86-year-old steals show at top gymnastics event

An 86-year-old gymnast has become an unlikely internet star thanks to her astonishing display at a gymnastics event in Germany.Johanna Quaas put on her astonishing displays at the Cottbus World Cup, at which some of the world's best gymnasts were taking place - including Britain's World Championship silver medallist Daniel Keatings.

But it was the grey-haired Quaas who stole the show with her exhibition displays on the parallel bars and floor, with her age-defying skill, strength and balance earning her rapturous applause from the crowd.



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Miss Universe Canada contestant disqualified

Vancouver’s Jenna Talackova was everything Miss Universe Canada was looking for when she was selected among 65 finalists for the 2012 competition, to be held in Toronto in May.
But the Donald Trump–owned beauty pageant has confirmed that the 23-year-old has been disqualified from the competition.

The reason, Talackova claims, is she was born male.

“She did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,” stated a Miss Universe Canada release.

An online petition has been started to get transsexual Miss Universe Canada finalist Jenna Talackova of Vancouver reinstated.

The petition, which was started by a man in Brooklyn, N.Y., is being hosted on www.change.org, a for-profit company that says it aims to promote social change through online petitions.

The petition has more than 30,300 signatures toward the 35,000 goal.

“She is a woman who deserves to be treated like other women would be,” says the petition. “What kind of genitals she was born with [and even what kind she has today] is completely irrelevant.”

One petition signator argued that Talackova is legally and physically a woman.

“Her being trans represents that it was harder for her than most to get where she is today, and that make her the perfect Miss Universe contestant,” said the signator.

The Miss Universe pageant has acknowledged Talackova is not a contestant, but had not elaborated on why.

“She did not meet the requirements to compete despite having stated otherwise on her entry form,” said the pageant.

Contest rules state that contestants must be Canadian citizens and between the ages of 18 and 27. They cannot be pregnant or married, but there is no mention of any cosmetic or sex-reassignment surgery being prohibited.

In a YouTube video from the 2010 Miss International Queen transgender and transsexual competition Talackova says she knew she was a girl at four years old and began hormone therapy at 14. She says she underwent sex reassignment surgery at the age of 19 and identifies herself as 22-year-old student in the video.

The pageant organization has also said they “respect her (Talackova’s) goals, determination and wish her the best.”

Donald Trump owns the Miss Universe organization with NBC Universal. The joint venture sells the television rights to Miss Universe-branded spinoff pageants in other countries.

Beauties of Canada Organization gained the exclusive rights to send a Canadian to the Miss Universe Pageant in 2002.


Transgendered Miss Canada contestant threatens legal action against Miss Universe Organization

Less than two weeks ago, Miss Canada Universe contestant Jenna Talackova went public with her dismissal from the pageant. The Miss Universe Organization refused to allow Talackova to compete because she was not “naturally born” a woman. Talackova enlisted high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred along with a top Canadian lawyer to join her in fighting for the right to compete at the pageant, which runs May 17-19.

Yesterday, the Organization tentatively reversed their position, issuing this statement: “The Miss Universe Organization will allow Jenna Talackova to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions.”

Today, Talackova’s fate as a contestant next month remains in the balance as she and Allred have taken issue with the Organization’s careful wording. Now they are demanding a definitive answer as to her competitive status and calling for Organization head Donald Trump “to step up and be a leader in the fight against discrimination.”

UPDATE: 19 MAY 2012
Jenna Talackova in a bathing suit




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Chinese Twins Undergo Sex Change

A pair of 25-year-old twin sisters from Yunnan Province in southwestern China have successfully received preliminary sex-change operations in a Shanghai hospital to become males, seeing their long-cherished shared dream finally come true.

Two young Chinese women undergoing sex-change surgery at a Shanghai hospital are hoping to be the first twins in the country to change their gender, a state-backed newspaper said Wednesday.

The 25-year-old sisters from the southwestern province of Yunnan have already undergone preliminary surgery at a military hospital in the commercial hub, the Shanghai Daily reported.

"The operations on both the twins are successful," their surgeon, Zhao Yede, was quoted as saying.

"They said they would continue to save up (money) from hard work so they can return for their respective last phases of surgery," he said.

A spokesman for the People's Liberation Army Number 411 Hospital declined to comment to AFP, saying military units could not speak to foreign media.

The paper quoted one of the twins as saying they did not want any publicity, fearing they would lose their jobs.



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New Massage Technique in Taiwan

George Pan grabs a heavy meat cleaver from the rack, sharpens it on a wet stone block and rubs iodine over the blade while an ailing patient waits to begin his unique therapy.

Like many practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, Pan believes the human body is crisscrossed with streams of energy called "qi" that originate at the abdomen. Tapping these vital points could help the body heal itself, Pan says.

