The ‘Modern’ Robinson Crusoe

For the past 20 years, Nagasaki lived on the island alone, walks around in the nude and watches the waves go by.Situated off the most southern tip of Japan lies the remote island of Sotobanari, which for the past twenty years had only one resident: Japan’s version of the novel character Robinson Crusoe.

The island is uninhabited by humans, except for one, because of constant threads of flooding and the lack of natural water sources. It rarely gets visitors and Sotobanari is so far south, the Island is actually closer to Taiwan than Japan.

Yet that did not deter one man from calling the island home. ‘Being deserted and alone’ were exactly the qualities 76 year old recluse Masafumi Nagasaki was looking for.

The ‘islander’ says he is one with nature and knows this is the place he wants to die. He lives on rice cakes, he buys once a week in the ‘real’ world with money his brother gives him, and collects rainwater to drink and cook with.

Still, the modern Robinson Crusoe says he doesn’t just live on the Island, instead, he obeys the rules of nature.

“I use to wear clothes,” says Nagasaki, “but all too soon you find you’re out of place.”

“I don’t want to blindly adhere to the rules of society. I want to adhere to the rules of natures. You can’t beat mother nature, so why not join her,” says the tanned senior.

The recluse, whose daily routine begins with stretching exercises to keep young and limber, does have to deal with typhoons, extreme climate and local insects, some of them with a nasty sting.

Sotobanari, meaning ‘the most remote island’ is the place Nagasaki chose to spend his days until his end has come.

“Finding an ideal place to die is crucial to anyone,” says the loner. “I’ve decided for myself that this is my place. I rather die here than in a hospital or rest home.”

The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave

"Mark Sundeen, the author of book, 'The Man Who Quit Money' is a soulful journey into the spirit of Daniel Suelo. Suelo, gave up on money in 2000. He walked into a phone booth, pulled out 30 dollars and left it. Twelve years later, Suelo still does not have a personal i.d. bank accounts, a modern home, does not take money, or live off of federal welfare. Suelo, lives in caves in the canyon lands outside of Moab, UT. Suelo, harvests wild foods, eats roadkill, and dumpster dives. Suelo, is not an isolationist, he still is very active in the Moab community SE Utah politics and he is an active blogger...

The Man Who Gave Up Money Video

Britain's own Robinson Crusoe lives alone on tropical island with 120 giant tortoises
An 86-year-old Yorkshire man, Brendon Grimshaw may have lived alone for many years on the tiny island paradise of Moyenne in the Seychelles in the middle of the Indian Ocean since he bought it in 1962 for £8000, but he is rarely lonely.

For Brendon has spent the years reintroducing the indigenous giant tortoise to Moyenne and now shares the island with 120 of the magnificent creatures, on one of the world's smallest national parks.



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Choose the wedding dress for Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Engaged: Let The Wedding Dress Predictions Begin!

Angelina Jolie look good in this elegant dress, seductive.



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The Girl Who Wants To Be A Doll

Venus Palermos mother Margaret praises 15-year-old-daughters obsession looking like living doll.

Venus, along with her mother Margaret Palermo, appeared on British morning show Daybreak. Palermo defends Venus, saying, “I would be horrified if she came home pregnant, I am not horrified if she is innocent and [a] very nice, good girl who likes some cute clothes and frills and ribbons.” Since we do not live in a world of false dilemmas, one might also say that the best outcome for teenage girls is not getting pregnant and not aspiring to be a doll.

The talk show does a efficient job of spinning this into “catastrophic psychological problems” territory, when it’s clear they’ve just never really encountered kawaii culture (or is this lolita?)… and this isn’t even a very extreme example at that. Moreover, Venus’ sartorial inclinations don’t appear to be doing anyone any harm, other than that it looks strange.

15-year-old Venus is an 'innocent and good girl who likes frills and ribbons'



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Bearded Woman Conchita Wurst

Great "Singer" Conchita Wurst (German - sausage) knows how to win the hearts of fans.

Conchita Wurst was born in 1988 and raised in Austria



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