Tao Porchon-Lynch: How "we can recycle our body"

Tao Porchon-Lynch learned yoga while growing up in India, in the former French colony of Pondicherry, but she didn't become an instructor until half a century later.

For much of her career, she danced, modeled and acted in India, France, England and California. She appeared in Hollywood movies and on television before landing a job with UniTel in the 1960s, establishing TV stations in India. "I was playing with life," she says. "There was so much to do and so little time to do it."

Look at Tao Porchon-Lynch, she was already 92 years old.

Porchon-Lynch has taught yoga since the 1970s and certified 400 other teachers. Until recently, she was able to suspend herself by her hands in the full-lotus and peacock positions before she broke her wrist. She's still a competitive ballroom dancer, despite undergoing hip replacement five years ago. "I'm not going to give up," Porchon-Lynch says. "I'm going to dance and do yoga for as long as I live."

And at 92, she is one of the most versatile women in the world.

Tao Porchon-Lynch. Watch and get inspired as Tao talks about how "we can recycle our body" and re-energize ourselves regardless of our age.



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Facebook CEO enjoys riding buffalo in Vietnam

The 27-year-old hopped onto the beast for a Boxing Day mountain town tour in Vietnam, where he is enjoying a festive break.
Mark Zuckerberg jetted into the Asian country five days ago with his girlfriend Priscilla and a few mates. He and his girlfriend enjoyed crossing the wooden bridge over a spring, riding buffaloes and tasting traditional dishes offered by ethnic people.

The young billionaire is understood to have visited popular tourist spot Ha Long Bay on Christmas Eve before journeying to an ecolodge in the northern mountain town of Sapa .

Zuckerberg's decision to holiday in Vietnam is an interesting one because the country blocks its citizens from using Facebook.

The four-star Topas Ecolodge resort in Sapa, where the Facebook CEO stays.

Zuckerberg walks on a bridge in Ban Ho.
Zuckerberg rides on a buffalo

Zuckerberg and his group in Ban Ho

Mark Zuckerberg touring a village on a buffalo in Sapa

Zuckerberg and his friends in Thanh Phu village.

Zuckerberg is greeted with flowers by local tourist officials in Ha Long Bay.
The Facebook CEO left Sapa for Hanoi by helicopter at noon, December 27 to continue his journey to Ho Chi Minh City.

UPDATE:20 MAY 2012
Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Married

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Married

FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg has married Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend of a decade, a day after the historic Facebook stock offering.

Zuckerberg wed the 27-year-old Chan according to a guest authorized to speak for the couple. The person spoke only on the condition of anonymity.

Zuckerberg gave his new bride a ring he had designed with a "very simple ruby" to end an incredibly eventful week, according to the guest.

The couple married at his Palo Alto, California home in front of fewer than 100 stunned guests who thought they would be attending a party to celebrate Chan's graduation from medical school.

On Monday, Zuckerberg turned 28 and Chan graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she'd studied pediatrics.

Then on Friday, Zuckerberg took his blue-and-white web behemoth public in one of the most anticipated IPOs in Wall Street history.

The seemingly well-coordinated timing was largely a coincidence, the guest said. The wedding had been planned for months and the couple was waiting for Chan to finish medical school, but the date of the IPO was a "moving target" not known when the wedding was set.

Attendees, including Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, were told after they arrived that they were not mere party guests but wedding guests.

"Everybody was shocked," the guest said.

The person would not discuss the names of others who attended to protect their privacy.

Ditching his trademark hoodie and sneakers, Zuckerberg sported a dark blue suit and tie with a white shirt for the ceremony, while Chan wore a traditional white wedding dress with veil and lace.

Food was served family-style and included dishes from the couple's favorite Palo Alto sushi restaurant.

Zuckerberg met Chan at Harvard, where he founded Facebook in a dorm room in 2004, and have been together for more than nine years.

Chan's own Facebook page, which now lists her as married to the founder, said she is a native of Braintree, Massachussets. and attended high school in nearby Quincy.