Pain and sickness are caused when energy points throughout the body are blocked, and Pan believes the stainless steel cleavers work better than acupuncture needles to release and transmit the energy.

Pan taps the patient's body with the sharp _ not flat _ side of a 10-inch blade, saying his "knife massage" releases the body's stored energy, increases blood flow and washes away harmful toxins.

"I don't push or pull when I set the meat cleaver down so I don't harm the patients," Pan said, shaving off hair from his forearm with the knife to test its sharpness.

"Static energy is released with the up and down movement of the knife. We call it self-cure," Pan says, hitting a patient's chest in light, up-and-down strokes much the same way he would dice an onion.

Pan never strikes heavily enough to break the skin and cause bleeding. But one patient twitches and squints as Pan thumps the sharp end of his polished cleaver inches off the upper groin to treat what he says is a bruised liver.

"You hear that sound like a drum?" Pan asks, striking heavily enough to leave red streaks on the skin. "Too much drinking. Chop, chop, chop and the pain will go away."

Most patients visit Pan's Dao Liao, or Knife Therapy Association, for common aches and pains. They lie on massage beds while Pan applies light chopping motions with the cleaver's blade on traditional pressure points that correspond to ailing body parts.

Pan's patients are generally calm during the half-hour session, which costs $15 in American currency. Some giggle when Pan tickles their armpits with the blade's sharp corners. Others groan in relief as he chops the tense upper shoulders.

"Don't be afraid. This will cure your inner organs," Pan reassures a nervous new patient as he rubs his thumb over the knife's blade.

Doctors had scheduled Li Su-yu, an 81-year-old retired air force pilot, for a kidney dialysis. Instead, Li opted for Pan's more esoteric cure and says his uric acid has since dropped, irregular urinary patterns improved and pain in both legs gone.

"It's been three months since I started, and I feel a lot healthier now," Li says, his entire back covered in strips of red.

Pan claims his therapy can help cure any sickness, even cancer. Releasing the patient's latent energies through regular knife massage on vital energy points can ease the adverse effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss or nausea, Pan says.

Lin Yu-hua, a 48-year old office worker, began Pan's therapy after doctors removed a breast tumor the size of a large pearl in August. The pain in her upper chest was so bad that she couldn't raise her arms, Lin said.

"But now my doctors call it a 100 percent recovery," Lin said, "My complexion remains the same and I've managed to keep my hair from falling out."

A microbiologist and soil toxicologist by training, Pan says his cleaver cure was a common form of self-medication in China over 2,000 years ago. The technique was preserved through the ages by Buddhist monks who used it as a form of meditation and therapy.

When Chinese monks brought Buddhism to Japan more than 1,000 years ago, they brought with them the technique, which became popular with samurai warriors. The monks used long, razor-sharp swords, says Tsai Huo-cheng, a Taipei-based Chinese medical specialist.

The therapy focuses on easing blood flow through the lymph nodes, and the sword's steel conducts energy through the body's energy points, said Tsai, himself a practitioner of acupuncture and acupressure massage treatment.

Most physicians practicing Western medicine, however, say there's no scientific evidence of "qi," and they don't recommend that patients rely solely on traditional Chinese cures, such as knife massage.

A devout Buddhist, Pan studied 20 years ago with a Japan-based Buddhist monk who insisted on the use of samurai swords for greater effectiveness. After failing to find a sword with the right weight, Pan had cleavers made to his specifications.

"Heavy knives are used for more serious illnesses. Hitting can be painful at first, but then the sickness heals and gets better," Pan said.

Lightly tapping the corner of his cleaver from a student's hairline down to the eyelid, Pan asks a patient, "You have a headache? Here, let me hit your head."



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Longest Wedding Dress

The wedding gown that 17-year-old model Ema Dumitrescu wore has been declared the longest in the world, with a train stretching up to 2,750m behind her! The previous record was held by a Dutch designer, which was at 2,488m. The dress was worn during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest on 20 March.

It reportedly took 100 days for the dress to be made and had to be made with the help of 10 seamstresses using 1,857 needles. The gown was organised by the Andree Salon fashion house and the organisers of this year's biannual Wedding Fair in Bucharest.

The Telegraph reported the crafting of the dress required 4,700m of taffeta, 5.5m of Chantilly lace, 45m of lining, 1,857 sewing needles and 150 spools of threads. The lace was imported from France, while the taffeta and other fabrics were purchased from Italy. The cost of the material was £5,000.

In 2009, a Chinese bride made a bid for the record books when she turned up for her wedding wearing a 1.4-mile long gown. It took 200 guests more than three hours to unroll Lin Rong's train and pin on the 9,999 red silk roses for her wedding.

Romanian Models Wins World Records for 2,750 Meter Train



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A story of a father who changes her gender

This unusual story took place in an ordinary family in London.

