What is burning man?

You may be asking, "Wait, what is burning man?" Great question! Burning man is a huge "festival" that takes place mostly in September located in Black Rock Desert. It is all about freedom of expression.

The desert setting and the handmade details of the wedding temples really provides an amazing aesthetic for any wedding. It's truly unique and magical in the sense that it really feels like a fantasy land.

The deserts of northern Nevada may seem like an odd place to have a wedding, especially when the ceremony would take place in middle of a massive week-long “experiment in self expression and self-reliance” in the presence of 50,000 other people. However, the Burning Man website states that there is no better time or place to take the plunge into married life.

“For many couples who attend Burning Man together, Black Rock City [the name of the temporary city erected during Burning Man] is the obvious choice when they choose to tie the knot,” the Burning Man website says. “While the unpredictable desert can be an unusual venue for a couple’s big day, the couples who have wedded in BRC reflect on their ceremonies with fondness, and most of them emphatically insist that it was the perfect spot for their matrimony.”

Wedding Fun in the Black Rock Desert


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