She graduated from Harvard in 2007 then taught science to fourth and fifth graders at the Harker School in San Jose for two years before starting medical school, according to her profile.

Her page also says she "loves cooking and soft things".

Even after the IPO, Zuckerberg, who grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York remains Facebook's single largest shareholder, with 503.6 million shares, and he controls the company with 56 per cent of its voting stock.

The site has grown into a worldwide network of almost a billion people and made its founder, Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2010, one of the most famous businessmen of the Internet age.



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Indonesia girl back with family after 2004 tsunami

A girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago said on Friday that she broke down in tears this week after tracking down her parents

A girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago said on Friday that she broke down in tears this week after tracking down her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive.

Fifteen-year-old Wati showed up at a cafe in Meulaboh, a town in Aceh province, earlier this week saying that not long after the wave hit she was found and “adopted” by a woman who forced her to beg in the streets, sometimes until 1 a.m.

Fifteen-year-old Wati, second right, poses for a photograph with her father Yusuf, right, mother Yusniar, left, and younger brother Aris at their home in Meulaboh, Aceh province, Indonesia, Friday, Dec. 23, 2011. The girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago has been reunited with her parents.

When she stopped bringing in money, Wati was kicked out by the woman. She then set out to find her family, but had very little information to guide her — only the name of her grandfather, Ibrahim.

Someone at the cafe tracked down a man by that name, and the man — unsure if it was actually his granddaughter — quickly summoned her parents.

“When I saw my mother, I knew it was her. I just knew it,” said Wati, who was given that name by the woman who found her. Her original name is Meri Yuranda.

The Dec. 26, 2004, tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen nations hit Aceh — closest to the epicenter of the magnitude-9.1 quake that spawned waves 30 feet (10 meters) high — the hardest.

With tens of thousands of bodies never recovered in the province, many people continue to cling to hope of finding lost loved ones, putting up fliers or ads in newspapers.

Reunions, however, are extremely rare and, when they occur, rarely confirmed.

Wati’s mother, Yusniar binti Ibrahim Nur, 35, said she did not need a DNA test to prove the girl was hers.

“She has her father’s face,” she said, adding that she had stopped believing she would ever see her daughter again. “Then I saw the scar over her eye and mole on her hip, and I was even more sure.”

Wati and her father had different accounts of what happened on the day of the tsunami.

The girl says she remembers her father putting her into a boat with her sister, who is still missing and presumed dead. The father says that before the family was separated, he put both of his daughters on the roof of their house.



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Thai airline hires transgender flight attendants

PC Air, a Thai airline with routes across Asia, has recently added four transgender flight attendants to their cabin crew. According to Reuters, the company is believed to be the world's first charter airline to employ transgender flight attendants. "I'm a pioneer, and I'm sure there will be other [organizations] following my idea," PC Air president Peter Chan said.

Although the airline initially intended to hire only male or female attendants, the company changed its policy after receiving over 100 applicants from transgender candidates. Chayathisma Nakmai, Dissani Chitpraphrachin, Phuntakarn Sringern, and Nathatai Sukkaset (pictured above) were eventually selected for the airline's cabin crew, based on the same qualifications required for female flight attendants (which include poise, a positive attitude, femininity, and attractiveness). The attendants will wear "third sex" nametags while on duty, Chan told Reuters.

Thai transgender women — often referred to as "ladyboys" or "katoeys" — enjoy relatively high visibility in Thai mainstream culture, particularly in comparison to transgender individuals in the Western world. However, transgender women often encounter employment discrimination, and they are not officially recognized as women by the Thai government, even after they have had gender reassignment surgery. Members of the transgender community have spearheaded legislation efforts advocating for the addition of a third sex to official Thai documents, and have urged the Thai National Assembly to incorporate transgender rights laws into the constitution.

Thai airline hires transgender flight attendants, believed to be the world's first



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Malaysian Gay Wedding in Dublin

The mother of a 28-year-old student who allegedly married another man in Britain is appealing for him to come back to Malaysia and reunite with the family.

