Are Girls with Hairy Arms unattractive?

It makes a girl look more natural instead of no hair.People are more mature and it doesn't seem to really matter anymore.
what do you think? if there is hair on a girls hands and arms? Is it better if its waxed or shaved?

DON'T shave
if you are a girl who has hairy arms you are totally sexy and attractive


  1. Blogger Jackson said,

    6:37 PM

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  2. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    1:52 PM

    yes offcours i agree with you

  3. Anonymous Anonymous said,

    5:34 AM

    Girls with hairy arms are natural and therefore beautiful. Those who don't appreciate your natural beauty don't deserve you.

  4. Blogger Alan said,

    3:37 PM

    All those girls with hairy arms are really beautiful, I could date any of them without any problems whatsoever

  5. Blogger Crazy Bear said,

    1:15 PM

    I'm a natural man.
    I love natural women.
    It comes naturally.

  6. Anonymous D-man said,

    10:35 AM

    It's perfectly normal and natural. Most people don't notice. I do sometimes and I find it sexy

  7. Blogger Advocaciae.almeida Almeida said,

    8:38 PM

    Beautiful and hot:)!!!


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