A story of a father who changes her gender

This unusual story took place in an ordinary family in London.

John Ozimek

Sixteen years old Tash Ozimek might never have imagined that one day one of her father’s disclosures could change her life forever. One day she was asked by her father that what is the most embarrassing thing I could ever do to you, after racking her brains for a few minutes, she replied ‘Probably if you dressed up as a woman in front of all my friends.’ Tash’s joke becomes a shock when her father explained her that this was exactly what he had in mind.

Her father told her that he had been unhappy as a man and always felt that his true gender is female and he want to change his sex. Before he could say anything else, Tash, now 18, fled the room in tears. ‘It was pure shock,’ she says. ‘I remember crying for a very long time.’

“The thing is, I hadn’t had a clue that this was how he was feeling. If I had, I’d never have made that remark about dressing up as a woman,” Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

But soon after making this bombshell disclosure, the writer and IT and marketing consultant John, 54, an Oxford graduate and former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate became Jane Fae and started living as a woman.
He underwent gender re-assignment surgery paid for privately followed by o estrogen hormone therapy to feminise his body, soften his facial features and create breasts last July.

Daily Mail quoted Jane as saying that she has no regrets about becoming a woman. For the first time in her life, she feels comfortable in her own skin; happy with her identity. There is a sense of ‘rightness.

‘I still call her Dad because the word represents a role to us, not a gender,’ Tash Ozimek said. ‘Jane is not my mom and I’m not going to invent a new word, because I haven’t lost my dad. Dad is still the same person inside and that’s what I’ve called her for so many years, it’s just getting the pronouns right. It’s difficult swapping “she” for “he” after so many years,’ Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.

“I feel constantly responsible for my decision, both the good and the bad. That upsets me, but to have stayed a man would have been disastrous for me,” Daily Mail quoted Jane as saying.

The hardest part of Jane’s transition for the whole family was the period before the sex change operation. For three months, Jane had to live as a woman and undergo therapy before she was allowed to begin hormone treatment in April 2010.

'At first it was so weird seeing my dad in women's clothes... there were a few times when she got it wrong and I had to have a word,' Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.
Jane has learned to wear clothes that suit her, showing off her best features her long legs and, surprisingly, no one bats an eyelid as she walks into the room with Tash.

‘Given the choice, I wouldn’t want my old Dad back. Never, because, Dad now talks to everyone, smiles at everyone, goes swimming and to Zumba classes. We have a much better relationship, because when someone is happy they want to talk to you and as John, Dad was so quiet and unhappy,’ Daily Mail quoted Tash as saying.


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