Rihanna Talk that talk 2011

Rihanna has been accused of creating a negative image of herself by smoking in many of the photographs from the filming of the latest video clip for the song Talk that Talk.Rihanna was setting a poor example for her legions of loyal fans.Rihanna should advocate for clean and healthy living through her music and videos

The singer in a sexy photo sitting on the sidewalk with a cigarette in hand while the other is lying on the steps with a cigarette hanging from her lips.

In all the photos show the singer fully enjoying cigarettes. The Ulster Cancer Foundation Ireland has accused the singer for this negative behavior because they lure young people to start smoking.

Talk That Talk is her sixth studio album, and is the follow up to her 2010 album, Loud.
The album is not set to be released until November 21, 2011

UPDATE:27 Nov 2011

Rihanna tops UK album and single charts

Barbados-born R&B singer Rihanna scored a record-breaking double Sunday as her “Talk That Talk” debuted at the top of the album chart and she held onto first place in the singles ranking.

It’s the second time this year she has been No. 1 on both charts, and she becomes the first female artist to achieve the feat with different singles and albums in the same year, the Official Charts Company said.

In January, Rihanna topped the two charts with her single “What’s My Name” and the album “Loud.”

Her latest recording, “We Found Love,” featuring Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris, was the best-selling single for the sixth week in a row.

She was pursued by a throng of artists linked to Britain’s “X-Factor” television talent show.

English singer-songwriter Olly Murs, an “X-Factor” runner-up, was a new entrant, in second place with “Dance With Me Tonight.”

Swedish DJ Avicii was fresh in at No. 4 with “Levels,” chased by U.S. singer and “X-Factor” judge Kelly Rowland, whose “Down for Whatever,” featuring the Wavs, debuted in sixth place.

Rebecca Ferguson, another “X-Factor” runner-up, entered at No. 10 with her debut single, “Nothing’s Real But Love.”

On the album chart, British boy band One Direction, also “X-Factor” graduates, jumped straight in at No. 2 with “Up All Night.”

Irish boy band Westlife were new in fourth place with their “Greatest Hits” collection, while veteran singer-songwriter Kate Bush debuted at No. 5 with “50 Words for Snow.”

Canadian rock band Nickelback entered in tenth place with their new album, “Here and Now.”


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