Umno Youth Community Complaints Bureau chairman Datuk Muhd Khairun Aseh said the man's mother had written a letter to her son, asking him to not only return but to also settle his RM890,000 education loan.

Malaysia Medical Student Ariff Alfian Rosli married Jonathan in Dublin, September 20 2011

Ariff Alfian Rosli, Petronas sponsored student of University College Dublin married a guy named Jonathan

“I will pass the letter to the man when I go to Britain on Dec 23. His family misses him greatly.

“They are still in disbelief over the alleged marriage.

“They cannot accept it,” he said yesterday.

Muhd Khairun said he would ask the man to absolve his family from dealing with his debt.

“It is not fair for the family to settle the loan when he is still around,” he said, adding that the family came to the bureau last Friday.

Muhd Khairun said the family had tried to locate the man eight times in the last two years but failed.

It was reported that the man, dressed in a baju Melayu and traditional headgear, had allegedly married a Caucasian overseas.

Pictures of their wedding have also made their way into blogs and social networking sites, causing a stir in the online community.

It was learnt that the man was studying medicine but failed to finish.

Story source: The Star

UPDATE:20 DEC 2011

Malaysian Muslims seek action over man 'missing' in Ireland

A MALAYSIAN student who reportedly had a civil partnership with an Irishman has been caught up in a political storm of controversy in his home country.

Ariff Alfian Rosli (28) has been resident in Ireland since moving here eight years ago to study medicine at a university in Dublin.

After an apparent disagreement with his son in 2009, Mr Rosli’s father reported him missing to Malaysian authorities.

In recent days, pictures emerged on the internet which appeared to be of Mr Rosli in traditional Malaysian dress with his civil partner in Ireland at an event at Dublin City Hall.

The pictures were published on the front pages of some local newspapers and have been the source of criticism from numerous political groups in Malaysia, where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The Malaysian police have been urged by Muslim groups to investigate the issue on the basis that Mr Rosli has failed to adhere to the country’s Islamic laws.

The controversy has prompted the Malaysian prime minister’s office to issue a statement pledging to investigate the matter.

An official from Malaysia’s ruling political party is reportedly due to arrive in Dublin later this week to convince Mr Rosli to return home.

Mr Rosli yesterday told The Irish Times he was not missing and wished to correct inaccurate comments about him in the Malaysian media.

“I am not missing. The Irish authorities know I am legally resident here. The Malaysian embassy has also been aware for several years that I am residing here legally,” he said.

“I feel I have have been inadvertently thrust into the public eye. I just want to get by without upsetting anyone or causing any trouble. My overriding concern is for my family.”

He declined to comment on whether he had a civil partnership or was involved in a same-sex relationship. Homosexuality is still a taboo issue in Malaysia.

Advocates for gay rights say many Malaysians remain afraid to come out publicly for fear of religious condemnation or prosecution.

Mr Rosli also said reports that he had renounced his Muslim faith were inaccurate.

“I have not converted to any religion, contrary to what has been reported. I was born a Muslim, I am still a Muslim and will remain a Muslim ’til the day I die. Nothing will shake me from my faith.”

He also said he was in regular contact with his family and was baffled at how his “disappearance” had become a major source of controversy in his home country. However, he has not spoken with his father – a retired naval officer – for several years.

“I had a disagreement with my father in 2009, after which he reported me missing . . . I’m not in communication with him, but I am in regular contact with my other family members,” he added.

UPDATE:22 DEC 2011
Malaysian in same-sex union fears return home

A MALAYSIAN student whose same-sex relationship with an Irish man has provoked a storm of controversy in his home country has said he now fears for his safety if he returns home.

Ariff Alfian Rosli (28) has been resident in Ireland since he arrived eight years ago to study medicine at a Dublin university as part of scholarship scheme.

After an apparent disagreement with his son in 2009, Mr Rosli’s father reported him missing to Malaysian authorities.

However, he found himself in the headlines in Malaysia over recent days after pictures emerged on the internet of Mr Rosli at a civil partnership ceremony with his gay partner in Dublin.

