines, Masako has become the idol of Japanese middle-aged women. Not only being the magazine’s special model, but often posting tips in her blog about skin care products, clothing and other accessories. She said she spent five hours a day for skin care.

Masako Mizutani,have the looks of an 18-year-old

One cannot hide one's age but can look good with the age gracefully and elegantly. Hiding one's age is not a temporary solution but one can look younger, fit and healthy with some sincere efforts. Besides age stress and poor life pattern both are the factors make one look and feel older.

Here are a few beauty tricks that will make you look younger

Keeping the body fit to look younger

One should do regular workouts and should keep the body and mind active to stay young. One should have enough of sleep and stay away from smoking.

Eating healthy food to stay and look younger

One should eat fresh healthy food for a young skin and body. Eating right food makes whole lot of difference in one's appearance. One should have a balanced diet and 4-time meal in small portions.

Skin care
Eating right food, as fruits, milk, nuts and vegetables are the best way to feed the skin. But one should follow a definite skin care routine to keep the skin young and healthy as it is affected by outside factors as dust, dirt and pollution too.

Drink lots of water and fluids to wash off the toxins.

It keeps the skin away from most of the skin problems including black heads and white heads.

Putting right make up

One should apply the right make up for the age.
Too bright colors and shades don't suit as age grows so one should apply light make up and should wear light shades to look beautiful and forever young.

One should always apply vitamin E based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft and supple. One should never go out in the sun without applying a sunscreen protection on the uncovered skin parts. Sun damages the skin the most and makes it look older. One should follow the cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime every night before going to bed. Doing all these things will really help one to retain the natural beauty of the skin and stay young.



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