Facebook CEO enjoys riding buffalo in Vietnam

The 27-year-old hopped onto the beast for a Boxing Day mountain town tour in Vietnam, where he is enjoying a festive break.
Mark Zuckerberg jetted into the Asian country five days ago with his girlfriend Priscilla and a few mates. He and his girlfriend enjoyed crossing the wooden bridge over a spring, riding buffaloes and tasting traditional dishes offered by ethnic people.

The young billionaire is understood to have visited popular tourist spot Ha Long Bay on Christmas Eve before journeying to an ecolodge in the northern mountain town of Sapa .

Zuckerberg's decision to holiday in Vietnam is an interesting one because the country blocks its citizens from using Facebook.

The four-star Topas Ecolodge resort in Sapa, where the Facebook CEO stays.

Zuckerberg walks on a bridge in Ban Ho.
Zuckerberg rides on a buffalo

Zuckerberg and his group in Ban Ho

Mark Zuckerberg touring a village on a buffalo in Sapa

Zuckerberg and his friends in Thanh Phu village.

Zuckerberg is greeted with flowers by local tourist officials in Ha Long Bay.
The Facebook CEO left Sapa for Hanoi by helicopter at noon, December 27 to continue his journey to Ho Chi Minh City.

UPDATE:20 MAY 2012
Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Married

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Married

FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg has married Priscilla Chan, his girlfriend of a decade, a day after the historic Facebook stock offering.

Zuckerberg wed the 27-year-old Chan according to a guest authorized to speak for the couple. The person spoke only on the condition of anonymity.

Zuckerberg gave his new bride a ring he had designed with a "very simple ruby" to end an incredibly eventful week, according to the guest.

The couple married at his Palo Alto, California home in front of fewer than 100 stunned guests who thought they would be attending a party to celebrate Chan's graduation from medical school.

On Monday, Zuckerberg turned 28 and Chan graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, where she'd studied pediatrics.

Then on Friday, Zuckerberg took his blue-and-white web behemoth public in one of the most anticipated IPOs in Wall Street history.

The seemingly well-coordinated timing was largely a coincidence, the guest said. The wedding had been planned for months and the couple was waiting for Chan to finish medical school, but the date of the IPO was a "moving target" not known when the wedding was set.

Attendees, including Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, were told after they arrived that they were not mere party guests but wedding guests.

"Everybody was shocked," the guest said.

The person would not discuss the names of others who attended to protect their privacy.

Ditching his trademark hoodie and sneakers, Zuckerberg sported a dark blue suit and tie with a white shirt for the ceremony, while Chan wore a traditional white wedding dress with veil and lace.

Food was served family-style and included dishes from the couple's favorite Palo Alto sushi restaurant.

Zuckerberg met Chan at Harvard, where he founded Facebook in a dorm room in 2004, and have been together for more than nine years.

Chan's own Facebook page, which now lists her as married to the founder, said she is a native of Braintree, Massachussets. and attended high school in nearby Quincy.

She graduated from Harvard in 2007 then taught science to fourth and fifth graders at the Harker School in San Jose for two years before starting medical school, according to her profile.

Her page also says she "loves cooking and soft things".

Even after the IPO, Zuckerberg, who grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York remains Facebook's single largest shareholder, with 503.6 million shares, and he controls the company with 56 per cent of its voting stock.

The site has grown into a worldwide network of almost a billion people and made its founder, Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2010, one of the most famous businessmen of the Internet age.


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