The student has been criticised by numerous Muslim groups in Malaysia, where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

“Returning home under the current situation is untenable . . . as I fear for my safety there,” Mr Rosli told The Irish Times . “My thoughts are with my family and friends in Malaysia. I never wanted this to become a major news story.”

A state-owned company in Malaysia which has funded Mr Rosli’s education in Ireland has said it is now seeking fees worth up to €200,000 from the student.

Petronas, a government-owned oil and gas company in Malaysia, funded Mr Rosli’s education in Dublin on the basis that he would return to work for the company following his graduation.

In a statement, the company said the loan was withdrawn in January 2009 following Mr Rosli’s unsatisfactory academic results, which breached the contract’s terms. Petronas said the student has not responded to phonecalls and emails over the loan since.

Mr Rosli insists he has been in regular contact with Petronas representatives over the repayment of his college fees. “I want to continue to engage with Petronas in a private capacity, as I have been doing. I have no intention of running away from this responsibility or shrugging it off my shoulder.”

He said part of the contract over the funding for his education required returning to Malaysia and working with the company. However, this was not possible given attitudes towards same-sex relationships there.

UPDATE: 28 DEC 2011
Another Gay Malay marriage found in Greece!

Ariff a Malay who raise an issue with his gay wedding photos in Ireland just a month past now had the another new ‘gay issue’ to be continue popping-out..

This time that gay Malay did the same thing with Ariff, which both of them were wearing the Malay traditional dress during the wedding.



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Male Model Sports Push-Up Bra in Lingerie Ads

Andrej Pejic, a male model known for his gender-bending work on runways, is the star of Dutch fashion company Hema's newest lingerie ad campaign.

The latest tall, blonde model to turn heads in a push-up bra is causing the fashion world to do a double-take. The star of a new lingerie ad campaign is a man.

Andrej Pejic, a male model known for his gender-bending work on runways, is the star of Dutch fashion company Hema's newest lingerie ad campaign. In it, Pejic, 20, dons the push-up bra, a skin-tight dress that hugs his newly curvy body, and dramatic, smoky-eyed makeup. With long-blonde hair, lip gloss, and delicate features, the 6-foot-1 Pejic strikes a very feminine figure.

Hema, the company that hired Pejic, said in a statement on their website that the ad campaign demonstrates that even a man can gain curves with the use of the bra.

"Even men get a decolleté with this new mega push-up bra," the statement says in translation. "That means that you with 'totally nothing' can go to a beautiful B-cup."

Pejic, who was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina and raised in Australia, has gained fame in the fashion world for his work in both men's and women's fashion, modeling both bridal gowns and tuxedos, men's underwear and, now, women's underwear, too.

"He's rare. No one looks like him," photographer Chris Benz told ABC News. "I mean no one. None of the boys look like him. None of the girls look like him. It's just him. It's Andrej."

Pejic, who wears a women's size 2 or 4, told ABC News in September that his sexiest features are his hips, and that the toughest part of his job is squeezing into size 11 high-heeled shoes.

"I don't really have that sort of strong gender identity. I identify as what I am," Pejic told New York Magazine in August. "The fact that people are using it for creative or marketing purposes, it's just kind of like having a skill and using it to earn money."

Pejic now commands as much money as a female model would for photo shoots, and his face has graced the covers of more high fashion magazines than any other male model.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

According to his agent, Joseph Tenni, Pejic's role as a women's underwear model has broken down gender roles in the fashion world in an unprecedented way.

"It's revolutionary," Tenni told the Australian blog frockwriter. "I've never known a man to do a womens' lingerie campaign before."

The bras, which have received worldwide attention from their unique model, retail at 20 euro, about $25.They promise an increase of at least two cup sizes to the average wearer.



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Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe in 1952

A set of photos of Marilyn Monroe at the age of 25 in 1952 were unveiled recently. Monroe wore a long pink skirt at a party in California, U.S. . The photos were expected to auction at 60,000 thousand pounds.



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