John Ozimek

Sixteen years old Tash Ozimek might never have imagined that one day one of her father’s disclosures could change her life forever. One day she was asked by her father that what is the most embarrassing thing I could ever do to you, after racking her brains for a few minutes, she replied ‘Probably if you dressed up as a woman in front of all my friends.’ Tash’s joke becomes a shock when her father explained her that this was exactly what he had in mind.

Her father told her that he had been unhappy as a man and always felt that his true gender is female and he want to change his sex. Before he could say anything else, Tash, now 18, fled the room in tears. ‘It was pure shock,’ she says. ‘I remember crying for a very long time.’

“The thing is, I hadn’t had a clue that this was how he was feeling. If I had, I’d never have made that remark about dressing up as a woman,” Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

But soon after making this bombshell disclosure, the writer and IT and marketing consultant John, 54, an Oxford graduate and former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate became Jane Fae and started living as a woman.
He underwent gender re-assignment surgery paid for privately followed by o estrogen hormone therapy to feminise his body, soften his facial features and create breasts last July.

Daily Mail quoted Jane as saying that she has no regrets about becoming a woman. For the first time in her life, she feels comfortable in her own skin; happy with her identity. There is a sense of ‘rightness.

‘I still call her Dad because the word represents a role to us, not a gender,’ Tash Ozimek said. ‘Jane is not my mom and I’m not going to invent a new word, because I haven’t lost my dad. Dad is still the same person inside and that’s what I’ve called her for so many years, it’s just getting the pronouns right. It’s difficult swapping “she” for “he” after so many years,’ Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.

“I feel constantly responsible for my decision, both the good and the bad. That upsets me, but to have stayed a man would have been disastrous for me,” Daily Mail quoted Jane as saying.

The hardest part of Jane’s transition for the whole family was the period before the sex change operation. For three months, Jane had to live as a woman and undergo therapy before she was allowed to begin hormone treatment in April 2010.

'At first it was so weird seeing my dad in women's clothes... there were a few times when she got it wrong and I had to have a word,' Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.
Jane has learned to wear clothes that suit her, showing off her best features her long legs and, surprisingly, no one bats an eyelid as she walks into the room with Tash.

‘Given the choice, I wouldn’t want my old Dad back. Never, because, Dad now talks to everyone, smiles at everyone, goes swimming and to Zumba classes. We have a much better relationship, because when someone is happy they want to talk to you and as John, Dad was so quiet and unhappy,’ Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.



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The longest chain of brides in one location!

Twilight fans or so called "Twi-hards" attempted to set a world record in honor of their favourite movie, by creating the longest chain of brides in one location!

Bella's wedding was definitely the highlight of the movie, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

The stunt took place in london, and the brides were treated to an exlusive clip of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2!

The ladies were all dressed in bridal gowns, done their hair and makeup, and put a lot of effort in this stunt.



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Annette Larkins turns 70 in ageless & vibrant look

The image of health, vitality and youth with a petite size four frame and a line-free face, Mrs Larkins is in fact 70 years old.

The resident of Miami-Dade County, Florida, attributes her youthful looks to her raw vegan diet and grows almost everything she eats in the garden she refers to as her 'fountain of youth'.

When Annette Larkins goes out with her husband of 54 years, people assume she is his daughter.

Fountain of youth: Annette Larkin looks at least 30 years younger than her 70 years which she credits to eating a completely raw, vegan diet and growing all the food in her garden

Recognising how positively she could influence others, the formidable 70-year-old has already written two booklets titled: Journey to Health and produced a DVD about her nutritional regime.

'I am very vibrant, I have lots of energy, as I told you before, I am up no later than 5:30 in the morning as a rule, and I am ready to go' she told ABC.

Her husband agreed, gushing: 'She's an amazing person though. Oh man, I mean really. She does everything- build computers, make all her own clothes, grow her own food, speaks three languages. It's amazing.'

The sprightly septuagenarian did not always eat this way. Husband of 54 years, Amos, owned a meat factory in the 1960's and it was around this time that his wife decided to go vegetarian.

27 years ago she went one step further by turning vegan and now everything she eats is raw. Nothing cooked or processed every passes her lips.

Annette Larkins, she was 70 years old, and she looks all of 40

Annette says the food in her garden is her Fountain of Youth.



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What Asian Women Want

Since last Thursday was Interna-tional Women’s Day,There is no doubt that women are everywhere today, occupying high positions in the corporate and political worlds. They are holding their own and giving the men a run for their money.

Asian Women today want Women’s rights.Women and men are treated equally in society. Women today do not want to be abused by the Men.

In Asian countries, women have no rights, and who would say that it is not - then he is lying. And if a woman is still married, she's just a slave of her husband, who could do with it whatever he wants.



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