84-year-old man artist wants to become a woman

A 84-year-old Chinese man, who started to wear women's clothes and took hormones to enlarge his breasts four years ago, now wants to undergo sex change surgery at this ripe age.

Qian Jinfan, who is married and has a son decided to disclose his secret four years ago, and gave himself the feminine name Yiling to realize his childhood dream to become a woman and concealed the secret until he was 80.

"I thought it was great to be a girl since then," Qian told Nanfang Daily. "When I was around 14, I liked swaying my hips when walking and posing in feminine gestures. But I only showed the real me when I was alone."

Qian, calligrapher by profession , deceived his parents, wife and son all these years.

They never thought he was a transgender person though he wore long hair, bell-bottoms and tight clothes since the 1980s. "The current me is the real me," said Qian, dressed in leopard-patterned sun top, adding, "the past 80 years covered the true me." He goes to women's restrooms and his wife is willing to go out with her femaledressed husband.

He told the newspaper he tried to take pills to look more like a woman in the 1960s, but gave up.

Qian, who lives in southern Guangdong province, said he has longed for transsexual surgery, but the procedure always seemed too risky and complicated. In September 2009, Qian wrote a letter to the Foshan Cultural, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication Bureau in Guangdong Province, where he retired, to express his intention. "I didn't write the letter on impulse. I didn't care if the authority would degrade my ranking or decrease my income," he said.


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